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World's smallest Linux server, with Wi-Fi built-in. Building for the Internet of Things doesn't get easier than this!
World's smallest Linux server, with Wi-Fi built-in. Building for the Internet of Things doesn't get easier than this!
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16,537 backers pledged $672,801 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Update

Posted by Onion (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

We hope you are doing well and enjoying this beautiful winter - or summer depending on which part of the world you're reading this from! Just a quick update regarding the shipping of the Omega2 rewards and info on getting started with your Omega2.

Shipping Status

So far everything is on track. As I'm sure you guys know, we've charged the majority of remaining backers for their shipping fees and any extra order items. If you're wondering when your items will ship, we've updated the shipping schedule with the latest information:

For the items that we have shipped out, we have also sent out tracking numbers for the package to your email. 

For items that we are in the process of shipping out, we will be sending out the tracking number up to 48 hours after your package has been processed. 

For orders that contain items that we are not yet shipping, sit tight, you'll get your tracking number when we start shipping your batch according to the table above!

My Order should have shipped by now but I didn't get a tracking number!

If your order falls into one of the categories that are currently shipping but you didn't receive your tracking number, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • The email might have landed in your spam folder, please check your spam to see if it is there!
  • You may have not filled out your survey yet! If that's the case, please do so ASAP, and we will ship out your packages in the next batch.
  • You may have filled out your survey, but your credit card information might have changed, so we have not been able to charge the shipping cost. Please go back to the survey and update your credit card information!

But I was charged for shipping back in October, and I still haven't received my tracking number!

A few of you have reached out saying that your credit card records show that you were charged for shipping back in October, but you still haven't received your tracking number. If that's the case, chances are that you opted to pay for shipping/extra items using PayPal instead of directly with your credit card. PayPal didn't offer an option to do pre-authorized payments (where you authorize the payment when you complete your survey, and we charge you only when we are ready to ship out). Your tracking number will be sent out 48 hours after we ship out your package according to the table above, sit tight! 

Documentation for the Omega2

Some of you mentioned that the documentation available on our Wiki is content written for the first generation Omega. And you're right!

We're launching a new documentation site:! You'll notice that now also points to the new docs site. You can find the Getting Started guide and much more about the Omega2 on this new site:


We'll be rolling out new articles and content on a continuous basis, so stay tuned!  

That's it for now!

Thanks everyone!

Boken and the Onion Team.


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    1. Luis Rocha on

      Backer 7,265, got Maker Kit, but have not received any notifications since this latest one (Dec 14, 2016).

    2. Missing avatar

      Marek Kudas on

      hello, yesterday I received an Omega2 + Dock + Expansion + 1 Onion sticker, but no other stickers.... Why? Also package itself was a bit "interesting" it reminds me a pizza box, not a box suitable for posting electronics... But yeah, it arrived visually undamaged.

    3. Will J on

      Hi. Anyone in UK got their delivery yet? The tracking system fails but says it's with Royal Mail from the 3 Jan. The tracking number doesn't work on the Royal Mail website.

    4. Missing avatar

      Adrian Cox on

      Any update to the shipping status table? We've passed a couple of the dates so it needs updating. Thanks.

    5. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Hi, i don t receive my omega can you help me?

    6. Missing avatar

      Jana Waters on

      Backer Number: 8627
      I received my Kickstarter package, but it is missing one of the docking stations.  I ordered 2 of the $24 kits with an Omega 2 plus and the choice of one docking station. I selected that both docking stations be the expansion docks, but I only received one in the package. Thank you for any help you are able to provide in getting this sorted out.

    7. Think Make Repeat

      Pledge: All of the Docks
      Backer Number: 411
      No updates, just failed charges with no resolve.

    8. Missing avatar

      Fellipe on

      Plegde: Omega2 Plus + Dock
      Backer number: 15222

      Still no any tracking info, can you please check?

    9. Benny Chandra on

      Hi, I am backer 1748
      I received an email on 23 dec 2016 about unchargeable shipping cost because of credit card information has been changed. Then I made a payment through paypal on 27 dec 2016.
      Today I received an email again from onion said that shipping cost still unchargeable.
      Can you please check, I should have paid using paypal (amount charged $7,81 USD) with transaction ID is #2HBxxxxxxxxx2491T, my paypal email is different with the email registered in kickstarter, maybe this is the caused that you did not know that I have paid the shipping cost via paypal. Do let me know if you have received from paypal. Thank you. (I leave comment here because I don't know where to send email to you, what is you

    10. Katherine Burnham

      No shipping update or tracking number and I keep getting messages that my card couldn't be charged. It was successfully charged on 8/23 and I paid for extras and shipping after that with PayPal. Though I don't actually recall buying extras and I have no record of my survey responses, so I guess there's that.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ersin KOSAR on

      Backer Number : 9135
      My tracking number is not working.

    12. vaneay027 on

      Got mine for new year ! Thanks Onion Team :) Keep up the good work !

    13. Missing avatar

      Justin Mijal

      I got mine, but where was the link to the stretch goal ebook? Or is that the getting started guide linked to here?

    14. Missing avatar

      Filippo Zorzi on

      I didn't received any shipping info for an Omega2 Plus only but i've been charged for the shipping on 7th Dec. I'm sure i filled the survey. There some update?

    15. Missing avatar

      Hayder Sharhan on

      Hi guys,

      Can you please investigate why I have not received any shipping or tracking information for my device? I did fill out the survey two days after Nov 20th so can you please see maybe it was forgotten about?

    16. Missing avatar

      Yegor on

      I'm backer 8,375 Still no any shipping info. Pledge: Omega Plus

    17. Eugene Hoe on

      Item still not receive and none contacfable from your end. Advise.

    18. Missing avatar

      Dan Barnett on

      Twas the day before Christmas and finally got a shipping status on my Omega2s and docks. In process, expected shipping date Dec 27. Tracking information to follow.

    19. Missing avatar

      Robert Meagher on

      I'm backer 857. I ordered Omega2 + Docks. Have not received a tracking number.

    20. Missing avatar

      atomfrede on

      Mee too: I was charged for shipping on Dec 7th but until know didn't receive any tracking number (Pledge: Omega2 Plus + Dock + Expansion) so maybe these are in progress?

    21. Missing avatar

      Duncan De Weireld on

      Hi i didn't received any shipping info for an Omega2 Plus only but i've been charged for the shipping (7Dec)

    22. Missing avatar

      Kristopher Velez on

      I never got any shipping information for Onion 2 + Docks but I have a receipt from December 6th.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jan Thomassen on

      No shipping information fecieved for Onion2 + Docks
      credit card charged 7th Dec.

    24. Missing avatar

      Al Ludwig on

      Hi, I was charged on 6-Dec and have not received shipping details.
      ONION CORP 8003320829 MA

      Can you provide an update? I can provide backer number if needed separately.

    25. Missing avatar


      me neither, I don't have shipping info.

    26. Missing avatar

      Engin Kaya on

      Same for me, I am waiting for Onion2 + Dock. it has been charged and hasn't received shipping info

    27. Missing avatar

      intvsteve on

      Backer for Onion2+Dock, no shipping info.

    28. Todd McDonald on

      Backer for Onion2+Dock+Expansion. Credit card was charged shipping costs, but I still haven't received shipping details. Please advise!

    29. Roland Bunschoten on

      Same here; one more backer waiting for an Onion2 + Dock who has been charged and hasn't received shipping info.

    30. Missing avatar

      tomas lubkowitz on

      Would it be feasible for you, Onion to send out emails to your backers with status? There are loads of comments from backers waiting for tracking numbers. I am too. it would mean a lot and lessen the negative pr if you sent personal updates to those who wait. 30 minutes of coding a script to save days of work for your helpdesk..

    31. Missing avatar

      Xplatforms on

      Got answer after 6 days on helpdesk. Somehow my Omega 2 and Omega 2 Plus boards will be send in batch 3(wtf is batch3?) So, the status "Stickers, Omega 2, Omega 2 Plus only -> SHIPPED!" Is a lie!

    32. Markus on

      Usually I don't like 'me too' posts but to gain visibility I think it is appropriate: here's one more backer waiting for an Onion2 + Dock who has been charged and hasn't received shipping info.

    33. Missing avatar

      Bruce Dodson on

      I'm backer 3853 and I've received no communication about this project.

    34. Ewald on

      Hi, backer #14140 here, did not receive any tracking info :-(
      can you please check?

    35. Missing avatar

      Thom Wiley on

      Oops. I thought I had completed my survey but I realized I hadn't completed the payment. But it looks like my stuff would not have shipped yet, so I am not worried.

      This is what a successful kickstarter project looks like, everyone. We get up to date information and in a timely fashion. There have been other projects I have backed where the owners just did not keep us informed at all. Yes, we all understand unforeseen delays or issues with shipping, customs, et al. But if you don't communicate then we think something is seriously wrong. And even if you have a great project, it may never see anything past the first version or make you a successful company if you lose the respect and interest of backers.

      This is a group who worked very well on the first iteration and is keeping the pace with this next one. I wish much success for the Onion crew in 2017!

    36. Missing avatar

      Marko on

      My Omega2 Plus and Dock should have shipped some time ago, but I haven't received the tracking code yet. Did it not ship at all or is it just a problem with the tracing codes? Seems like it is a common problem...

    37. Dave Burge on

      @creator: Item still not receive, not the item or the tracking code!!! Please advice me

    38. Raytrax on

      Thanks for docs, same here no tk number but np.
      Anyone have documentation in pdf file or similar? Thanks!

    39. Missing avatar

      Mohit Rathod on

      Judging by the comments here I am also among one of many backers who are charged for their Omegas but haven't received a tracking number or any-information regarding the same. I have been waiting for the omegas for a while now. Please update us on what is going on. Its almost 2 weeks since the charges showed up on my card.

    40. Eugene Hoe on

      Item still not receive, comment are none feedback. Kindly if you can assist and advise

    41. Athul Raj on

      I backed with a pledge for 9$ (1x Omega Plus)
      I completed the survey with an additional Omega Plus and shipping.
      Both amounts were charged to the card.

      But I've not received any mail regarding the shipping.

    42. Eugene Hoe on

      No,tracking email, all money paid. Item not receive accordingly

    43. Carlos Ruiz on

      i dont have traking number or anything else... i was payed in time my stuff, whats wrong? baker number 13.990

    44. Missing avatar

      Sarah Miller on

      I'd love to hear an estimated Arrival date (or month even) vs shipping dates. I don't care when it ships, I care when I will get it. I have a tracking number but it's shipped from China and gives no indication of estimated delivery date. I'm really frustrated because when I pledged it said "Estimated Delivery: Nov 2016" but clearly that was never the plan - they planned to SHIP in Nov. That is way different than delivering in Nov. Feels deceptive to me. Shipping does not equal delivered. I expected when I backed this that it might slip past Christmas but it would be nice to know for sure if it will or not so I can make other arrangements. At this point, despite having a tracking number, I have no idea when to expect this at all. All I know is it was in Shanghai 2 weeks ago, which is not super helpful to me. I really just want to know, will it come this month? next month? longer than that?

    45. Missing avatar

      Phil Summers on

      Xplatforms: I have also created a ticket on freshdesk as requested, had survey, been charged, but no tracking, and I have had no contact whatsoever either.

      The automated email that came back from freshdesk said 7-10 business days for a response!

      ONION -This is NOT acceptable. You are not communicating with your backers, there are hundreds, if not more, people who have been charged for shipping and have had NO tracking number. Get your act together and COMMUNICATE. People will not mind if there is a delay, but be honest and just tell us what is going on.

    46. Missing avatar

      Xplatforms on

      "Onion: For issues that are specific to your order - no survey link or tracking number received - we would be happy to help you through our support system, please file a ticket at"

      I've created a ticket a day ago and still no answer. Not here,not on freshdesk... @Onion, Why are You ignores me?

    47. Missing avatar

      ozby100 on

      Hy.. I know this is a stupid question but can anyone please explain it to me.. I payed 9$ for the omega 2 plus on the kickstarter campaign and when the first survey came i also ordered a omega and a power dock extra.. I got billed on my credit card more than a week ago but i did not receive my shipping tracking nubmer... What is my order a Kit or what ?? thanks

    48. Brad Buskey on

      Great... now I have just spent hours in the docs... and nothing to test out.

    49. Missing avatar

      Mr Andrew Paul McBarnett on

      @ Onion, my order should have shipped but I have heard nothing? Backer number 14,816 I have been charged shipping on 5 December, but no confirmation received and the email is not in my spam folder. Please help!