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I'm Noah, a 17 year old singer/songwriter from SC. I'm raising funds to complete my 1st album. Together, let's do something special!
I'm Noah, a 17 year old singer/songwriter from SC. I'm raising funds to complete my 1st album. Together, let's do something special!
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Finally getting this thing done!!!

Hi everyone!

I apologize for not updating you for such a long time. So much has been happening and I just wanted to wait until things were more settled.

Right now, I'm in Los Angeles, CA preparing to open for Selena Gomez at her Benefit Concert For UNICEF at the House of Blues in West Hollywood on Friday night! I'm honored that she invited me!!! While I'm out here, my managers, Brian and Mandy are keeping me VERY busy! I'm doing some co-writing with some amazing artists and tonight I'm playing a show at Room 5 in LA for some music industry folks! Needless to say, I'm VERY anxious about that! I'm also shooting a music video while I'm here for the first single off the album! I can't wait for you to hear it!!!

I have written a lot of new songs recently and because of that, we thought it best to wait to see if we wanted to include any of them on the album. I'm so glad we did because we now have, what we feel, is a really strong group of tunes and a more clear direction for this project. Everything is recorded and mastered and we're going to be ordering the units as soon as the artwork is finished!

I'll update you with some pics and video as soon as I get home next week. Until then, please know that I appreciate each of you so very much for helping me to live out my dream of making music! I'm a VERY blessed person!

God bless you all!


Happy Thanksgiving! ***An album update***

Hi everyone. I hope you all have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

I know it may seem as though I've forgotten y'all but trust me, I haven't! We've been hard at work getting everything finished for the album. In the last few weeks so much has been happening. I've gotten to play some cool shows and meet more cool people! Recently, I played in Nashville, TN for the first time. I was thrilled to get to play a set at Grimey's Basement. It went great and afterward, I was approached by a girl who complimented me on my music. At first I didn't realize it but it turned out, it was Sara Bareilles!!! It was kind of dark and I, of course, wasn't expecting to see anyone famous so I just didn't realize it was her for a few minutes. Then she visited with us for a while. She was very nice! (You can see a pic of Sara and me below)

I tend to write songs in waves. I may go a while without writing anything and then, BOOM! Several new songs come pouring out! Well, lately, I've written a few tunes that didn't get recorded with the first ones for the album and we may want to include some of them on the CD. That's why the album isn't finalized yet. We just want to be sure that the best songs and the right songs get on this project. I hate for there to be a delay at all in getting the project done but I also don't want to rush it and regret not including some of this new material. We're recording them now and I'm hopeful that everything will be complete and sent off for processing in a couple of weeks.

If you'd like a taste of some of the originals, you can tune into my live online concert from my living room this Tuesday, November 29 at 6pm EST. Just go to my facebook page at and click on the link over to the left that says Live Streaming Show. It'll be lots of fun and you can interact with me during the show!

Thanks so much for hanging in there with me! I'm so thankful for each of you and for the support you've given me!

God bless y'all and Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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Hi Everyone!

LOTS of great stuff going on right now thanks to you! We are doing the finishing work on the album right now such as figuring out song order, getting artwork together and the cover designed, etc. Fun but tedious!

I'm also VERY excited to be working with Creative Artists Agency for bookings! They are the best in the business and I'm looking forward to getting out and playing more and more!

Next Tuesday, Aug. 30 at 8:30 pm EST I'll be playing a "web only" concert on They are having their first ever Stand Up To Cancer Benefit and have asked me to participate. All the money raised goes directly to The University Of Colorado Cancer Research Fund. Tickets are "pay whatever you can" and once the concert starts, you can put money in the "tip jar".
Get tickets here:

I'd LOVE to play some of the songs from the album for y'all and have the chance to thank you "personally" via the web so please, get a ticket and tune in Tuesday evening.

Also, I'd appreciate it if you'd go to the concert link and share it with your Facebook and Twitter friends.

I can't wait to play for you and I'll keep you updated on the album progress. Soon, we'll be sending out the awards!!!

Love y'all and Peace!


4 Days To Go!

Hi everyone!

I hope you're all doing well. Just wanted to touch base with you all to say just how excited I am to get this album finished! I'm also fired up to see what my managers, Brian and Mandy, might be able to stir up for me in the coming weeks. I feel so blessed to have connected with them. I can't wait to see what the years ahead will bring!

Let's make one more hard push during these last 4 days to spread the word about the project. I'm so honored that some of you have contributed to this project even after it was 100% funded! Every dollar received above the goal will be put right back into improvements for the album.

Thanks again for all you've done. I'll never forget it!


We Made It!!!!!!!

I must admit, When we started this Kickstarter thing, I really wasn't convinced that enough people would want to pledge to ever reach our goal. WOW! Was I wrong!!!!

Because of each and every one of you incredible people, not only did we reach it, we did it with 2 weeks to spare! I am completely blown away by your support and generosity!!!!

So now, over the next 2 weeks, any money that is pledged will go to CD duplication and promotion for the album. There are so many things that the extra funds will allow us to do to make the project even better so please keep spreading the word!

In my last update, I told you about the amazing week I had and the time I got to spend with Selena Gomez and Christina Grimmie. It was so much fun to get to open their concert in Charlotte, NC. After soundcheck, Christina and I recorded a quick video of us covering the Michael Jackson classic, Billie Jean. Christina then posted it on her YouTube page and it's getting a lot of views. She was so sweet to sing it with me and to put it out there.

Some of you may have seen it but if not, I've included a link to the video at Christina's channel. Hope you enjoy it!

Love you all and thanks again!

Peace! - Noah