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Open Rail is a new open source universal linear rail system designed to be used with various T- Slot aluminum extrusion configurations.
Created by

Mark Carew

263 backers pledged $40,140 to help bring this project to life.

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OpenBuilds is now OPEN!

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Hello fellow builders, is OPEN!

 OpenBuilds is a community of sharing Our goal is to make sharing open source builds as fun and easy as possible. is the place to share open source builds, projects and ideas with like minded people. 

A great place to learn and grow by working together.

 Dream it - Build it - Share it 

 Be sure to check back often for new builds and exciting projects 

 So, I guess there is only on thing left to say...What will you build? 

 Welcome to OpenBuilds!

FairShare Gives Back!

We are excited to announce today that the FairShare give Back Program has released its first round of donations! The recipients received the following letter along with their donation. If you decide to adopt the FairShare Program, you are more than welcome to use this letter as a draft. 

Following is a list of the first recipients to receive funding through the OpenBuilds FairShare Give Back Program. They are all worthy proponents of OpenSource and we're proud to be able to give back to them after they have given so much to the Open Source Community. 

Open Source Initiative -
Creative Commons -
Open Source Hardware Association -
REPETIER OS Machine Control -
Bart Dring - htttp://
Slic3r -
The RepRap Project -

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OpenBuilds V-Slot

We have just launched a new KickStarter Campaign for OpenBuilds V-Slot!

V-Slot is the new T-Slot that lets you ride in the rails!

- New Aluminum Extrusion 

 - Built In Linear Rail  

- Tons of Possibilities 

 - Affordable Prices 

 - Compatible with OpenRail 

 - Available Worldwide 

Click Here for the V-Slot KickStarter Campaign!

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OpenBuilds YouTube Channel

Hello everyone.  We want to let you know that we have recently put together an OpenBuilds YouTube channel where we would be uploading videos that pertain to OpenBuilds Parts and Builds.  Please take a moment to check out the two videos uploaded, so far.  They are short, very helpful, and highly recommended.  The first two videos are the Dual V Wheel Kit and the Smooth Idler Pulley.

If you would like, subscribe to the YouTube channel so you will know when new videos are released.  We have also added these videos to the OpenBuilds Part Store under their relating Parts.

Please stay tuned for more videos to be released as time allows.

Thank you,
The OpenBuilds Team

OpenRail is Shipping!!!

Its been a long road of learning and discovery and we are happy to announce that OpenRail is on the way! 

Collectively we have put in 200 hours of work in the last 4 days of packing rewards.  This Kickstarter  journey has taught us so many valuable lessons that we will carry with us into the future. This Kickstarter opportunity has helped OpenBuilds grow into a full fledged open source hardware distribution company that will continue to grow and bring cutting edge open source technology at affordable prices to both the consumer and distributor alike.

The OpenBuilds team is very excited to see what new awesome creations you all come up with using the OpenRail system. We look forward to sharing and participating in these ideas. 

We have been very busy here at OpenBuilds HQ and have moved forward with new innovative ideas that will push the creative limits of what can be achieved when dreams are realized.

Stay tuned for more to come! 

We thank you all for your extraordinary patience and kindness throughout this campaign!

The OpenBuilds Team

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