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One Eyed BostonBy One Eyed Boston
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One Eyed BostonBy One Eyed Boston
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pledged of $30,000pledged of $30,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Thu, November 29 2018 5:06 PM UTC +00:00


Your group gathers the last of your dwindling supplies, knowing it’s not enough to make it there safely but hoping to find more along the way. Nothing about this journey is safe, though. You’ve encountered enough zombies to know that-- heard the stories of the evil this new world has created.

Each challenge allows you to pick your strategy, whether it is to conserve your supplies, play it safe by using your most powerful weapons early, or run away to fight a different battle. The game offers a different experience with each attempt, so gameplay stays fresh even over multiple rounds.

The game accommodates up to 6 players. Each player starts with a limited amount of Supply cards that will aid them in their journey. Players can trade cards to keep a nice, balanced hand, or keep their original cards to trust in luck.

Then, each player takes turns flipping over a Road card until 50 have been played successfully. These cards contain both challenges and opportunities. Challenges come in the form of Hordes and Boss characters you must defeat in order to continue your quest. To defeat these cards, you must strategically use your Supplies to improve your odds with the 10-sided die.

Other Challenges include traps, physical obstacles, and potentially violent survivors.

There are also chances to gain an edge. These come in the form Supply Caches, Hunting, and Looting Opportunities. Stopping to take a look might pay off when the next attack comes around.

Stores give you a chance to gain more supplies, powerful special weapons, and the all-important food required to fuel your trek. But beware-- these cards are not just a walk in the supermarket. Danger can lurk just around the corner. 

Make smart decisions and maybe a few of you will make to the safe haven alive. Maybe all of you will make it… but we doubt it

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Our Story

As brothers, we have always enjoyed getting together to play games. As we have gotten older, games have continued to be an excuse to come together-- a way of allowing us to enjoy each others’ company and share what’s new in our life. 

We have always wanted to build a game ourselves to give others the same opportunity that so many games have offered us. We built this game over the past two years, mostly as an excuse to spend time together, but as we kept coming up with ideas we realized we had a really fun game on our hands. With the help of some really talented artists, Dead Trek started to take shape, born from our love of survival games and working as a team.

With your help, we can bring Dead Trek to life!


We are waiting to officially charge shipping so as to give to most accurate shipping rates rather than charge a flat rate and keep the extra. We will have more accurate costs when the campaign is over and we know the total games sold. Also, we will have shipping updates when the game is printed and packaged. Please be aware that shipping will cost more depending on where you live and if you are not from the lower 48 states. Currently, our best estimate for the lower 48 states is $5, though we are working to make those costs as low as possible.

Refund policy

We can refund you within 14 days of the campaign's completion.

Risks and challenges

This is the first tabletop game that we have ever created, so some of the challenges we face are unknowns related to the process. We do, however, have some extremely talented and experienced artists helping us. We are also working with a highly reputable printing company, AdMagic, which has created some of the most popular games of recent years. We wanted to make note of this so as to be clear that many elements of this process are new to us and timelines could be off due to these unknowns.
We are going to work hard to get this game built and shipped as quickly as we can. The game is 90% completed, but if for some unforeseen and unlikely reason the game is unable to be completed we will happily refund pledges. We want this game made more than anyone, so we are doing everything we possibly can to avoid such a scenario.

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