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The future of ocean exploration is here.
The future of ocean exploration is here.
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THIS WEEK -> Diving in Lake Tahoe

Posted by OpenROV (Creator)


This will be a quick update, mostly to point you to all the exciting testing and events we're doing this summer as we push on with production. 


The big news is this week's dive on the wreck of the SS Tahoe at depths of more than 120 meters. This will be a good field test of the software we're planning to ship with Trident. We're planning to live stream and share the whole process. It should be a lot of fun!

Here are the ways to participate and follow along: 

The other big event is the Open House at OpenROV HQ on July 16th. You can RSVP for the event here. We'd love to see you and give you a live demo of the Trident. 

Hopefully see you in person or online during one of these events. As always, thanks for being on this adventure with us!

-OpenROV Team

(PS. In case you're interested in the technical-side of this week's Tahoe dive, check out Eric's write-up on the DIY Research Vessel on the OpenROV Forums.)


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    1. Missing avatar


      What's the current ETA on when these will begin shipping, although i know November was the slated date when I backed this project, but most all projects i have backed - most notably Pebble - were off schedule by more than a month. I need to know for tax purposes if i will have possession of the item i backed before the end of 12/31/15.


    2. Arne Oewerdieck on

      Thanks for sharing the Trident-testing-videos on your youtube account. The video quality of the Trident camera is great. I enjoyed the whole Tahoe expedition very much.
      It is tremendous to sit in front of a notebook at the other end of the world and watch your dives live.

    3. OpenROV 2-time creator on

      @ Arne Oewerdieck - Our dives all the way down to the Tahoe (150m depth) were done with specially modified 2.8 ROVs as our Trident prototype is made with a prototype urethane cast shell that may not be able to handle that depth. We did do some shallower water testing with Trident (and filmed with the 2.8) and we hope to post that video soon. We've been doing a lot of analysis and testing of the prototype shell and there has been some debate about whether it should be able to go to the depth of Tahoe's bow (110m), but we want to be extra sure about that before risking an implosion that could contaminate the historic wreck site.


    4. Arne Oewerdieck on

      Have you done a successfull dive to the SS Tahoe with the trident? It would be awsome to see a video of it.

    5. Antosha on

      Have a safe trip & take your time to do enough testing. No need to rush in shipping.

    6. Kristian GS on

      What day are you planning to dive on SS Tahoe?