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A world wide online community filmed over 3,000 hours of footage to create a picture of One Day on Earth. Please help finish the film.
A world wide online community filmed over 3,000 hours of footage to create a picture of One Day on Earth. Please help finish the film.
1,083 backers pledged $44,637 to help bring this project to life.

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      Anna on

      Just donated $25 and only a little over $500 to go! So close!

    2. Christina C Nicholls on

      Hope you guys don't mind. I am co-host on a local radio show in Boston, MA and since I could only pledge $5.00 - I decided to do a PSA announcement about your project on our show last night.
      I would love to see this happen!

    3. Natasha Toner on

      Was happy to help fund the project. The trailer brought tears to my eyes and I had goosebumps for about 5 minutes. I know you'll exceed your goal. Thank you for making this.

    4. Missing avatar

      Lee and Barry Mirrer on

      LOVE the trailer, if just a few more people donate the $25K goal will be reached! Amazing that 16,000 people are a part of this. If each person donated $2 dollars there would be a total of $32,000! Since only 469 have donated thus far you will exceed your goal! It should be easy to get the balance needed to go forward. I am proud to be a part of this project ! Much love to all of you for ALL of your efforts!

    5. Missing avatar

      Joline Richard on

      $5 donation to a wonderful project and I am spreading the word!! I have loved this since I first heard about it in August 2010! Good job!

    6. Ola Kudu on

      Very exciting to see a project with Global reach, Regional participation, National significance and a Universal message getting funded! I'm proud of what this says about all of us.

    7. Missing avatar

      Pamela Ruddick on

      whoo hoo looking good! If every person involved could give something even 5 dollars it would be so amazing!!! Encourage every person to get involved and show it with some donation to back it up!!!!

    8. Andrey Anastasiadi on

      This is absolutely fantastic project. It's a big pleasure for me to be a part of this community.

    9. Julian Gerighty on

      GO KYLE and Team ONE DAY!

    10. Missing avatar

      Pamela Ruddick on

      If every person gave a couple dollars -this could happen so wonderfully and everyone would be a part of why it happened -please send the message again to everyone to get involved again- let them know in a strong message one email is often overlooked GO FOR IT

    11. Stephen Covell on

      I want so much for this to be made! Keep getting the word out so that you reach your goal in time :)

    12. Kevin Wild on

      This is such an amazing project!! I hope this goes through for you all!

    13. One Day on Earth 2-time creator on

      Thank you everyone for you amazing comments and spirit. It is a true community effort - the film message is important, and we are proud to help you (the community) tell it.

    14. Angela Bailey on

      This is so amazing!! Almost a third of the $25k goal has been pledged in just TWO DAYS!!! I am sincerely honored to be part of this film and am excited to be part of the community to make it happen! We'll get there, friends!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Pamela Ruddick on

      This is beautiful!! It is a great undertaking and will be an amazing movie!

    16. Missing avatar

      Kristen Young on

      This trailer made me feel the weight of the world's beauty. I can't wait to see the whole film.

    17. Missing avatar

      Kevin Adams on

      The trailer was fantastic guys, thanks so much! Looking forward to 11.11.11 already, my mind is buzzing with ideas!

    18. Missing avatar

      George Tougas on

      From what I've seen so far, I'm sure the finished product will be a great achievement. Keep up the good work, guys!

    19. Missing avatar

      Tina Crouse on

      Great job Kyle and Team. I know you'll get the whole film out. Congratulations

    20. Missing avatar

      Ben Evans on

      Way to go, you guys! What an awesome undertaking! Can't wait for the film! I almost sent some footage I shot back on 10-10-10, but was too swamped trying to finish up my own doc on sustainability around America, YERT: Your Environmental Road Trip (trailer at Your trailer looks great - can't wait to see the full thing! God's speed and good luck!