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Bring sheet music to life by creating digital interactive editions. Free for everyone, for any purpose, for evermore!
Bring sheet music to life by creating digital interactive editions. Free for everyone, for any purpose, for evermore!
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OpenScore Edition of Debussy’s Deux Arabesques, with animation by Stephen Malinowski

Posted by OpenScore (Creator)

It’s been a few months since the Kickstarter ended, and we’re finally ready to start sharing the first completed OpenScore Editions! We begin with Debussy’s Deux arabesques, which was liberated by Paul McLean. As a special treat, the score is accompanied by a visual animation of Arabesque No. 1, created by Stephen Malinowski of Music:Eyes.

OpenScore Edition of Debussy's "Deux arabesques"
OpenScore Edition of Debussy's "Deux arabesques"

Music:Eyes’ mission is to make music easier to understand and appreciate by bringing the power of visual animation to classrooms, concert halls, and homes. Music:Eyes has launched projects with Columbia University, the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, and leading Swiss orchestras and conservatories, including Tonhalle-Orchestra Zurich.

The Music:Eyes team consists of Swiss musician Etienne Abelin, US technologist Lushen Wu, and Stephen Malinowski, creator of the Music Animation Machine. Stephen’s work has been featured in two collaborations with Icelandic musician Björk, and shown on exhibit at MoMA New York and the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum. The animations have received +150 million views and thousands of comments via the YouTube channels smalin and musanim.

Music:Eyes is developing new software, based on the Music Animation Machine, that will enable people to create their own music animations. The software uses MIDI files as input, so the availability of OpenScore’s digital collection will help Music:Eyes expand its catalog of animation templates.

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    1. OpenScore Creator on

      Hi Glen, thanks for backing OpenScore!

      Unfortunately, we cannot recommend people (pay to) read the "findings" of the Wholetones "project", which makes unsubstantiated claims about the supposed health benefits of the music it sells.

      From their website:

      Q: I am deaf and cannot hear the tones at all. Will the tones still help me?
      A: Since Wholetones works on a cellular level, it affects your body whether you can actually hear it or not.

      Such an extraordinary claim would need independent scientific verification.

      Have a nice day and take care online!

    2. Missing avatar

      Glenn Lewis on

      This is a great project!
      While you are working on liberating music, have you researched how to retune them back to their original sound as their composers intended (and performed them)? A great deal of research has already been done by the Wholetones project, and I highly recommend reading their findings.
      Keep up the great work!