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SNES style retro '90s kart racer fun for 1-4 players filled with some amazing characters from awesome Indie games. +New Battle Modes!
SNES style retro '90s kart racer fun for 1-4 players filled with some amazing characters from awesome Indie games. +New Battle Modes!
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Another Super Indie Karts roster increase!

Posted by Paul Hamilton (Creator)

Check this one out Indie fans! 

Not only is Pip, from sweet platformer Adventures Of Pip by Tic Toc Games, joining the bulging list of Indie karts, but he's also bringing with him his ability to evolve into three different states!

It's morphin' time!!
It's morphin' time!!

So while you're out on the track, you're going to be able to evolve Pip's kart based on what is happening around you. Want a faster kart while racing? Choose your own adventure! Earn an instant evolutionary upgrade by getting a crack-shot melon hit on another kart! But be careful to not get hit yourself (or fall off a track or into a water hazard) as you'll be devolved back to a kart state with slightly lower stats! 

Who knows, maybe the boost you'll get from a fully evolved kart will be enough to help your competitors be pipped at the post! (sorry!) :D

Adventures Of Pip KickStarter

Tic Toc are successfully showing off Adventures Of Pip at PAX right now. It's currently 56% funded, and the project still has 35 days to go! If well constructed platformers with inventive gameplay twists are your thing, then this game is sure to have the goods for you.

The music for Pip is being created by Jake “virt” Kaufman, who also created music for Shantae: Risky’s Revenge and Shovel Knight, so I'd recommend backing at a tier where you get that too! Show your support for this Super Indie Karts character by pledging on it's kickstarter page as soon as you can and before Oct 5th. 


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    1. Paul Hamilton 2-time creator on

      Thanks everyone! I'm pretty pretty pretty excited about this one, it's really going to bring a new way to play (once you unlock Pip)

    2. Isaac Hyman on

      Paul, you're a genius. I'm just glad you are using your powers for good, not evil.

    3. Missing avatar

      Shinigami Panda on

      Dude that is so cool

    4. Stéphane Demers on

      Woah this is genius! This could be one of my favorite character right there (also the floating pixel/cube state is hilarious)

    5. David Logan

      Awesome Los Angeles indie locals! Our game designer worked at Tic Toc :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Haha! Man that's so cool! :)

      More heroes from KS games!