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JURASSIC PARK PARODY Live-Action Dino Show: US TOUR's video poster

Old Murder House Theater (ALIENS On Ice!) presents its first-ever national tour, 65.00002 million years in the making! Read more

Austin, TX Theater
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This project was successfully funded on April 11, 2012.

Old Murder House Theater (ALIENS On Ice!) presents its first-ever national tour, 65.00002 million years in the making!

Austin, TX Theater
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About this project

A tour 65.00002 million years in the making...


What We're Doing:

"We've made living biological attractions so astounding that they'll capture the imagination of the entire planet."

This summer, for the first time ever, we - The Old Murder House Theater - are taking our show on the road. We’ve been delighting Savannah and Austin with our increasingly infamous motion picture parody plays for years, and now the rest of the country will just have to prepare itself for the delicious theatrical treat that is us. Tackling a 1993 blockbuster classic, we will present a play like nothing you've ever seen before, and we'll be doing it in a dozen cities nationwide with the JURASSIC PARK PARODY Live-Action Dino Show: US TOUR 

Coverage So Far:

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Austin Chronicle:



Why We're Doing It:

“I wanted to show them something that wasn't an illusion, something that was real, something they could see and touch.”

We love movies, and we suffer from a deplorable excess of personality. Murder House began as our effort to bring our favorite movies to life, and over the years has evolved into something magical and unique. We’re here to prove that awesome theatrical experiences haven’t gone extinct.

Our most recent production, ALIENS ON ICE!, brought hundreds of eager film fans together to witness the cardboard-and-fireworks madness of a Murder House show. After half-a-dozen shows made us the talk of two towns, and over 100,000 views of the ALIENS! clip reel alone, we could no longer ignore the cries of a nation desperate for the brand of film geek humor that only we could supply. The time has come to take this on the road, and for our inaugural tour, we’re turning our sites to something... grander.

The target of our latest playwas actually the first film that Murder House lovingly re-staged eons ago, on the back porch, for a few dozen friends and defenseless passers-by. Spielberg's 1993 blockbuster is a masterpiece of pop spectacle, thrilling action, and memorable characters - a film that is, itself, larger than life. Now, with four years of creative re-engineering under our collective belt, Murder House is tracing our evolution back to its beginnings, painstakingly rendering multimillion-dollar CG creatures in cardboard and duct-tape. This show wasn’t meant to cater only to the super-rich. Everyone in the world has the right to see these animals. And they will, because we’re bringing the show to you!

Where We're Going & When We'll Be There:

"Life breaks free, expands to new territories, and crashes through barriers, painfully, maybe even dangerously…"

We’ve got a schedule of evening shows which - for the most part - will be staged in indie movie theaters, small theatrical spaces, and concert venues. These shows have been performed everywhere from back porches to ice skating rinks with great success so no matter where we set up shop, you'll have a blast!

Here are our cities and tentative dates...

And just in case we have any image-impaired readers...

Austin, TX  …  June 10th
Houston, TX  …  June 12th
New Orleans, LA  …  June 14th
Atlanta, GA  …   June 16th
Washington D.C.  …  June 18th
New York, NY  …   June 20th
Boston, MA  …  June 21st
Chicago, IL  …  June 23rd
San Francisco, CA  …  June 26th
Los Angeles, CA  …   June 28th
Dallas, TX  …   July 1st
Austing, TX (Encore)  …  July 3rd

Note: Once you've pledged, make sure to fill out our survey and let us know where you'll be wanting to see the show!

Represent a venue in one the above cities that would be interested in hosting our show? Please contact us with your Venue’s name, location, capacity, and staging abilities.

What We're Offering:

"We’ve spared no expense..."

Every dime counts, so from the $1 level on up there all kinds of goodies available, including limited-edition T-shirts and posters, props from the shows, and access to a short-form documentary about the creation of the tour. And, of course, you’ll all be getting our sincerest thanks via an exclusive Thank-You Video.

Most importantly, backing the tour at the $25 and above reward levels will ensure from the very start that you’ve got a seat at one of our shows. Of course - like the gallimimus - you may feel more comfortable moving in a herd. In that case you’re welcome to secure additional tickets to the same show by increasing your pledge by $25 for each extra ticket you want (they’ll come with buttons too!).

NOTE: Once you’ve pledged, please fill out our survey to let us know in which of the cities you’ll be seeing the show.

Also available at the higher reward levels are VIP Experiences that will grant you reserved seating, a picture with the cast and crew, a cameo in the show itself, and other special gifts that we’ll be cooking up for you.

What We’ve Done:

“It's a miracle of live performance. Truly joyful and transcendent...”
- Jacob Hall,

“ amount of description could possibly capture the absolute joy these shows inspire in an audience, or how overwhelmingly creative the final product really is.”
- Scott Wampler,

“...entertaining, hilarious, and balls-out impressive...”

“...the funniest f***ing show I have seen in a long time.”

What We Need:

"I'm simply saying that life, uh... finds a way..."

To make all this happen, we need help. What kind? Well, your kind, not to put too fine a point on it. We anticipate we're going to need about $20,000.00 to pull this off. That total represents the cost of designing and building the custom sets, props, and costumes, promoting the shows, feeding the actors, and tackling the enormous cost of trucking our butts across this great nation. With up to 13 different gigs, this is an ambitious undertaking and we need your help to make this happen.


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    Fossilized Mosquito Level:

    Your $1 contribution will forever be lodged in our hearts, like a tiny preserved insect surrounded by the hardened sap of our love. Seriously, this show is made out of duct tape and cardboard, so a dollar funds, like, the whole first act. For your contribution, you'll get access to our exclusive backer "Thank You" video.

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    Dinosaur Egg Level:

    You’re incubating our tiny baby show at the perfect temperature - for awesome. In thanks, we're sending a Limited-Edition JF Tour button your way. You also get to download an exclusive HD Documentary, taking you behind the scenes to see the real miracle workers of Jurassic Farce...

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    Parasaurolophus Level:

    Someone has an attractive cranial crest! At the $20 pledge level, you'll be securing yourself a sweet Limited Edition T-shirt and Button brightly colored enough to make any mating display stand out. And, of course, you’ll benefit from the breeding-season pointers included in our HD Documentary download.

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    Gallimimus Level:

    At this level you’re joining our flock with a ticket to one of our JP Tour shows! You'll also get a button and access to the HD Documentary! If you need tickets for friends, just increase your pledge amount by $25 for each additional ticket. Prove that we do move in herds!
    **Fill out the survey linked in the project description, so we know where you'll be seeing it.**

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    Dilophosaurus Level:

    Now we really can afford more glasses! In exchange for being so cool, you get a ticket to a JF Tour show in the city of your choosing, the Limited Edition T-shirt, button, and access to the HD Documentary! So many things!

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    Triceratops Level:

    Like giant piles of dino-droppings, your donation is mightily impressive (but not nearly as messy!), so we want to reward you with an awesome, frame-able Signed Limited Edition Poster! You will of course also be getting a ticket, t-shirt, button, and access to the HD Documentary. Please remember to wash your hands before you eat anything.

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    Brachiosaurus Level:

    Your long slender neck is reaching for the tenderest leaves of our gratitude! (Even dinosaur metaphors get tough sometimes, you guys.) Along with the ticket, we'll send you an actual, real live prop from the show! Signed by the cast, only you will have this special, custom piece of the JF Tour. Naturally a signed poster, t-shirt, button, and access to the HD documentary will come with it.

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    Velociraptor Level:

    When I look at you... I can see you're working things out. At this level, you clever backers will receive a VIP Experience (explained in the project description) along with all the other rewards. And since you need to bring some folks to look cool in front of, we'll toss in 3 extra tickets for your pals too!

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    Tyrannosaurus Rex Level:

    Your footsteps make waves! Backing us at this level will make vibrations in every glass of water on the planet. For such an epic contribution we're gonna blow it out for your special VIP Experience, the 3 extra tickets, a special show prop, and the rest of the delightful items above. But beyond that you'll also help craft the show itself, as you'll be choosing one of the movie trailers we feature at the start of the show. Capping it off will be your very own Executive Producer credit and some super-secret special prizes.

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