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A journey of discovery through an ancient world of wonders
A journey of discovery through an ancient world of wonders
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What Stretch Goals do you want? - The Omno Stretch Goal Survey

Posted by Jonas Manke (Creator)

Hi backers!

Thanks so much for the ongoing support and hello to all the new backers, good to have you here!

As many of you are aware we are climbing up the stretch goal ladder fast (already reached four goals and number five is close!) and every goal helps to make Omno even better, which is very exciting.

Now I would love to know which stretch goals you want!

I set up a super quick survey (Link) with different options and a field for your suggestions. I will make the decision for the next goals based on this survey, however, I also have to consider development costs and timings to make sure Omno and the goals will be as good as possible.

I want to stress here that I am very aware of the pitfall of going too crazy with planning new stretch goals. The following list contains just ideas to give you some options and see what you like. I will carefully choose the next stretch goal according to the estimated efforts and resources.

Very much looking forward to hearing what you think. If you have questions concerning the stretch goals or want to chat to other Omno followers join the discussion on the Discord server.

A quick reminder that the current Flora/Fauna plus stretch goal is still running. With this stretch goal, I will be able to pick the most exciting ones and implement more animals and plants to make the world even more interesting and fun to explore.

 We are less than 800 Euros away from reaching it at the time of writing so hope that all works out :)

THANK YOU for your help and very much looking forward to seeing what you think.

Wishing you all a great day!


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    1. RJW II on

      It was a pleasant surprise to be able to give some direct feedback with the survey - very hard to pick three - But thanks for letting me suggest my own too!! That made it a little more bearable ^_^

    2. Missing avatar

      Nascimento on

      Already puzzling, going down from 10 to 5.
      Truly heartbreaking, going down from 5 to 3.
      But thanks for letting us humbly participate.

    3. Valentin de Jonge on

      As a lore head, i would love some lore and a secret ending!

    4. Missing avatar

      Petra on

      So hard to choose!! Amazing ideas!

    5. Missing avatar

      The other dude

      Too many awesome ideas for stretchgoals... damn it.

    6. Corey Lucier on

      Updated my pledge as promised. :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Ethan Hoffman on

      It was so hard to pick just 3! They're all really great ideas! The game looks amazing!

    8. Sheijtan on

      Those are some great ideas! Really looking forward to the game!

    9. Blake Buthod on

      Omg Switch version please!

    10. Jonas Manke Creator on

      omg haha how could I not see that?! Thanks for the note. Fixed!

    11. Corey Lucier on

      I will pay another hundred euro if you fix the SRETCHGOAL typo in your flora and fauna graphic. :)