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Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, without copyright: a new recording adn digital score, now available at
Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, without copyright: a new recording adn digital score, now available at
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Multitrack Master files - the real link

Posted by Robert Douglass (Creator)

Yesterday, in my excitement to share the 11 master track files with you, I uploaded and shared the wrong file. Here is the actual 18GB download with the 11 WAV files, one from each microphone.

And the photo of the microphones in the studio.

Microphones, Teldex Studio
Microphones, Teldex Studio
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    1. Missing avatar

      KoenT on

      Thanks Robert! The individual .wav files worked fine now.

    2. Missing avatar

      Eric Albert

      @Paul - thanks for the reference for the reaper software - was looking for something more sophisticated than audacity and more like a real workstation, was not aware of that one.

      Even with fairly high speed internet (25Mbs +) I've not been able to download the .ZIP file to completion (usually hangs at 78-82%). I'm trying the individual wave files now...

    3. Paul Sampson on

      Oh - and thanks loads!

    4. Paul Sampson on

      That seems to have done the trick. And using a single cue file with appropriate timings will split those 11 files into 48 preludily and fuguily smaller chunks each. I've used my own guesses from the lengths of the mix tracks, which were close (but not perfect). If there's an 'official' cue file knocking about (this time only about 4kb in size), which could be made available, other folk might prefer that.

    5. Missing avatar

      KoenT on

      Had the same download problem as Paul: zip file failed to unzip (invalid archive). May try again later.

    6. Paul Sampson on

      Nope. Have downloaded it twice now, since the first download failed to unzip with a complaint that the Compressed (zipped) Folder (file) is invalid. Second attempt after another half hour download resulted in the same problem. Tried 7zip on windows and also gzip on linux.

    7. Paul Sampson on

      It's really not as daunting as it appears. For example, a typical fugue lasts a couple of minutes and will turn up in 11 mono wav files, each about 30MB. If you get yourself a free software 'mixer' such as reaper (from, you can easily load up the files into 11 tracks and play around with the pannings and volumes, add reverbs, delays, all sorts of fun things!

    8. Peter Sabol on

      18 GB? Eighteen!? Cowabunga! I think I need to purchase my own mixing board now!