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World's smallest Linux server, with Wi-Fi built-in. Building for the Internet of Things doesn't get easier than this!
World's smallest Linux server, with Wi-Fi built-in. Building for the Internet of Things doesn't get easier than this!
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Hologram is Ready! Action Required!

Posted by Onion (Creator)

Hi everyone!

The Hologram Cellular Expansion is Ready to Ship! 

If you’ve ordered a Hologram Cellular Expansion, then your wait is over; we’re ready to ship! As we had hoped, our manufacturing rework fixed the issues with the power supply circuit and all of the boards have passed the post-manufacturing Q&A and testing process with flying colors!

Action Required

We realize it’s been quite a while since you gave us your address with the Onion survey system, so we’ve sent an email to every backer who ordered the Expansion to confirm the address we have in our records.

If your address has changed, please let us know immediately by responding to the email.

If you have not received an email asking to confirm your address but believe you should have, please let us know immediately by creating a ticket on our helpdesk with 'Hologram' in the subject. 

We will start shipping on Tuesday, August 22nd! 

So please make any required updates to your address by Monday, August 21st. If we do not hear from you before that date, we will assume your address is good to go and will take no responsibility for lost shipments.

Thank you for your patience and support during this saga, we realize that it took a very long time and have learned a lot about how to collaborate on hardware designs. We hope you’ll enjoy your Hologram Cellular Expansion and make something super amazing!

-Team Onion

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    1. Missing avatar

      Richard Bowden on

      HI, I got the hologram expansion, but when I dock it with the omega2, the device does not power on, its like it creates a short and the omega2 refuses to boot, take the hologram off and it boots fine. Anyone else seen this, is there something you need to configure for it to work?

    2. Missing avatar

      astfgl on

      My Hologram expansion has not arrived either. The tracking shows it entered the country on September 20, but then tracking stopped. The tracking now shows it's back in Germany.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey A Edwards on

      I have not yet received my Hologram Cellular Expansion. I am Onion Omega2 Kickstarter number 10,446. I received email a month ago, Sept. 9 2017, stating "Great! LW025857488DE is on the way to its destination on 09 September, 2017 15:24." Using the DLH tracking number and link you provided I can see it left KH and arrived at USJKA Customs (U.S. John F Kennedy Airport) on Sept 16 2017 -- the final tracking entry states "Arrival at destination country. Tracking Updates may end here, delivery shortly". Nothing since then, almost a month ago. Googling for "USJFKA" finds many reports of packages from Asia/HK being stopped at JFK for Customs and never coming out. PLEASE ADVISE. (FWIW, I did just received the sim card as a separate shipment, but no hardware.)

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Yay, collected my Hologram Cellular Expansion this morning. :)

      That completes my ordered items.

      Thank you

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Hi Team

      I didn't get the email referred to in this update, so I opened a ticket as requested (#16282) but as yet, still no email and ticket status is 'being processed'.

      Could you please check and advise?


    6. Tom W on

      How do I buy one? I was an original supporter for the Onion.

    7. Dan ÓBrien on

      I only ordered one, but if I really really like it and want some more, will Hologram sell the Cellular Expansion? Will have the Cellular Expansion at some point in the future? Or should I hold on to this irreplaceable, one of a kind board and not tie it to a high altitude weather balloon, just in case I never see it again?

    8. Niss Green on

      I will be moving from my current address at the end of August and I still don't have a new address. I will only have it on in the last few days of August.
      As this was supposed to be done many months ago you will have to be more exact with your delivery dates.