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A new public domain score and studio recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations - set the Goldbergs free!
A new public domain score and studio recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations - set the Goldbergs free!
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Twelve Tones of Bach Tour, and a new DVD

Posted by Robert Douglass (Creator)

Dear Open Goldberg Variations Backer,

In 2011 you helped us create a new public domain work of art, the Open Goldberg Variations. Freeing the music of Bach has proven to have deep benefits. For example, Wikipedia was able to update the editorial treatment of BWV 988 to include high quality audio samples of the recording, greatly enhancing the value of that entry. Another example is the series of mesmerising videos made by Swiss artist Landscape Windscreen, set to the OGV. These videos originally appeared on YouTube and were so popular that Landscape Windscreen has made new versions of them for HD DVD release. They depict journeys through 32 different worlds that are created by fractal equations, each one matching the character and mood of one of Bach's Variations. The video will be available as a digital download and on DVD. You can watch the trailer to the video here: "Project Goldberg: A Fractal Journey".

The Open Goldberg Variations project was so successful that the team wants to do it again, this time with the Well-Tempered Clavier. As preparation for that enormous effort, Kimiko Ishizaka is putting the final touches on her interpretation by presenting 12 concerts around the world, each featuring a portion of the WTC, as well as special events, lectures, and demonstrations relating to the music. Not only can you hear Kimiko live in 12 locations, the whole tour will be also be broadcast on Google Hangouts On Air, Studio Mode, meaning that everybody, no matter where they are, can become familiar with this fabulous music and experience Kimiko's treatment of it.

Presales of the DVD and HD video, as well as Supporter and Sponsor tickets to Kimiko's performances, are now available in a new Kickstarter project. The success of this project will enable Kimiko the requisite performance experience that she needs to make a striking and finely crafted new interpretation of the Well-Tempered Clavier. Sales of the video likewise benefit the Open Goldberg mission, and will enable the completion of the DVD.

We hope these new projects are exciting to you!

-OGV team


[Photos: Kimiko performing Bach at the OHM2013 festival in Holland; Examples of fractal animations]

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    1. Robert Douglass 7-time creator on

      Fair criticism, Andrew. We don't want our backers to be disappointed in any way, so I've made it very explicit in the current "Bio" section what our relationship is, and that I also function as Kimiko's manager.

      "The Open Goldberg Project, EIN 273992022, is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating openly licensed artistic works and projects. In 2012 we released the Open Goldberg Variations - a public domain score and recording of Bach's masterpiece. Robert Douglass is the founder and Director of The Open Goldberg Project. Robert also functions as Kimiko Ishizaka's manager, and is her spouse."

    2. Andrew Clarke on

      I was a backer of the Open Goldberg project, but won't be backing this one. Why? Because I wasn't satisfied about the up front disclosure of the relationship between the project originator (Douglass) and the performer (Ishizaka). If you'd been up front that this is your spouse, and that you're essentially trying to promote her career, I might have backed it anyway. As it is, I found myself feeling disappointed and skeptical, because honesty and transparency are really important values to me.