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The Oona is a simple, versatile smart phone stand that can do as much in the physical world as your phone can do in the virtual.


International Shipping: We have reduced our international shipping price, but can't make a change to the reward section. If anyone is overseas and would like an Oona, please add an additional $15 for shipping, instead of the $25. For anyone who has already given the extra $25 for shipping, please click on the “manage pledge” button and adjust your pledge value accordingly.  *For every 3 or few Oonas (Ooni?) you only need to pay 1 shipping cost.

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Hello Kickstarter!

Growing up in the Silicon Valley, the three of us have always had a passion for design. We regularly bounce ideas off each other for new products we think would be cool and useful. We are submitting to you our very first product, The Oona.

We wanted to make a stand that can do as much as your smart phone does. A “stand” in name only, The Oona can help you utilize all the functions of your smart phone, such as:

  • A GPS on the windshield of your car
  • A reference device on a white board
  • The ability to mount your smart phone to a tripod to take photos or video
  • The gift to keep your hands free while watching a movie on your smart phone
  • A simple stand to keep your phone in view on your desk at work
  • Many more applications, we can't possibly write all of them down

In addition to being versatile and functional, we wanted The Oona to be sleek and minimal. There are too many cheap, plastic stands that might hold up your phone, but are too noticeable and bulky. The Oona is made of aircraft grade aluminum that is polished and anodized for a strong scratch resistant finish, fits in your pocket and is practically invisible when in use.

We have designed, workshopped and prototyped The Oona, and need your help to produce it. This is our first step as designers and innovators, and with your support we will finalize The Oona’s design, manufacture it in bulk and bring it to market. We've got a couple of other ideas in the hopper, and hopefully we'll get a chance to move forward with them after The Oona, and begin our careers. It’s all up to you.

Check out our video in High Definition here. We appreciate your feedback!

Brad, Danny and Sam

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  • Currently we only sell through kickstarter as a pre-order. If you want to learn more about how kickstarter works check this out -
    The different pricing options are on the right of this page. Don’t forget to add $15 for international shipping if you’re abroad.

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  • If you are abroad you must add $15 for shipping. Please note, we have lowered our international shipping from $25 to $15. While pledging you must add the shipping cost to your total pledge. We charge one shipping price for every 3 Oonas shipped. For example, if you are buying 6 Oonas in Italy, shipping will cost you $30.

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  • No problem at all, it's very simple. Simply click "Manage Pledge" on this page. You can then enter the new total amount that you wish to pledge. Add $15 for international shipping or $10 for Canada.

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  • We spent a lot of time designing the right suction cup for our product. Generally what we found is that the lower the shore durometer the better the suction cup for our application. Suction cups are made of a bunch of different things – rubbers, plastics, etc. The ones we prototyped early on were made of a thermoplastic elastomer so they could be easily injection molded. After testing we found that low low shore durometer silicone produced the best results. There is much variability with different kinds of suction cups, but we’ve spent a lot of effort to ensure that ours hold tight and long. Moreover unlike a dedicated car phone suction mount our product is not meant for adhesion for days on end. The idea is to take the Oona with you and mount your phone in different places throughout the day as you change environments. The Oona is quite capable of handling this kind of mounting and these lengths of time.

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  • The Oona works on any slick surface. If the case is textured it will not work. If the case is smooth/slick it will. And of course the Oona works perfectly on all iphone models when naked.

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  • We cannot recommend use with the iPad or any tablet. Although you’re welcome to play with it, just keep it above something soft :)

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  • Our official holding weight for the Oona is 8oz which is more than any current smartphone weighs. While testing the stand we found it secures the phone more than needed when using it properly (desk, whiteboard, car window, etc.). We’ve had problems with it when trying to secure it to a bad surface, or when we used it in applications that really rocked the phone back and forth. Moreover unlike a dedicated car phone suction mount our product is not meant for adhesion for days on end, our philosophy for The Oona is a mobile mount your phone, something you can take with you to use in different places throughout the day as you change environments.

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  • We will start shipping out product as soon as we possibly can. We’re sorry we cannot be more specific at this time. We will post updates as soon as we have a better idea of our timeline.

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  • Once our project timeline expires you will get a request from kickstarter to give us your address for shipment.

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  • We are very interest in setting up networks to sell the Oona. Currently we’re focusing on getting to production and fulfilling our initial kickstarter orders. We would definitely like to talk more in the future. Please message us once our kickstarter campaign ends from the email on our website.

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