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World's smallest Linux server, with Wi-Fi built-in. Building for the Internet of Things doesn't get easier than this!
World's smallest Linux server, with Wi-Fi built-in. Building for the Internet of Things doesn't get easier than this!
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December Update!

Posted by Onion (Creator)

Hello backers,

Just a quick update. We have begun shipping the first few batches of orders! Orders with the following products have been submitted for processing and are currently being shipped out: 

  • Batch 1 - Omega2Plus only 
  • Batch 2 - Omega2 only, OR Omega2Plus + Onion Docks (Arduino, Expansion, Power, Mini) only 

Tracking numbers for each shipment are being sent out on a rolling basis as they become available.

For Batch 3 (All remaining orders including Control Everything products, but excluding orders containing Cellular and I2S Audio Expansions), our manufacturing team reports that we will be ready to ship the remaining orders starting the week of December 12. If your order is yet to be processed and you have provided your credit card information via Stripe, we have charged your card and are currently processing your order for shipping.

Orders containing Control Everything products will have their Onion products and CE items shipped in separate packages. The tracking numbers for each shipment will be sent as they become available.

Orders containing 3rd party Expansions such as the Cellular Expansion or I2S Audio Expansion will be shipping in another batch starting the week of January 9. We will keep you updated on the progress of these this month.


Team Onion


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    1. Patrick Yong on

      Hi I have not receive my tracking number, but my house mate has got his unit yesterday, is there anyway I can get in touch with you guys to sort this out?

    2. Missing avatar

      S Hamilton on

      Ordered Omega 2 and dock, just got tracking number today! :)

    3. Dustin on

      @Jesse I am in the same position of adding the audio expansion after the main campaign. I reached out to them and they said the orders would not ship separately. Kind of a bummer. Upon further consideration, I feel like I should have known better haha. Dealing not just with one, but two companies developing new products it is bound to take awhile. I just wish they would have worked out the same deal with Rocki they had with the control everything modules where they are sending them separately. Anyway, time to forget about it for a bit and be surprised when it comes.

    4. Missing avatar

      Rodrigo Cañete on

      Hi great notice but how We know when you send the package?

    5. Rustam on

      Здравствуйте. Скажите номер отслеживания будет выслан на электронную почту? Или где его можно посмотреть?

    6. Missing avatar

      Jesse Garrett on

      This update is not incredibly clear... If one ordered the Omega2+ with the Docks package (supposedly shipping now), but also got an I2S expansion a-la-carte, would none of these items ship until January 9th, or would the I2S expansion ship separately?

    7. Anders Öster

      And is the breadboard dock shipped now too?

    8. veritanuda on

      Awesome. Make me happy! :)

    9. Anders Öster

      So when are OLED and proto expansions shipping?

    10. Missing avatar

      Adam Hepton on

      Great news to see that the first items are shipping: congratulations!

    11. Missing avatar

      Vivek Agarwal on

      Dear Team, Kindly let me know if I need to change my shipping address; how to do that?

    12. Missing avatar

      Michal Soucek on

      Hello, If I have both Omega and Omega plus, I will be in some distant future batch?

    13. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Your delivery updates are very confusing.
      Update 13: Stickers, Omega2, Omega2+ only starting 23rd November.

      Update 14: Batches 1 and 2 for Omega2+ only, Omega2, Omega2+ with docks etc

      When are orders containing Omega2 AND Omega2+ expected to ship?

    14. Missing avatar

      Dinu Radian on

      Can you send me a notification when you are sending me the device?

    15. Missing avatar

      Berke Çetin on

      Hello i have not given you any address how do you send it?

    16. Missing avatar


      As a BackerClub member, in which batch the following reward put mine : "Every BackerClub member will get an additional Omega2 for free with a pledge of $74 or higher!" ?

    17. Missing avatar

      Timothy Bennett on

      Congrats... nice to see things moving along!

    18. caleb wood on

      Hi there! I received a tracking email, which reached the Deutsche Post depot in Singapore on the 1st of this month. Will the aftership tracking number follow movement after that or will I need to continue tracking on the Deutsche Post website? It's being delivered to the UK

    19. Missing avatar

      Konstantinos Alvertos on

      Whe will we get the project book and in what form?