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Bring this critically acclaimed festival darling to theaters nationwide at this watershed moment in American health care.
Bring this critically acclaimed festival darling to theaters nationwide at this watershed moment in American health care.
801 backers pledged $78,103 to help bring this project to life.

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Awards season!


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You MUST read the post. The news is too good...


Thank you all for helping us get here!!! We would not...I repeat NOT have gotten here without you.

Be proud. And stay tuned for more news...

- Pete Nicks and the entire Waiting Room team.

New openings and award news!

Dear TWR heroes!

The irony that you've all been waiting patiently for the remaining rewards has not escaped us.

Our only excuse is that you've created what can only be described as a remarkable little juggernaut! The film is going from city to city, inspiring countless numbers of people and keeping us VERY busy that we're behind in fulfilling the rewards. Rest assured the rewards will all be forthcoming as soon as the dust settles. For now, an update.

The film has been gathering much love as the awards season is now officially underway. Below is the current state of things.

  • 2012 Gotham IFP nominee: Best Documentary
  • 2013 Independent Spirit Awards double nominee: Best Documentary & Stella Artois Truer Than Fiction Award
  • 2013 Cinema Eye nominee: Outstanding Achievement in a Debut Feature Film

The film is also now in theaters in Washington, DC and Boston, MA where it has been held over for a second week. And for those of you in the Bay Area it will re-open on Friday for a limited run at the fabulous Grand Lake Theater!

For those of you in other cities wondering if the film is playing near you, you can check our current schedule:

We have one more piece of news that is too special to be left dangling at the end of this email. Look for another update very soon....

until then,

Team TWR

NY/LA Premieres + how you can help

Wow. It's been a busy couple of months as we approach our theatrical premieres in New York and LA. So many people have come together to make this happen, but we wouldn't be here without YOU. 

You are part of an amazing group that lifted this film up when it needed a boost. And we hope you'll stay engaged through our initial theatrical run. There is growing evidence that we could have a real impact with this film as it begins to hit theaters all over the country in a few weeks.

So let's keep the momentum going! Here are a few ways you can get involved right now:

  • Visit our GET INVOLVED page where you'll find different ways to plug in like requesting the film for your city, organizing group trips to theaters, arranging for advanced group sales for your organization...and more!
  • Head over to our FLIXSTER PAGE and say "I want to see this!"
  • Check out and share our TRAILER ON iTUNES!

Your Pledge at WORK!

Because of your support we've been able to retain Film Presence, a fearless and committed little company in New York led by Sara Kiener and Merrill Sterritt that specialize in the marketing and outreach of independent films. They've worked on amazing films including 5 Broken Cameras, Being Elmo, Hell and Back Again...and now The Waiting Room! They're doing an incredible job, so how about three cheers for the gang at Film Presence!

And across town our booking agent Wendy Lidell at International Film Circuit is working the phones getting us booked in some of the best indie theaters in the country. Go Wendy!

And let's not forget our publicists: Adam Segal at the 2050 Group running national and New York, and Amy Grey at Dish Communications working the LA and Academy scene. They're doing a great job telling our underdog story and getting us coverage. If you have any press contacts or people you think should know about the film please let us know. Chances are they've got it covered...but you never know!

Between this group of talented folks and your passion we are optimistic about the potential of our film. This Kickstarter group is made up of a connected and very talented group of people...and that includes YOU. So if you have an idea of how you might be able to help get audiences engaged with our film please let us know.

We are also interested in VOLUNTEERS to help get the word out about our New York, LA and Bay Area premieres. Become a member of one of our "street teams" handing out flyers and helping us brainstorm organizations to contact. If you're interested in helping out let us know and we'll put you to work for one hour, one day or one week...whatever works for you.

I have lots more to report, and you'll being hearing more from me in the coming weeks. But right now I've got to get my kids up and off to school. 

- Pete Nicks

New "key art" + release news!

Dear Team Waiting Room,

I'm now just coming up for air after the amazing experience of watching you all rally around this film and lift it up when it needed a hand. Your belief in the film has inspired others and I'm happy to announce that design firm Dowling|Duncan has come on board to create "key art" branding for the project that will allow us to begin promoting and spreading the word as we prepare for our theatrical release.

The campaign features the handwriting of noted UK illustrator Marion Deuchars and the terrific work of creative director Rob Duncan who, after watching the film, agreed to do our campaign pro bono! And of course this would all not have happened were it not for your fellow TWR backer Jon Schleuning who made the introductions. So three cheers to Jon, Rob, Marion, and the whole team at Dowling|Duncan for coming together to support our film. Below is a little sample of the imagery which was inspired by the clock in the opening sequence of the film. The time motif will be used in a variety of ways, like in the post cards below, in which the idea of the clock - combined with text - can be played with in almost infinite ways. For those of you who ordered the scrubs they will now feature the new clock along with Marion Deuchars' work, rendering them instant collectors items. For those of you who did not order the scrubs, we'll make those available soon on our website. Most of you either will get the scrubs or the poster so I'll also send along a sneak peek of the poster in the next update.

I'm also very happy to announce that we officially premiere in the Bay Area on October 17th at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland...right down the street from Highland Hospital! So start thinking now how you can help spread the word so that we can have a blowout premiere the way only Oakland knows how to do! For those across the Bay, don't worry. We will be screening either at the Landmark Opera Plaza or the Lumiere and possibly the Sundance Kabuki. So stay tuned for those dates. Our NYC premiere will be September 26th at the IFC Center and our LA premiere will be October 5th at the Laemmle Music Hall. And of course more dates and venues to come in Seattle, Boston, Minneapolis, DC and beyond.

I've also included a sample (right there below the post cards) from William Ryan Fritch's soundtrack. He's just finished the composing program at Mills College and is quite a talent, so for those that ordered it I'm sure you'll enjoy the disc. It will also be available on the website soon.

OK, I'm headed off for a much needed vacation, but when I return you'll be hearing from me and the team with more exciting news. I know you'll be waiting...

Until then,

Pete Nicks

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