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Bring this critically acclaimed festival darling to theaters nationwide at this watershed moment in American health care.
Bring this critically acclaimed festival darling to theaters nationwide at this watershed moment in American health care.
801 backers pledged $78,103 to help bring this project to life.

Hours to go!! + new $1 PLEDGE REWARD

This is it. Only 45 hours to go. 

You've all put up with all our updates. All the FB posts. Tweets. Now it's down to the wire. Phones are ringing in the war room, dogs are barking, people are crying...but we're gonna make it!

We are at $62,219 and climbing toward our $75,000 goal and the finish line is in sight. You did that...INCREDIBLE!

Do whatever you can in these waning hours to get the word out. And remember, we love $1 PLEDGES so much that we've added a new reward. For the last 48 hours of our campaign, we're asking as many people as possible to raise their voice in solidarity with The Waiting Room by donating just $1. You won't change the world with this pledge, but you will show your support. And we will show our gratitude by THANKING YOU PERSONALLY on our official website. A pledge of $1 carries as much weight as a pledge of $1,000 because every voice matters and together we can create real impact! So please RAISE YOUR VOICE and help these stories be seen and told across the country.

And to top it off here's some advance praise for the film in today's Washington Post!

"Of all the memorable films on offer at Silverdocs, the most haunting by far is “The Waiting Room,” Peter Nicks’s engrossing cinema verite film set in the emergency room of the Highland Hospital in Oakland, Calif. Taking a “day in the life” approach, Nicks trained his camera on the nurses, doctors and extraordinary staff members of the ER, where a steady stream of patients — most of them uninsured — come to receive care for everything from a strep throat and a malignant tumor to chronic diabetes or a gunshot.

As funny, smart and supremely professional as the medical practitioners are in “The Waiting Room” — which will most likely arrive in Washington theaters this fall — it’s their funny, smart, supremely dignified patients who provide the film’s most compelling narrative force. An estranged couple come together to support and advocate for their young daughter, giving the lie to toxic stereotypes about absent black fathers and “broken” families; a young, hipsterish couple face a life-threatening illness and a labyrinthine medical bureaucracy with gentle fortitude; the hundreds of faces in the film’s stirring final montage are full of pain, uncertainty, stoicism, grace.

Surely most of the people who populate the final sequence of “The Waiting Room” are of limited means. But just as assuredly, people who describe themselves as “typical middle class” found themselves in the ER, too. As “The Waiting Room” makes clear — along with “The Queen of Versailles” in its own funhouse-mirror way — the lines between wealth and poverty keep shifting, virtually before our eyes. Neither aspirational fantasies or pejorative cautionary tales, these films exemplify something much more potent: honest, deeply meaningful portraits of what America looks like, for richer and for poorer."

- Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post

Thank You All!!

- Pete Nicks and Team Waiting Room


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      Hey, congrats for making it to the Oscar shortlist! Amazing!