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World's smallest Linux server, with Wi-Fi built-in. Building for the Internet of Things doesn't get easier than this!
World's smallest Linux server, with Wi-Fi built-in. Building for the Internet of Things doesn't get easier than this!
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Shipping the Omega2!

Posted by Onion (Creator)

Hello Backers!

We hope everyone is doing well! We will be starting to ship the Omega2 very soon, so here's a quick update!

Tentative Shipping Schedule :)

Manufacturing of the boards has progressed pretty smoothly, so we will be starting the shipment a few days ahead of schedule. Here's our tentative schedule for Omega2 shipping:

For those of you who completed the survey using a credit card, we will be collecting the shipping cost a few days before the shipping start date.

Outstanding Surveys

If you haven’t completed your survey yet, please do so ASAP! We need your shipping address by November 20th so we can ship your order on time. If you have not received your survey link, please fill out the form at so we can send it to you via the Kickstarter messages.


Boken and the Onion Team.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ron Cordell on

      January 19 and still no shipment. I've filled out the survey, created support tickets. NOTHING. Unhappy I am :(

    2. Missing avatar

      Brooks Brown, IV on

      I have not been charged for shipping. I tried the survey link with no luck. What can I do now?

    3. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      I couldn't do the survey... what happens now?

    4. Gowtham Sadasivam on

      Got charged today. Hope to receive the shipping details soon :)


    5. Missing avatar

      Anupam Datta on

      Got charged today. Hope for the tracking infos. Fingers crossed.

    6. Missing avatar

      Didier Barbas on

      Got charged today, which reminded me that I had backed the project lol. Looking forward to start working with my Omega2!

    7. Roma German on

      How I can change credit card to charge money for shipping ?
      The one I added is no longer valid now
      pledge 13,540


    8. Missing avatar

      Xplatforms on

      Got charged today, hope to get my onions soon.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jungeol Chun on

      Is there anyone who gets your onion2? At least I want to know when the team ship my onions.

    10. Missing avatar

      Евгений on

      I do not receive any emails with information with shipping and tracking :( Where is my Omega2? :`(

    11. Xevi Colomer on

      Hi there, I see I haven't received any package as many others. I asked you through Kickstarter messaging what was going on but still no answer. Could you please, at least, make a new communicate to indicate the real ETA? Thanks!

    12. Missing avatar

      Heinrich Vermeulen on

      Do survey - check
      Paid - check
      Delivery - ... no ETA.. no emails

    13. Missing avatar

      Phillip Che Jacobson on

      Still waiting on mine :(. No-email update on why it's late or nothing.

    14. Missing avatar

      Donald J Wright on

      I pledged for only the omega2 and filled out the survey. I have yet to be charged shipping or receive any kind of notification.

    15. Missing avatar

      Douglas Kryder on

      when i look at my pledge it states shipment in November of 2016. it is now December of 2016. none of my pledge items have been shipped. so when i read your updates that claim your shipping is ahead of schedule i laugh. the reality is your shipping progress is very much behind schedule. so please do not try to put a positive spin on the current status of your project. just come to terms with it and fix it. perhaps a start could be to publicly respond here to all the questions by your backers. it should be obvious to all that there is something wrong with the satisfying of pledges phase of your project. according to what was stated at start all pledges should have been received by now.

    16. Missing avatar

      Chris R. Cox on

      just got a 5 dollar charge from onion corp.. was the shipping not included in the original pledge?

    17. Nita on

      I got an email on 29th that my Omega2+ is being shipped and the tracking-number shows today that it's currently being processed at the SFC warehouse in Shenzhen. So, I'm assuming it'll take 2-4 weeks for me to receive my board. It'll be nice to receive it, eventually, and I'm just glad to know it's on its way :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Emil Christopher Gjøstøl Strømsvåg on

      @Adrian Belen
      ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival

    19. Missing avatar

      Guilherme Ribas on

      I don't receive my survey link. Please send to me.

    20. Missing avatar

      Mengu Ucokkureli on

      Shipping cost is charged from my credit card. I assume you shipped my Omega2 Plus. Is there a tracking number ? Can we have a chance to see where is our Omega2 ?

    21. Stephen Hagans on

      It's past the 23rd and I haven't received any shipping notification on the Omega2

    22. Joshua Price on

      I completed the survey a few weeks back but don't see any way to confirm. Is there a way to confirm I did the survey correctly?

    23. ENH TEA ATH on

      i already do the survey and i had charged 20$, so when exactly i will receive my stuff?

    24. Imre Nyitray on

      Still no survey, but I try to send 3 times!!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Anupam Datta on

      Like others I didn't get confirmation of shipping charge survey.

    26. 馬國薰 on

      Have the track number of the package is better

    27. Missing avatar

      Shelley on

      I was hoping to get my Maker Kit by Christmas !!!

    28. Brad Buskey on

      I cant wait! I was hoping to have had them before the Thanksgiving holiday so I could have some fun with these and start working on my wireless garage door opener,.

    29. Missing avatar

      Felipe Santos on

      Hi, I filled out the survey but I haven't received the private message via kickstarter.

    30. Missing avatar


      hello, I filled out the survey but I haven't received the private message via kickstarter.


    31. Penguin Kothe on

      I was hoping to get my Maker Kit by Christmas���...............

    32. Missing avatar

      Senarath Deegayu on

      Hey I don't know my backed can I see it.also I don't remember if you guys collect the money from my credit card.I'm also not sure if I give me my shipping address

    33. Missing avatar

      Ryan Hornby on

      Hi guys, love the project but I've got to say these emails asking to 'complete a survey if you've not already done so' are quite annoying. I back a lot of things on kickstarter, so don't know off the top of my head whether I've completed or not. I have to log in and search old emails to confirm whether I've done it or not. If there is any way you could send survey reminders ONLY to backers who have not completed their survey to save us all jumping through this hoop it would be much appreciated.

    34. Missing avatar

      Douglas Petican on

      @onion Congratulations. It looks like they are trying to satisfy the most number of backers first. Understandable. Also, the kits contain many more parts which presumably take longer to pack. Whats not clear to me is if the collections are kits in regard to shipping. Also, it must be more expensive to make several shipments for someone who purchased that ultimate collection plus addons. I hope I don't get dinged for additional shipping. So the way I read the update is that if you ordered anything BUT A KIT you will get the parts as they become available per the shipping schedule.

    35. Zane Revai on

      Same question. I ordered several Omega2 Plus and a pile of expansions and docks. So when will it ship?? I only purchased add ons from Onion, no ControlEverything or any GPS or Cellular on my order.

    36. Leo de Blaauw on

      Yep just wondering if you ordered an Onion with expansions will you only get it when all options are available in one shipment or will you ship the onion ahead of the other stuff ?

    37. Missing avatar

      Eric-Christian Koch on

      I accidentally requested a new survey link. It's not needed. I already completed the survey weeks ago! ;)

    38. Missing avatar

      Jeppe Madsen

      @Brian Capouch
      Scroll to the top.
      Click "View pledge".
      Your backer number should be at the bottom of the popup :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Brian Capouch on

      How the hell are we supposed to know our "backer number????"

      I've read every email, including the "Thanks for contributing to our project one," and not a one even mentions a "backer number." Please help. Very frustrating.

    40. Missing avatar

      Marti Morta on

      "Bruce McKenzie about 2 hours ago
      I think I filled out the survey. How can I tell?"


    41. Anders Öster

      I think @Yoeri Goldewijk #TeamPrissy \[J]/ has it right. So my order will ship on December 14 :) Should arrive for the Christmas holiday.

    42. Missing avatar

      Bruce McKenzie

      I think I filled out the survey. How can I tell?

    43. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      I share @Hans and @Drew's sentiment... will the items ship in batches as they become available - or will you wait till each order is fulfilled and send it as 1 package?

      quite excited to get my hands on these things :D

    44. Yoeri Goldewijk #TeamPrissy \[J]/

      "Orders that Contain" tells me you get everything at once, so people that added the ControlEverything Expansions, for example, will get their Omega's also shipped on December 21. But that's how I read "Orders that Contain".

    45. Hans Nguyen on

      I double @Drew Alden's comment:
      Does this mean we won't get our Omegas until the last component we asked for is available, or will they be sent separately as they become available?

    46. midnite

      Please reply to my Kickstarter message. I wish to finalise my order asap also. Thanks.

    47. christopher rodziczak on

      So much for this being a xmas present for a middle schooler.. (sigh)