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A journey of discovery through an ancient world of wonders
A journey of discovery through an ancient world of wonders
3,471 backers pledged €97,769 to help bring this project to life.

The final stretch goal!

Posted by Jonas Manke (Creator)

Wooow! We made it this far! We just smashed the last stretch goal. This is absolutely incredible. For the last days of the campaign, I want to reveal the final stretch goal. This is a BIG one which consists of two parts:
1. Switch & PS4 Ports
2. Photo Mode


The demand for Omno being playable on consoles is amazing.
From early on I was saying that I would love to play Omno on consoles myself (the surfing just feels so good with a gamepad). I know, this stretch goal is a big one. Porting costs money, so do devkits, coders and coworkers that would help me with this huge task. While porting a game like Omno, many adjustments have to be made to the console version. There might be unpredictable circumstances that could delay the release for consoles a bit. This does not effect the Steam release. With this stretch goal, I can hire experienced engineers who can help me out with that to be able to stay on time as much as possible. Being able to play Omno on the Switch while being on the road, or on the PS4, enjoying the landscape on a huge television screen, would be an awesome experience. So if you think so too, let’s make this happen.

‘There is no console reward tier, how do I back Omno on Switch/PS4’, you might ask?
If we hit the stretch goal you will be able to choose your preferred platform (Steam, Switch, PS4) once the game releases. This applies to ALL reward tiers that include the game. All game copies will be digital.

‘I have already backed Omno, but want a console version instead of the Steam version’,
you might say? No worries, all current and future backers will be able to choose their preferred platform they receive Omno for.

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This feature might be interesting for all backers. Players are already sharing screenshots from the demo of Omno online but with the Photo mode you will have the proper tools to pause the game and capture screenshots from every angle. Fly around freely with the camera, find the perfect lighting and composition and make the most beautiful screenshots of your favorite locations, animals and epic moments. You can even use a selection of photo filters, just like with your smartphone, and change contrasts, color schemes, etc..

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    1. Firedog


      Will it it be possible to get both the a Console version and a Steam version? :D

    2. Missing avatar

      Pedro 'saudedell' Saúde on

      You're awesome! Go Jonas!!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert Elliott

      What if we'd like a copy for multiple platforms? Should we just add on the "Get the Game" amount to our existing pledge?

    4. Bob NLD on

      Too bad there won't be a xbox-port, but hey you can't please everyone. What will the required specs for pc be? Hoping that my laptop will be able to run it.

    5. Sean Moser

      "Console Port" but no Xbox? That's what I play on, don't own a Switch or PS4 - was really hoping the Xbox port would be a part of this stretch goal. Still looking forward to the game either way!

    6. Vanella Mead on

      ooo Photo mode, for me that would be amazing

    7. Missing avatar

      Wisit Kanjanathom on

      Finally! Switch!!
      Now I don't have to find Windows PC to play the game anymore LOL

    8. Missing avatar

      Grace JT Read on

      Love the concept and awesome to hear it’s being ported for consoles! Sorry if it’s obvious but will this game be playable on Mac’s?

    9. MadJo

      I hope it'll run better than Rime on Switch.

    10. CraigglesO on

      Yay! Switch! Super excited about this game.

    11. Missing avatar

      Riley Warren on

      No love for Xbox? 😢

    12. Missing avatar

      Riley Warren on

      No love for Xbox? 😢