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Albuquerque lays down 50,000 Bones for Sudan, Burma and Congo

On August 27, 2011, One Million Bones is hosting a 50,000 bone performance/installation preview in our hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico, smack dab on Route 66.

Imagine a busy city block bustling with people. From an alley silent, white-clad volunteers appear carrying armfuls of white handmade ceramic bones. They lay the bones in the center of the street and disappear, even as another volunteer appears carrying more bones. Over the course of the day the pile expands outward to fill the entire block. Imagine the sight of 50,000 bones laid bare for the world to see. Imagine the power of that vision.

In 2013, we will install 1,000,000 bones on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. In the meantime, we want to share our vision with the world!  We’re installing a preview exhibition and filming it, and we need your help to do it. We’re creating a 2-minute time-lapse video shout-out to the entire country to tell them about One Million Bones. Imagine you can help us do that.  We know you can!

One Million Bones is a visible petition against genocide. The bone installation represents a mass grave, the seemingly never ending line of volunteers placing the bones represents the streams of survivors often displaced as a result of genocide. The totality makes the devastation of genocide visible. The 50,000 Bone Installation and film will help us get the word out, help us make the tragedy real, help us get to Washington in 2013.Your donations will support ALL aspects of the event from finishing the bones to bringing in major speakers (we’re hoping to have a great surprise for you) for the reception; from filming the video to editing and promoting it; from keeping our volunteers hydrated in the hot New Mexico sun to getting the word out to the world.  It all matters, and we’re counting on your support for all of it.  THANK YOU!

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    On-going good vibrations from OMB staff through 2013

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    An OMB Bumper Sticker that you can put on your car, bike, scooter, notebook or forehead.

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    Have a Bone Made in Your Name. The bone will be part of the installation in Washington, D.C., and you’ll be part of this historic event.

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    All of the above AND we’ll thank you from the bottom of our hearts publicly on the One Million Bones blog.

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    We’ll thank you from the bottom of our hearts on the OMB blog and in the 50,000 Bones installation video credits.

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    WHAT!?! There’s more? Indeed for $1,000-$4,999 you get everything from the $500 level plus a Giclee Print of the iconic OMB photo signed by OMB founder and director, Naomi Natale. The print is on archival quality water color paper, 12” x 30” and it’s gorgeous.

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    NO WAY! Oh, yes. You get all the stuff we’ve been talking about since the beginning and two (2) invitations to the swanky, (mostly) exclusive 2013 installation reception in Washington, D.C.

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    We call this the HOLLA level, cause if you donate $10,000 or more you’ll get all the perks we’ve been yakking about PLUS One Million Bones’ founder and director, Naomi Natale, will do a presentation at an event of your choosing, maybe a highbrow private party, a hoe down, or a motivational business retreat. But most exciting... at this level we will also dedicate a section of the installation to you on the National Mall. We love this level!

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