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A psychological gaming experience conveying a powerful and unique story using pixel art and voice narration.
A psychological gaming experience conveying a powerful and unique story using pixel art and voice narration.
A psychological gaming experience conveying a powerful and unique story using pixel art and voice narration.
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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everyone!

The start of the New Year is a good time to update everyone on One Dreamer, which I was unfortunately unable to release at the end of 2016 like I had originally planned.

Firstly, here is some footage of features I was working on in the last few months of 2016. Please keep in mind these were just built in a test environment for the purpose of this update.

New Movement System. Pixel Perfect.

The One Dreamer demo was as a 2D side scroller where poor Frank could only move left or right. Well, I decided to change things to let him take steps in all directions in respect to the worlds almost completely "flat", 2D perspective. His movement is now also pixel perfect, so his animation precisely matches each step and he no longer slides across the ground. 

If you look carefully enough you'll notice most 2D games move characters by interpolating the x, y, z coordinate system (making them slide) while playing a running animation. While convenient, this unfortunately doesn't look so great especially when a sprites leg is only 1 pixel.

360° View... kinda

Along with the movement upgrade I gave Frank the ability to "rotate" (turn around) in his 2D perspective. It's not completely polished, but the shader I'm finishing allows the lip syncing to automatically work over all animations/perspectives sprites as seen below. The circle in the video represents the right analog stick on a PS4/Xbox controller.

This means the player has to actually go up to and 'face' objects they want to interact with, like they would in normal 3D games or real life. This extends gameplay to allow for more problem solving and investigative aspects which work well in story driven adventure games. Another example below.

I also worked on a timeline editor tool to help create robust cinematic sequences in a user-friendly interface. It's not that interesting to talk about though...

Year Overview 

2016 was mostly dedicated to developing One Dreamer's behind the scene core, scripts and editor tools. With the foundation close to set, I'm looking forward to spending 2017 on project assets and watching everything finally come together for the full release.

As always thank you for your support,


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    1. Shane Smiskol on January 13, 2017

      Updates like these always make me feel glad I backed such a wonderful game in the beginning! Great work!

    2. Akule
      on January 3, 2017

      Looking good so far. Keep up the good work. :)

    3. Gareth Ffoulkes Creator on January 1, 2017

      Thanks D-Boy, enjoy the rest of your holidays!

    4. D-Boy
      on January 1, 2017

      Wow! Things are REALLY coming together, Gareth! You are truly using each pixel to its maximum potential! The movement, sprite rotation and environment art are truly making this one of the most visually striking pixel art games I've ever seen. I am excited to see what the New Year has in store for One Dreamer!