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Old Murder House Theater (ALIENS On Ice!) presents its first-ever national tour, 65.00002 million years in the making!
306 backers pledged $21,330 to help bring this project to life.

Last Stretch, Extra Prizes, Icons To Share, and New Dinosaurs!

Posted by Old Murder House Theatre (Creator)

Getting Close In The Home Stretch

Have you taken a look at the project page lately? We've busted 15k and are closing in on our project goal! We've still got a final big hump to get over in a short amount of time, so we still need all the help getting eyeballs on this as we can get! Please keep up the Facebook sharing, tweeting, etc. 

Remember though, let people know that this a way they can get tickets to the show.

While we're happy for each and every contribution whether someone can attend a show or not, it's important to remember that this is essentially a pre-sales event- so let people know! We've got some new fun icons below to help.

Twitter Prizes

To try and boost people's contributions we're going to be tossing out some new prizes for backers in the final days of the project. These will be things like Jurassic Park VHS copies signed by the cast of our parody show or other fun surprises. We'll be offering them to random new backers or folks who get us over specific goals, but don't worry if you've already pledged-- we'll have fun surprises for our early backers as well. You were the ones that had faith in us from the start, so we'll be choosing a bunch of early backers to give extra prizes to as well.

Be sure you're following @OldMurderHouse on twitter to keep up.

Icons To Share

To help you spread the JP Parody Tour word, we've tossed together some versions of our poster icons for your to share on your Facebook! Just right click and hit "save image as" so you can post 'em up and be literally the coolest person on any kind of social media in history. Make sure to include a link to the Kickstarter page! 

Here's a high-res link to this last image.

New Dinosaur?

In non-project news, there's word out there of a new dinosaur! This one -- related to the T-rex -- apparently sported a shaggy coat of feathers! The NY Times says...

"Although several species of dinosaurs with feathers have already been uncovered in the rich fossil beds of Liaoning Province, the three largely complete 125-million-year-old specimens are by far the largest. The adult was at least 30 feet long and weighed a ton and a half, about 40 times the heft of Beipiaosaurus, the largest previously known feathered dinosaur. The two juveniles were a mere half ton each."

We might have to make room for a cameo from this big, feathered badass!


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