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A bold mission to save species on the brink, from the Oscar-winning filmmakers of The Cove.
A bold mission to save species on the brink, from the Oscar-winning filmmakers of The Cove.
1,086 backers pledged $53,751 to help bring this project to life.

Thanks to You, We're Halfway There!

THANK YOU for pledging to make The Heist a reality. All of us at the Oceanic Preservation Society are grateful to have the support of 646 backers and counting. In fact, we just passed the halfway mark!

We have 16 more days to raise the second half. Can you help us spread the word and reach our goal? Share this link ( via facebook, twitter, and email to make your pledge go farther.

Also, we added a new reward (a signed DVD and poster from The Cove), and made some sold out items available again. 

Team OPS thanks you from the field and our Boulder headquarters!

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    1. Creator Brett Frager on September 19, 2012

      As a filmmaker myself I was more than stunned when I saw The Cove. It was the documentary that I couldn't shut up about, and it still is.
      Knowing that there are people whose mission is to bring knowledge and wisdom to those of us who are not as fortunate to be as informed or have the skill set to understand these problems we encounter by living in the world we live in, is such a godsend.
      It brings such joy to my heart that there are people who day in and day out inform and keep pursuing a dream, that everything on this planet can survive in complete harmony.
      Thanks so much for all your work.

    2. Creator Joanne Geller on September 13, 2012

      After commenting, I sent the link on to my Son. He called me when he read your story. He also contributed
      to your worthy cause. We are hoping you reach the goal and again put out a very note worthy film.
      Bless you all for your efforts.
      Thank you!
      Joanne--- Woodland Hills, Ca.

    3. Creator Danny Lopez on September 13, 2012

      Shared and an honor to support this project!