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The Other Other Guys want to make their last sketch show as big and as great as they possibly can!

The Other Other Guys (us) came to Chicago in 2009 and since then they've (we've) been dedicated to putting on some of the most elaborate, spectacle-laden, and messy sketch comedy in the city. All that cardboard, fake blood, and real milk adds up, and until now we've totally funded all our shows ourselves. 

On July 6 at midnight, We (The Other Other Guys) will be performing for the last time. Since we have a natural tendency to try to top ourselves, we want it to be bigger, more elaborate, and messier than any of our past shows. Your money will help us up the production value so we can put on the best show we can.

We are asking for at least $250 dollars. That will go towards:

-the usual stuff you can expect from an Other Other Guys Show (fake bodily fluids, crudely made props, etc.)

-paint and art materials

-some high quality props (stage guns, glass to break, bottles we can throw...stuff so we can make an expensive mess.)

-REAL costumes! 

-lots of bags (of the goodie-variety!?!?)

-getting it filmed and photographed for posterity. 

But, we want you guys to help us make this show as much as possible. That's why the more money that gets donated, the more ridiculous this show is going to get. We can't give too much away, but we'll up the ante as we raise more money (can we fit a moonjump in iO?!? We'd like to find out!) 

For the past few years we've been lucky enough to have crazy supportive friends and fans, and we hope you guys can help us out one more time to create an experience that one day we'll all look back on and say "Hey, that is a thing that happened once!"

The Other Other Guys (We) Love you! 


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    For $1, we'll give you an Other Other Guys 1 inch pin to thank you for your support...your measly, barely perceptible support.

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  • Pledge $5 or more
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    For $5 you get a ticket to the very last Other Other Show (THE VERY SHOW YOU ARE HELPING US PRODUCE BY DONATING). The show is at midnight on Friday July 6 at iO in Chicago. Your name will be on a list! You will feel like a movie star...or a friend of a movie star (your choice)! you'll also get an Other Other Guys 1 inch pin (just so those cheap-o's who only gave us a dollar don't feel so special...BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT)

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  • Pledge $20 or more
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    6 backers Limited (4 left of 10)

    For $20 you will get a nice poster from one of our previous Other Other Shows. It will be printed on fancy paper. It will look nice on the wall. It won't be signed by us, because we aren't better than anyone. If anything you should sign it because you are definitely better than those punks who only gave us a dollar! In lieu of a one inch pin you will be get a handwritten thank you note. It might be funny, we are COMEDIANS after all!

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  • Pledge $50 or more
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    For $50, you will get a cardboard prop from one of our past shows! Maybe it'll be a giant cardboard hand! Maybe it'll be a giant cardboard cityscape! Whatever it is, chances are it will be giant and made of cardboard! You will get a longer thank you note than the people who donate $20. THIS NOTE WILL FEATURE OUR A-GAME COMEDIC THANK YOU NOTE SKILLS! Congratulations, you are officially 50 times better than the $1 Doofuses.

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  • Pledge $100 or more
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    For $100, we won't waste your time with the archiac and worthless act of writing a thank you note, we will MAKE YOU A THANK YOU VIDEO! Also, a cake that says either "You're the best" or "The people who donated only a $1 are the worst"

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    For $500, We will cook you dinner and tuck you into bed every night for a week. You have to live in Chicago to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. you get a free ticket to the July 6 Other Other Show. We will also steal a one inch pin from the lamest, nerdiest person who rustled up enough loose change to give us a dollar.

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    For $8,000, you get 8,000 Other Other Guys one inch pins

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