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PINK MILK in Public Access Theatre's video poster

a drama infused with dance inspired by the life of Alan Turing, the gay father of modern computer science Read more

Chicago, IL Theater
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This project was successfully funded on September 3, 2013.

a drama infused with dance inspired by the life of Alan Turing, the gay father of modern computer science

Chicago, IL Theater
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About this project

White Elephant is producing pink milk in Oracle B*Sides -a program designed to expand the offering of free art to the community in Public Access Theatre. The proposal was selected to participate in the B*Sides because of its high quality and compelling content. This production will be a unique experience for theater-goers from every walk of life, and it won't cost anyone anything to see it. Join us! Help us make free art for all!

Opens Saturday, August 10, 2013 at 8PM
Through Saturday, September 7, 2013.

WHAT IS pink milk?

pink milk is a drama infused with dance inspired by the life of Alan Turing, the British mathematician known for creating the Turing Machine - the precursor to our modern day computers. 

Lonely, gay, Snow White obsessed Alan meets Christopher, a boy whose passion for piano is as deep as Alan's passion for pi. But as soon as he appears, Christopher is gone. As Alan grows older, he builds robots to replace his lost love, tries to find answers from a talking daisy, and gets lost in trysts with curious boys until the fateful day Alan meets the mysterious Arnold, whose poisoned apple causes Alan’s life to spiral out of control. 

Through movement, poetry and electronic music, PINK MILK is an experience that intersects science and art by exploring a rich fantasy world while navigating complex themes from our present society.

pink milk was written as a reaction to the media's coverage of Tyler Clementi's suicide. “Frustrated by the fact that the media presented this suicide and the rest of the "gay teen suicides" as a new epidemic”, says playwright Alex Paul Young, “I wanted to explore the emotional truth of the life of Alan Turing, whose avant-garde approach to computer science was stunted by society's refusal to include his queer lifestyle into their world, resulting in Alan's 1954 suicide.” The play expands on this queer narrative to comment on our contemporary world where queer individuals are still hurting because society will not include them in its threads.

Hailed by Newcity Stage as one of the Top 5 New Plays of 2012, Mr. Young wrote pink milk while pursuing his undergraduate degree at Northwestern University. After its initial premiere on campus by the student group Vertigo Productions, the play journeyed to FringeNYC and Chicago Fringe, where it saw sold-out performances and enthusiastic feedback. Presented by Oracle Productions in association with White Elephant a year after Alan’s centennial, pink milk remains a moving, shocking and relevant portrayal of a life too often forgot.


As a part of the Oracle B*Sides program, pink milk is presented to audiences for free in Public Access Theatre.

Oracle believes you can’t live without art, so we are devoted to making sure everyone everywhere has a chance to experience the arts. By offering our art to the community for free, we foster creativity and bolster people’s aspirations. We collaborate with other organizations to engage them in this mission. We are committed to spreading a love for art worldwide ­ and we want you to join us in our cause. Oracle is art for all.

This means that all costs associated with the production are to be fundraised separately, as there are no ticket sales to bolster the budget. Here are some specific examples of what that means

  • rehearsals - room rentals
  • building the set - including custom-designed seating for our audience
  • constructing the costumes - with many instantly interchangeable characters, our costumes need to be sophisticated and dance-capable
  • and much more

A donation of any amount brings us closer to our goal, and is sincerely appreciated. Even sharing this Kickstarter with your friends or “liking” our page on Facebook is a huge help!

- Thank you,
the pink milk team


  • Aaron Stephenson as Alan 
  • Cole Doman as Christopher
  • Charlie Kolarich as Arnold/Mr. Turing
  • Darren Barrere as The Experiments
  • Jessica Dean Turner as The Authority Figures
  • Caitlin Collins as The Mothers
  • Carrie Drapac as The Inanimate Objects
  • Casey Hartley (u/s)
  • Amelia Hefferon (u/s)
  • Scott Shimizu (u/s)
  • Justin Leider (u/s)


  • Playwright: Alex Paul Young
  • Director: Brandon Powers
  • Executive Producer for Oracle Productions: Ben Fuchsen
  • Director of Programming for Oracle Productions: David Boren
  • White Elephant: Naomi Rosen, Breanne Ward, Abby Schwarz, Alex Paul Young
  • Producers: Rachel Birnbaum, Louis Schermerhorn
  • Assistant Producers: Dylan Pickus, Alex Wolfe
  • Production Manager: Ford Altenbern
  • Stage Manager: Rachel Stubblefield-Tave
  • Graphic Designer: Juli Del Prete
  • Videographer: Nate Bartlett
  • Scenic & Props Designer: Emma Pardini
  • Lighting Designer: Jessica Carson 
  • Costume Designer: Cassandra Bowers
  • Associate Costume Designer: Akilah Grant-Sullivan
  • Original Music Composed by VISAGER


Oracle is a Chicago based public arts company. We produce our own season as well as provide space and mentoring to burgeoning theatre companies. Most importantly, everyone at Oracle believes that art is necessary to live a full life. So, we work with great artists to create great art to share with as many citizens as possible. And we give it to them for free.

Oracle B*Sides is an arts service initiative devoted to giving artists the opportunity to produce their work in Public Access Theatre. Groups of artists submit project proposals for consideration. Once accepted, Oracle provides space, production and fundraising mentorship, and technical resources at no cost to the visiting artists – on one condition: the piece is offered to the community for free through Public Access Theatre.


White Elephant is a theatre collective that creates unlikely experiences in unexpected places. WE pulls theatre out of its cage, unleashes the liveness, and re-harnesses it for the environment of now.

WE curates immersive experiences that break theatrical form to bring people together across disciplines and communities.

WE creates adaptations, reinventions, parties, tours and voyages. Some look like plays, others don't.

WE facilitates conversations, workshops, and celebrations with organizations and individuals that feed our art and their causes

Risks and challenges


One of our major challenges is designing an immersive and dance-friendly set in a compact space. In order to execute a scenic design that embraces the intimacy of the space while still providing a safe danceable area we are building custom audience seating and installing a dance floor.

Another challenge is creating costumes that are simultaneously period, poetic, timeless, and washable. This very physical show requires costumes to be breathable, moveable, and easily maintainable.

Our final challenge is doing all of this without any reliance on ticket sale revenue. We need to maintain the quality of the production while keeping it free to the public!

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