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A world wide online community filmed over 3,000 hours of footage to create a picture of One Day on Earth. Please help finish the film.
A world wide online community filmed over 3,000 hours of footage to create a picture of One Day on Earth. Please help finish the film.
1,083 backers pledged $44,637 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. One Day on Earth 2-time creator on November 13, 2012

      Hi Julie - your DVD should be to you this week if all goes well with the US Postal Service. This has certainly been a long process, but, as you'll see from the 1st film, this project and creative collaboration has an intrinsic ability to shed light on so many issues and topics... so we have to keep it going! We've definitely been "bootstrapping" it, but it is important to keep doing these events.

    2. JNB on November 13, 2012

      Kind of funny getting an email about 12/12/12 movie when we havent even seen 2010 yet. Wow.

    3. One Day on Earth 2-time creator on September 27, 2012

      Hi Memo, We sent a response to your comment last week on the update #11 page. We'll address it here as well. We are working with a fulfillment company to come up with a solid solution for shipping to nearly every country in the world. It has not shipped out, but we are close. We want to make sure we get this all done at once. Thanks for your patience. As mentioned in the emails that have been going out regarding address collection, we are making sure we give everyone a chance to get the rewards we have promised. Please keep in mind that we finished the film just this April/May and have to work through a distribution process to make sure the film will reach viewers far and wide. Kickstarter supporters are getting the first run of the DVD. Thanks again.

    4. Missing avatar

      Memo on September 26, 2012

      Please give an update. I've not received a DVD yet.
      Have they been sent out?
      Have other backers received their DVD?

    5. Tim Sutton on May 13, 2012

      I have emailed you 2 times and no reply. I have not received any emails and no word on the DVD. You are starting to give kickstarter a bad name. What is the DEAL?

    6. Phil Sonea on May 10, 2012

      Estimated shipping date for DVD's?

    7. One Day on Earth 2-time creator on March 19, 2012

      Hi All,

      We are sorry that some of you have not received the email blasts. Given the growing nature of our One Day on Earth online community (approaching 30,000), and the small size of our team, we try to be as efficient as possible by aggregating our email lists into a single blast. Aside from email blasts, you'll also notice that we post blog entries and updates via social media - feel free to check out the latest posting from last week:

      That said, I hope everyone is aware of the global screening on Earth Day (April 22nd). We are literally working around the clock to try and secure venues in every country of the world. We have just finished the film and we are currently coordinating distribution for the screening.

      As per standard distribution schedules, DVDs are produced and shipped after the film is released - we are working toward an official release date, and we can't wait to share this film with you.

      If you are interested in the global screening, please check out this link:

      Another update is coming. I'll post a comment here to inform you that the email has been sent, so you will know to check your inbox.

      Thank you for your patience and support. This has been a labor of love for our team and we have not wavered for a single day in making sure that this film exceeds all expectations. It is truly a one of a kind community effort. Thank you for being an important part of this movement.


    8. Missing avatar

      Rob Johnsrud on March 17, 2012

      Any information at all would be nice.

    9. Elissa Emberton on March 14, 2012

      I also have not gotten an email. I hope I can still get my copy. =[

    10. Thomas on March 7, 2012

      Same here - did the DVD already get released?

    11. Missing avatar

      Rob Johnsrud on March 5, 2012

      I havent gotten any emails.

    12. One Day on Earth 2-time creator on March 2, 2012

      Hey Rob, are you not getting the emails? We sent one a week ago.

    13. Missing avatar

      Rob Johnsrud on March 2, 2012

      It's now March and we havent heard much lately.

    14. JC Jaress on February 1, 2012

      Hey gang, glad to hear about the coming release dates - would love to see the film on the big screen. I assume that DVDs will be going out to contributors soon as well, yes?

      Thanks for seeing this monster project through to completion!

    15. One Day on Earth 2-time creator on January 16, 2012

      Hi Jennifer,

      Our film is far more caused based and, especially with the support of some of the worlds leading NGOs & UN, gives a fair representation of daily life on our planet: both the joys and struggles. With Vimeo as our partner, we worked with some of the best content creators in the world :) Here are a couple articles that address the differences from the New York Times and Telegraph.

      As an ongoing community and collaboration, we recently filmed again on 11/11/11. We hope to do it every year going forward. Thanks for the support and reaching out to clarify.



    16. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Soller on January 16, 2012

      Hi Brandon and Kyle

      I've been really excited to be a small part of this project.
      But recently, when I was telling a friend about it, they told ME about "Life in A Day".
      A film from Scott Free Productions that is already out.
      Sounds like almost exactly the same thing!
      How frustrating!

      Can you guys share your thoughts about this?
      Is it the same concept?
      How is "One Day on Earth" different?


    17. One Day on Earth 2-time creator on January 4, 2012

      Hi Rob and Craig,

      Sorry for the communication lull - the last update was sent through a service called "constant contact" and it seems kickstarter updates have proven more reliable. We just posted an update a moment ago and we are excited to report that we have begun conforming the film. Now that we have gotten past a few major hurdles, we'll plan on posting more updates on progress. Thanks so much for the patience and so sorry for the unintended radio silence.

      -Brandon and Kyle

    18. Missing avatar

      Rob Johnsrud on January 2, 2012

      This seems to be the case with several projects I've backed. They get the money and then decide to just vanish and not update much at all.

    19. Missing avatar

      Craig Zagurski on December 30, 2011

      Agreed, Rob. We pledged our money to make this project a reality. I believe we are entitled to at least an update if not our promised DVD's. What's the word, ODOE team?

    20. Missing avatar

      Rob Johnsrud on December 29, 2011

      Last update was September. From that update: "We are working diligently on finishing the first global film and will be reaching out later in the year for shipping info to send the Kickstarter rewards when the final steps are complete."

      The year is almost over, so it's safe to say they forgot and/or were busy working on the 11/11/11 thing. Hopefully a new update is sooner than later.

    21. Missing avatar

      Theo on December 27, 2011

      Yeah, I have been looking forward the DVD so badly, too! Any new updates?

    22. Deborah Spiesz
      on December 22, 2011

      When do the DVD's ship?

    23. Missing avatar

      Bill Hinsley on October 5, 2011

      Thank you for the opportunity to be a small part of this HUGE project! The special tour of the United Nations was GREAT! You're making this big world a smaller and better place.

    24. Missing avatar

      Joe Cheray on August 12, 2011

      proud to be a backer thanks for this unique creative initiative

    25. jan angevine on August 12, 2011

      I am really happy about this project and happy to be part of it. Fabulous!!

    26. GodLove Art on August 11, 2011

      "May the Source be with you!"

    27. GodLove Art on August 10, 2011

      to touch. to feel. to make: Love. Congratulations on your success!

    28. Elisa Ellsworth on August 9, 2011

      I am very proud to have been a part of this project .

    29. Jeffrey Prawdiuk-Spurr on August 9, 2011

      I'm happy to be a backer, but I'm curious as to how this film will be different than "Life in a Day". (

    30. Chelsy on August 7, 2011

      Beautiful. I can't wait to see the final product.

    31. Missing avatar

      David Burlingame on August 2, 2011

      A truly wonderful project that emphasizes our inter-dependency and interconnectedness. Quite inspiring.

    32. Missing avatar

      Martin Pulicar on July 25, 2011

      Two thousands over the goal and still 17 days to go. Great idea, please make the best out of it!

    33. One Day on Earth 2-time creator on July 24, 2011

      Thanks everyone! The showing of support is really touching and our team is so excited to be able to continue on the path we started together back in 2008.

      Please continue to spread the word; we'd love to put as much available energy and funds into making this everything we all know it can be.

      There is lots of news to come - we have some BIG ideas (of course!).

      -Team ODOE

    34. Missing avatar

      Josh Hashemi on July 24, 2011

      It's finally funded! I donated the remaining $19 dollars!

    35. Missing avatar

      Anna on July 23, 2011

      Just donated $25 and only a little over $500 to go! So close!

    36. Christina C Nicholls on July 22, 2011

      Hope you guys don't mind. I am co-host on a local radio show in Boston, MA and since I could only pledge $5.00 - I decided to do a PSA announcement about your project on our show last night.
      I would love to see this happen!

    37. Natasha Toner on July 22, 2011

      Was happy to help fund the project. The trailer brought tears to my eyes and I had goosebumps for about 5 minutes. I know you'll exceed your goal. Thank you for making this.

    38. Missing avatar

      Lee and Barry Mirrer on July 21, 2011

      LOVE the trailer, if just a few more people donate the $25K goal will be reached! Amazing that 16,000 people are a part of this. If each person donated $2 dollars there would be a total of $32,000! Since only 469 have donated thus far you will exceed your goal! It should be easy to get the balance needed to go forward. I am proud to be a part of this project ! Much love to all of you for ALL of your efforts!

    39. Missing avatar

      Joline Richard on July 21, 2011

      $5 donation to a wonderful project and I am spreading the word!! I have loved this since I first heard about it in August 2010! Good job!

    40. Ola Kudu on July 20, 2011

      Very exciting to see a project with Global reach, Regional participation, National significance and a Universal message getting funded! I'm proud of what this says about all of us.

    41. Missing avatar

      Pamela Ruddick on July 20, 2011

      whoo hoo looking good! If every person involved could give something even 5 dollars it would be so amazing!!! Encourage every person to get involved and show it with some donation to back it up!!!!

    42. Andrey Anastasiadi on July 19, 2011

      This is absolutely fantastic project. It's a big pleasure for me to be a part of this community.

    43. Julian Gerighty on July 19, 2011

      GO KYLE and Team ONE DAY!

    44. Missing avatar

      Pamela Ruddick on July 18, 2011

      If every person gave a couple dollars -this could happen so wonderfully and everyone would be a part of why it happened -please send the message again to everyone to get involved again- let them know in a strong message one email is often overlooked GO FOR IT

    45. Stephen Covell on July 17, 2011

      I want so much for this to be made! Keep getting the word out so that you reach your goal in time :)

    46. Kevin Wild on July 17, 2011

      This is such an amazing project!! I hope this goes through for you all!

    47. One Day on Earth 2-time creator on July 15, 2011

      Thank you everyone for you amazing comments and spirit. It is a true community effort - the film message is important, and we are proud to help you (the community) tell it.

    48. Angela Bailey on July 15, 2011

      This is so amazing!! Almost a third of the $25k goal has been pledged in just TWO DAYS!!! I am sincerely honored to be part of this film and am excited to be part of the community to make it happen! We'll get there, friends!!

    49. Missing avatar

      Pamela Ruddick on July 15, 2011

      This is beautiful!! It is a great undertaking and will be an amazing movie!

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