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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 24 2019
SEK 28
pledged of SEK 6,000pledged of SEK 6,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 24 2019


Hello! My name is Zacharias Fransson, or as some of you may know me, zafran_comics, which is what I call my instagram profile; where you can find more of my art.

My main project is aimed at IMAGECOMICS, and things are going great! But materials are expensive and every drop of ink counts when you have four mouths to feed and a dream to fullfill.

"On" is a graphic novel full of awesome traditional art and wild lyrical writing. One of comics' toughest women in a dystopia full of adventure and sad comedy.

So things are coming along nicely,  and I'm certain I have a shot at IMAGE COMICS. But when I set aim at the likes of DC and MARVEL, there will be a need for a higher standard of clarity in the imagery and the constant need to refill inks and colors is financially daunting.

I've worked hard to make sure the artwork is just as intriguing and powerful as the story itself. Each panel has been meticulously planned, making sure that nothing is skimped out on with respect to detail and quality

So, in order to take my art to the next level, where I believe that my kind of stories and imagery is sorely missing. I need to invest in a drawing pad. Simple.

Allthough there's an expanding space for strong female leads, for non victimized HBTQ people and relevant characters of many different colors; there is yet much to be desired.

 Living in cities within megastructures in a world of technological body mods, where the human mind is being uploaded, the human species is on the brink of its own definition. 

Here, rummaging through expansive trashcompacters for parts, a girl called On seeks something tangible and finds a message that will send her on a punk odyssey where cyber meets trash.

 So, the one thing that will keep my art flowing and evolving, and taking the industry standard to new levels is this; a WACOM CLINTIQ 16

Resolute not to succumb to the terrors of agoraphobia, On; dressed in a powerfully designed ENPRO suit, sets out to leave behind the city's ever present eye of Terracorp, determined to seek out the mysterious counter tech group transmitting from manned station 1.

I've drawn plenty of inspiration from my favourite animes like Ghost in the Shell, comics like Transmetropolitan and Rocketgirl, and movies such as Bladerunner 2049 as well as artist Simon Stålenhag

So you're looking at a strong female presence, a lot of awesome future-sights and some damn good gore.

And as a big great THANK YOU to the first 300 people to pledge the reward amount (20 swedish crowns) will be credited in my first three printed works 

Risks and challenges

This is my first graphic novel. And I'm sure there will be obstacles. I self-published novels before and learned that there are always ways around obstacles. And you guys will be the first to know about my projects' ups and downs.

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