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Become a supporter of Public Access Theatre! 2 plays by Rory Jobst will be available to everyone - for free! Read more

Chicago, IL Theater
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This project was successfully funded on June 16, 2012.

Become a supporter of Public Access Theatre! 2 plays by Rory Jobst will be available to everyone - for free!

Chicago, IL Theater
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Help us make amazing art that EVERYONE can see, regardless of their pocketbooks. 

On June 5, 2012, Oracle B*Sides and Hawkeye Plainview presents THE RORSKY PLAYS: SAMUEL BECKETT, ANDRE THE GIANT AND THE CRICKETS and DANIEL DAY LEWIS AND THE BIG POTATAS, two one-acts by Rory Jobst, directed by Joshua Ellison and Stephen Murray. 

The infamous Rorsky:

This production is part of Oracle's Public Access Theatre, which makes great art available to everyone - for FREE! 

Want to find out how Public Access Theatre is changing art in Chicago? Listen to an interview with Executive Director Brad Jayhan-Little and Executive Producer Ben Fuchsen.

Oracle believes that participation in cultural events gives people the courage to challenge the status quo, express their passion, and strive for a just, peaceful society. One of the ways we accomplish this - all of our performances are FREE for audiences - no strings attached. We want the entire community engaged in culture.

Help the community participate in art.

Donate today, receive some awesome gifts, and enjoy all the work these passionate artists give back to the community!


While living in rural France, Irish Nobel-winning playwright Samuel Beckett drove his friend's son, Andre Rousimoff, to school, because the 12-year-old boy was too big to fit in the local school bus. This boy would grow up to become the iconic professional wrestler, Andre the Giant. Inspired by a true story, this one-act imagines one particular drive to school, chock full of Beckett's existential absurdities and Andre's zest for life. This a remount of a successful production at this year's Rhinoceros Theatre Festival.


  • Samuel Beckett- BF Helman
  • Andre Rousimoff (Andre the Giant)- Christopher Marcum


  • Joshua Ellison


Masha, a cute female film geek runs into famed method Daniel Day-Lewis in a pet cemetery while he is deep in character, preparing for a role in a horror creature feature. She then uncovers many intimate details about the project he is preparing for, and involves herself in the creative process.


  • Dash Dieu-Hickey (Daniel Day-Lewis)- Brian Hurst
  • Masha Shamrayev- Sara Greenfield


  • Stephen Murray  

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Oracle B*Sides is a department of Oracle Productions that develops alternative programming to showcase the talents of a diverse group of artists. Managed by Oracle’s Director of Programming, David Boren, Oracle B*Sides extends the resources and opportunities of Public Access Theatre beyond the mainstage, and increases the offerings of free art to the community.

Oracle is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and your donation is tax-deductible!


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