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We are a collective of passionate skiers and snowboarders. Out to set a new transparent standard within the outerwear industry.
We are a collective of passionate skiers and snowboarders. Out to set a new transparent standard within the outerwear industry.
196 backers pledged CHF 90,912 to help bring this project to life.

Thank you very much! We made it! 606% of our goal.

Posted by Open Wear (Creator)

To our 196 new heroes!
Thank you so much for the support!

Together we raised more than 90,000 CHF. The feeling is honestly indescribable. Time to move towards production and delivery. We can't wait to turn it into 196 happy powder faces :)

So, what's next? Next week all of our backers will receive a mail, asking for your gender, size and colour. We'll also add some more instructions on how to perfectly determine your size to this mail. 

Our next update will probably be from Vietnam and we'll try to do a Kickstarter and/or Facebook Live from there. So if you already have some questions for us there, drop a comment or send us a message.

Have a nice weekend!
All the best from Bern!

Martijn & Chris


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    1. Open Wear 2-time creator on

      @hux, yes based on your body height you are a size M. But if you prefer a slimmer fit a size S will also be fine. Yes, all measurements are body measurement, so without clothes. And we did take into account that you want to wear several layers underneath the jackets on colder days yes :)
      Let us know if you have any questions.

    2. Missing avatar

      hux on

      Hello. For sizes, my body height is clearly size M (185cm), but my chest size is rather S (94cm). What to pick? Generally, I prefer a slimmer fit, is S a good idea?
      And just to make sure: Measurements are taken w/o clothes, right? So my middle layers I wear on cold days will still fit below the jacket? Thanks.

    3. Open Wear 2-time creator on

      Hi @GMooij, thanks for your comment. You can wear the Insulator both as a jacket under the 3L Shell Jacket during the colder days of winter, but also as a separate jacket in spring and autumn. We'll be releasing a sizing guide this week to help you pick the size of the jackets and pants. In general, you can pick the same size for the 3L Shell Jacket as well as the Insulator Jacket. They are made to fit :)

    4. Missing avatar

      GMooij on

      Great you made it. Wish you all the luck and of course a timely delivery.
      I've backed for a full set but I'm not sure how to use the Open One Insulator.
      -Do you wear the Insulator under the Open One 3L Shell Jacket as a kind of under-jacket?
      -Or do you wear the Insulator as is without the Jacket?
      The way you wear it determines the seize of the Jacket I presume. Can you please clarify?