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$20,143 pledged of $125,000 goal
By Opposable Games
$20,143 pledged of $125,000 goal

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Hi old backers, new backers, and interested potential backers,

And once again we're blown away by the response from everyone - we've had some great coverage on Kotaku UK, Joystiq, Forbes, and loads more (apologies if we haven't mentioned your favourite, we appreciate each and every one of the mentions that we get).

Earlier this week I promised you some shiny new things - someone mentioned that we've not shown any high-res shots of your RISC members' views, so throughout this update we have attempted to rectify that with some expanding in-game shots (click for full-size).

The art team has been working on some new obstacles for the procedural generation system, so there's now floor duct tiles within the level, which provide a barrier for movement but not for firing, which creates new combat possibilities, some containers which may ultimately provide larger items for you and the team to salvage, as well as some new more... organic... features!

None of these shots have been touched up, they are taken from a live game in play from a randomly generated level (although they show a wider FOV than normal and the guns have been removed from the view).

You'll notice there have been a few additions on the main page (people told us we were being too humble, so trying out bigging ourselves for a bit to see what happens) and there's been a couple of updates to the FAQ as well, taking into account all the comments and messages that we've been getting.

If you are a backer, we're still trying hard to get our message out there, so the more you can share the better - if you're yet to back us, drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook and let us know why.

The Salvaged Team

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    1. Todd Kolbuck on April 19, 2014

      Awesome guys! Great to hear about all the positive press!