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Back to the drafting board with Revision 1 Playing cards. These cards were designed by a designer with a designer design in mind.
Back to the drafting board with Revision 1 Playing cards. These cards were designed by a designer with a designer design in mind.
1,172 backers pledged $26,681 to help bring this project to life.

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Update #22

Hey Kickstarter,

I hope everyone has had a great year!  It's been wonderful for me. I am now a married man,  Just about two months ago I married my best friend, Lindsay,  and I couldn't be happier!  Things at work are going good and the Circle City Card Company is really starting to turn into something special.

I've noticed that a few have commented they have not received their decks yet.  All orders were shipped months and months ago.  If you still have not received your deck send me an email at and I will look into it for you.  For the 1,100+ that have received their decks feel free to comment about them in the comment section.  It is always great to hear from happy backers! I will not be checking this kickstarter page that much from here on out so the best way to get in touch with me is by sending an email to 

Also Russell, my business partner, has the sequal to The Brimstone deck, Quicksilver, funding right now on Kickstarter.

I am also working on a project that I will be announcing in the near future.  Here is the tiniest little sneak peak:

Thanks again for everyones support.

 Best Regards, 

Adam Clarkson

And as always, don't forget to checkout our Facebook page for the latest on the CCCC

"Vacation time" <--Not what your thinking


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The Cards are in my possession and they look great!!!  I have nearly everything in place to begin shipping immediatly.  I will be working hard to get these cards out to everyone as quickly as I can.  In the meantime, here are some pictures:

The Shipping Pallets:

The Tuck Box:

A Pile of Cards:

An Uncut Sheet (Front):

An Uncut Sheet (Back):

Update #19

Delay after delay after delay after..... This project has had so many delays and I can't express my gratitude enough for all the patience that all of you have shown throughout this process.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday break.  I'm sure the United States postal service did as after 2 week the final check made it the 109 miles to Bicycle and was cashed (it would have been faster just to drive it over there)  So even as we speak the wonderful people at bicycle are preparing to ship the cards to me.  Now we're not out of the woods yet...  The cards still need to make it to my door step and according to Murphy's law they should all spontaneously combust during transit.... I hope not...

A few things to remember:

  • The cards are not in my possession yet. in fact they have not even been shipped yet.
  • I am only one man and I have never done this before so it may take me a bit to get all of the orders out,  keep this in mind.  Though I will be enlisting the help of friends and family I don't know exactly what to expect.
  • Some of you did not receive surveys.... I'm working on that now.
  • Please fill out all surveys by Monday of next week to prevent any further delays.
  • Thank you all so much!

Again thank you all so very much. I can tell you how much I look forward to getting these cards in all of your hands.

Adam Clarkson

Surveys coming soon.

Hey everyone,  I'm going to begin sending out the surveys within the next couple days,  Yes that means we are getting very close!  The USPCC says "they are almost done with the printing process"  so this is very good news indeed.

Thanks for everyones patience.