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Bring this critically acclaimed festival darling to theaters nationwide at this watershed moment in American health care.
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Happy New Year!!


Our National Broadcast + StoryCorps!


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The New Parkway + rewards update

Hi all,

For those of you who have not yet disowned us, I'm here to report that almost all the rewards have been shipped to our office and are ready to go out to you. The only thing I'm waiting on is the soundtrack, which should arrive any day now. I've been on the road with the film, so that's part of the reason why this has taken so long. The other is that I'm not the most organized person in the world! But the attached photo is proof that DVDs, CDs, and photos are on their way to you...or at least that they're sitting in my office.

In other news:

THE BAD - Our final shows at the Grand Lake Theater are this thursday. So if you really want to see the film there you'd better hustle...

THE GOOD - We're heading to The New Parkway in uptown section of Oakland! We open this Saturday.

For anyone who is not familiar with the story behind The New Parkway, it is a community theater that was closed down several years ago despite becoming a beloved Oakland institution. Former Parkway patron J. Moses Caeser sensed an opportunity to re-open the theater and spent the next few years trying to do just this. With the help of a Kickstarter campaign, and after navigating more hurdles than you can imagine, he and his partners opened the doors to The New Parkway in December in the uptown section of Oakland. The theater has already been embraced by the community and is quickly becoming not just a theater but a community hub. We think The Waiting Room is the perfect film for this venue and are very excited to kick off these shows. I'll be doing a Q&A at Saturday's 4:30PM show. Oh, and I was an early New Parkway Kickstarter backer and I bet a few of you were too. So we hope you can spread the word and help us support this fabulous community theater. 

But it's not just Oakland. We're still going nationwide! And while it's not a great excuse, managing this process has been partly to blame for why I'm so late getting the rewards out. Click here for our upcoming screenings across the country. Let your aunts, uncles, 1st grade teachers and long lost friends know! I will be doing Q&As at the March 13th Cleveland screening and the March 21st Columbus, OH screening.


Pete Nicks

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Awards season!


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