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Foldio allows anybody with a smartphone to easily take high quality pictures. The new level of possibilities in Smartphone photography!
Foldio allows anybody with a smartphone to easily take high quality pictures. The new level of possibilities in Smartphone photography!
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Posted by orange monkie (Creator)

Hi, Backers,

We’ve gotten emails from some backers that have already received their foldio, and are really happy to hear positive feedback!! Here is some additional information for you:

1. How to set up foldio

There are some backers who are having difficulty setting up their folio for the first time, so we made a video titled ‘How to use the foldio’.


 Here are pictures how to set up 2 LED strips for option B backers. But sometimes, type 2 setting makes a shadow more, so hope you use it depending on your imagination :)

Type 1 for Double LED strips
Type 1 for Double LED strips
Type 2 for Double LED strips
Type 2 for Double LED strips

 2. What’s the difference with the prototype?

1) LED-strip 

There are backers who were worried about LED brightness. We can assure you all that we’ve contacted many LED manufacturing companies, and found the highest quality LED strip with 18 LEDs for foldio. In addition, we made the LED plate and cable color white to match those to foldio's color.

prototype LED vs foldio LED
prototype LED vs foldio LED

 2) Clip 

We used a general clip for the prototype. It seemed to be difficult or awkward to change the back sheet everytime, so we developed another shape to make it easier for all users.

 3) Material 

 As you know, we changed foldio' s material from paper to plastic for assured durability.

3. Carrying bag 

We’ve learned again ‘things are not always what they seem’. Our original plan was to provide a brown carrying bag, but the material and quality used to make that style bag was literally the lowest quality.

Lower quality brown bag than we expected
Lower quality brown bag than we expected

 We wanted to offer good quality product. We disposed of all brown carrying bags and decided to produce white carrying bags, even though production costs were higher. We were supposed to inform backers earlier of this change, but as you know we’ve been really busy with foldio production and manufacturing. We send our apologizes! 

Thanks all...

 This is our first foldio production, so we’ve been through lots of trial and error. But we’ve tried to make good quality products for you as our first startup projects. We’ll continue to work hard to create useful, simple and fun products for all you loyal backers.

PS. It's really fascinating to think you are all using a product we at Orangemonkie invented. This is what drives us to keep creating something new!! Thanks guys!


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    1. Tsuki Mutherf*cking Fox on

      I wish I would have bought the option with 2 led strips. The one strip is not bright enough and there is shadowing. How can I buy additional strips?

    2. Missing avatar

      Davide Artale on

      i received Foldio just now, let me tell you one thing, the care for the product is everywere, you can see how meticulous they are. my was with 2 strips.
      thank you again
      Davide from ITALY.

    3. Becky Schantz on

      Thank you so much for the updates! Can't wait to get mine, but worth the wait!!

    4. Martin J. O'Hehir

      I received my Foldio, the day before yesterday in Australia.
      Made my day, since I wasn't aware they had already been sent out!
      I have yet to use it, but I can't wait!
      Thank you so much O.M!

    5. Sven Schirmer

      I received mine yesterday. Tracking info received on 14.03.14, tracking was possible until airport and afterwards nothing. Yesterday it lay on my doorsteps.
      Perfect !!!
      Everything is working like a charm. Thank you Orangemonkey for this great experience!

    6. claudia on

      I received mine today! From Korea to NZ in 7 days! :)
      Thanks for the videos but Foldio is pretty easy to assemble. Great work.

    7. Laura Horak on

      Same here! No shipping info/tracking number despite confirming info.

    8. Craig Dunn
      on shipping notice nor receipt of anything from orange monkie.

    9. Missing avatar

      Hollie Kestler on

      I confirmed my address with the previous updates but I haven't received a tracking number through email either. Should I be concerned too?

    10. Lita Lovestotravel on

      I didn't receive an email with a tracking number. Should I be concerned?

    11. Aidan Moran on

      Thanks for sending , was surprised to see it doesn't say kickstarter edition :(

    12. Laurent M.

      Now, we need a poll: type 1 or 2? :)

    13. Nine

      Nice this really helps and also thanks for choosing the white bag as it really looks better :)
      Your support is really appreciated

    14. greezer on

      now, almost everything is perfect :)
      Thanks for clearing things up!