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Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
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MAE Shanghai / SWapp Link Companion App in Ostore

Posted by Omate (Creator)

Dear All, 

We are just back in Shenzhen from GSMA – Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai. We were pleased to meet some of you there. It’s always a pleasure to meet backers, customers and supporters and share further about Omate’s vision as a startup in the wearable industry. 

We had important and fruitful meetings with telecom wearable ecosystem partners. We demoed the Elegance / Aluminum version that the last backers are currently receiving. 

Some of the 1GB+8GB / 2100MHz Aluminum Kickstarter Edition are still under labeling process with Swisspost but they will leave their warehouse very soon and will have tracking numbers accordingly. In the meantime, another batch left Hong Kong via DHL this week and we heard that some of you experienced expensive custom clearance as well as DHL handling fees, we are sorry for that, these guys are international shipping experts, they are fast to deliver but expensive while Swisspost is much slower. 

The Declaration of Conformity is downloadable here: 

This is even more complex for us to manage as we ship the 1GB+8GB / 2100MHz in more than 50 countries. Thanks for your kind understanding and support.

Companion App: 

Today in Shanghai, we have unveiled our strategic partnership with SWApps to add its best-in-class Android companion app – SWApp Link - into the Ostore. Press Release is available here for your reference:

As you may know, this app has been designed by Omate VID - Cyril Preiss. 

SWApp Link will be available in the upcoming days in the Companion category of the Ostore. You must also download the app in your Android smartphone to make it work: 

SWApp Link is a 5* app in the Omate ecosystem and we do recommend every smartwatch maker to implement it as the app absolutely enhances the user experience. Thanks to Cyril and the other Omate Kickstarter Developers who have contributed in the creation of this app. 

SWApp Link is more than a companion app as it offers multiple remote features by connecting your smartphone and your TrueSmart. We will post videos and tutorials through our social networks next week. 

We are proud to be the very first partner of SWApps and we believe many others will follow our path. 

Best regards, 

Omate TrueSmart Team / 

Twitter: @omatetruesmart 

Google+: +Omate TrueSmart 

Omate / XDA Developers Forum: 

Wearable Design:


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    1. Missing avatar

      Nehal vyas on

      I ordered watch and paid sept 2013 and still do not have omate pls confirm exactly when i will get and tracking number?

    2. Missing avatar

      Anthony C. Beale on

      I backed this a year ago now and I'm still yet to hear anything. I emailed a few months back requesting a tracking number because I was told it had been shipped, but the number appeared to be wrong or made up. All subsequent emails have been ignored. It sounds like if you're lucky enough to actually receive the watch it breaks anyway. I gave 200 dollars to this. 204 to be exact. I would like a refund. Over a million dollars was pledged, ten times the original amount desired, my small 200 dollars is nothing to you guys but makes a big difference to me.
      My email is please get in touch

    3. Alexander Bazhanov on

      Omate, what is it? RX353227336CH is not my track number.
      It was sended from Hong Kong to Singapore and was delivered 25.07.14

    4. Missing avatar


      The team ran away with most of the money? Sorry to say but this sounds more and more like a scam.

    5. Akash Sukhnani on

      Still no word on delivery or tracking.. November Developers Edition.. Paid for 2 watches.

    6. Alex Lewis on

      Donde esta the extra stuff I paid for? Battery, cables and T-Shirt?

    7. Missing avatar

      Martin Pieterse on

      Can anyone at omate or kickstarter please update me on where my watch is???

    8. Zac Blakeley on

      Email update soon with tracking numbers?
      Got my watch in December and sent it back because it wouldn't turn on...
      Then Forgotten.

    9. Missing avatar

      Podorin Alexander on

      Ok! Today I have received my watches, but this must be aluminium version, but I think this is usual version.
      Can anyone show aluminium version photo?

    10. Leonardo Concon on

      please, and by God, where is my watch?

    11. RainGod on

      Getting super upset ... 6 emails regards to the water resistant claim .... and not a single reply ... TS is definitely not water resistant ... my died in the bathtub and just 15 minutes.

    12. Missing avatar

      Derek Tang on

      @Benjamin MALAN @Adam Lee, finally I got my TS today by our Hong Kong Post Office. But my ordered spare battery is missing.

    13. Missing avatar

      Derek Tang on

      @Benjamin MALAN, no any response till now. Too bad, I want to complain it to our Consumer Council. Because @omate said its a company based in HK.

    14. Missing avatar

      nkognegr0 on

      so omate partners with swapp for a companion app but the catch is swapp is a paid app and omate is not purchasing a copy for each of its backers. so where is the free companion app that comes with the watch like the kickstarter says!

    15. Missing avatar

      Soon Keong Tan on

      still haven't receive anything. when can i get my watch?

    16. Missing avatar

      Benjamin MALAN on

      @Adam LEE and @Derek TANG, I'm also a fellow backer in Hong Kong and I would like to know if you were lucky enough to have received your unit?
      I'm struggling so hard to have mine sent but Omate keep on giving me questionable excuses...
      Your input is appreciated. Thx

    17. Missing avatar

      Podorin Alexander on

      Hello Omate!!
      I have no info about my watch so now I want full refund.
      Thank you!

    18. Missing avatar

      Amit Kumar on

      Could I please get a refund?

      I don't have a watch and I have no status on a watch. My multiple emails and messages have been ignored.

      I ask you kindly for a refund.


    19. Alex Lewis on

      Where is my shirt, extras or refund?

    20. Missing avatar

      Podorin Alexander on

      Ok Omate - I have lost too much time with you!!!
      If I won't receive my tracknumber until Sunday I want my money back to me!!
      The worst service in the world!!!

    21. Roman Portnykh on

      any info about shipping and tracking # for me? :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Derek Tang on

      @omate, I'm live in HK. Then, what type of delivery method using? When will you start to deliver? I'll got tracking number too?

    23. Barry Sewell on

      Hi omate. The watch scratched my sim card when I was taking it out and now will not read any SIM card I put it it. I followed the instructions and heard the soft click but nothing works. I have sent two email but have not heard anything. I would love to hear from you. Thanks

    24. fmotta on

      Anyone at Omate listening/reading?

      HELLO!!!! You answered other questions and have ignored mine despite my repeatedly reminding that I need the answer!!!!!
      Hello! I do not have GSM cell service. I use the TS in Companion mode and I am NOT getting the OTA update. How do I get the update!?!?!?

    25. a.d.a on

      finally i got my 1/8/2100 Omate few days ago. Came with DHL and have to pay $50 for taxes and handling blah blah :(. Everything is like i pledged but with a few dissapointments because not "kickstarter edition" because no printing and no serial number. Either the screwdriver sucks or the screw is tighten by superman casue i can't open the back plate to change battery and put memory card. I also have questions about the CPU speed that only 1.0 GHz and not 1.3 GHz (like a lot of people in xda forum). If the watch shipped right on time as promised then i would be more "forgiving" even for the lost of 300 MHz CPU power.

    26. Matthew Legg on

      Hi, I finally received my watch from the Early Bird #1 batch (albeit without the extra charger) but WiFi does not work unless I'm sitting right next to the router. Also, the camera app crashes everytime I take a photo (video seems to work fine). Can I get a replacement?

    27. fmotta on

      I just resent the comment below to the "Contact me" messaging here on KS.... MAYBE an answer will come soon, somehow. (You know - like customer support is supposed to have responded a while back when I asked the first time)

    28. fmotta on

      HELLO!!!! You answered other questions and have ignored mine despite my repeatedly reminding that I need the answer!!!!!
      Hello! I do not have GSM cell service. I use the TS in Companion mode and I am NOT getting the OTA update. How do I get the update!?!?!?

    29. Missing avatar

      Gjerdem on

      Got mine last week, with 2 batteries and 2 chargers. I was pleasantly surprised after reading comments for months, it works fine as standalone on wifi. Disappointed that it doesn't work as companion for iPhone (yet?), but it's a cool gadget that runs Spotify, SoundHound, Waze etc. w/o issues. Works for a full day on one charge with lots of use, in airplane mode it hardly uses battery at all.

      Had to dig a little to find an app that lets me adjust the volume (!), TrayVolume lite fixed that.

      I'll agree that this watch does not live up to all of the expectations, i.e. camera resolution, Play store etc., but having finally received mine I find that it's definitely a cool item. Just my $0.02.

    30. Omate Creator on

      @All, SWApp Link Android Companion App is now live in the Ostore / Category / Companion. Do not forget to download the master App on Google Play for your smartphone:…

    31. Omate Creator on

      @Thomas, we will check it out in the course of July along with refund.
      @Chris Hook, your TS will be paart of the last shipment. it is actually under labeling in HK so Friday we should have the Tracking Number.

    32. Missing avatar

      Thomas on


      I received my 2 TrueSmarts, but not the 2 extra chargers I pledged for. Can you please send them, or refund?

    33. Missing avatar

      chris hook on

      @omate - you ignore me every time. I email support@omate and cecilia@omate. I ask a question on here and other forums/media. But you ignore me, every time. I paid you for my Kickstarter early bird no.1 (thanks a joke) nearly 48 weeks ago (yes nearly a year) but still I have nothing. You say "soon", you say "very soon" (on 10th April I have email), you promise this, your promise that, you say list coming Friday, next week, maybe next Friday, perhaps a list sometime, but no. I have a very simple question that if you cannot answer then you must seek specialist help - please confirm where MY personal TS is, and provide tracking numbers etc. I say thank you everytime, so thank in, in advance. Christopher Hook.

    34. fmotta on

      @Omate: Time for my periodic reminder that the OTA did not work for me. I use Companion Mode. How do I download it so I can manually update it?

    35. Lokifish Marz on

      @Delano - If you are in the U.S., requested a refund and they still sent you a watch. It's your's free and clear and they still owe you a refund.

    36. Kalus on

      @Omate on June 12 I got the following email from Chris at omate:
      We know that the OMATE have reached your country,but because you refuse to pay tariffs that DHL will return to our OMATE. As we all know, the seller did not have duty on pay customs. Roundtrip transportation will cost a lot of money.
      So if you reject the goods, we will have to pay the freight from your payment.
      I got no tracking number or any personal message from DHL or you about this shipment so far. I was not listed by you. I have not refused any payments at DHL.
      Now: Is the TrueSmart on the way to me or sadly on the way back to you ?

    37. Missing avatar

      Delano on

      @Omate no that's now how it went. Don't blame me for your mistakes. You confirmed I would get a refund on march 13. Then on April 24 you shipped it to me anyway. Now I have to wait a long time for a refund even though it was not my fault. Great service!

    38. Missing avatar

      D'APARO ROCCO on

      I pastle my message on update66, because copy all my message and email for refund is too long.

      @omate i'm on list of 12 April and i don't receive any products...
      We pay for extra, we pay for change to developer .. We pay for an obsolete products .. But we don't have anymore...
      Bad pledge for bad company

    39. John Proffer on

      my watch is dead after the last wireless update. it boots through the stupid omate animation then loads yet another omate picture and locks on that picture. I get no interface, buttons are unresponsive, watch never goes to sleep.

    40. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Lagerberg on

      Got mine and i like it a lot. Will try out the companion mode soon. For me it hits the sweetspot, works wonders paired with bluetoth headset an running app

      only thing that bother me is the missing extra charger. If the cradle breaks is there any way you can buy a spare? ?

    41. Missing avatar

      Omar Saeed on

      @Omate - Still no reply to my email to about the two faulty TrueSmart watches I received!!! The first email was over one month ago, you asked me to send another email and I did but still no reply!

    42. fmotta on

      Annnnd Still no information about updating the Firmware for us who use Companion mode!

    43. Missing avatar

      Pol Cámara on

      Nevermind, probably dropbox blocked it for a while.

      Still can't you release a list of people who were out of those lists? I've been out for a few weeks and i don't know if it was delivered and returned because i wasn't there.

    44. Missing avatar

      Pol Cámara on

      Dead dropbox link is dead.

    45. Shawn

      Great update. However my omate is dead and has been since I received it in February. Will someone please send a replacement? I was told a service center would be available in the US in May but now it's June and no service center. I was given some addresses in Hong Kong and china to send my watch to but I don't think it's fair for me to pay $70 for shipping which is a third of the cost of the watch just to get one that is in working order. I thought I was under warranty with this watch?

    46. Omate Creator on

      @K.I.T.T we are linked to MediaTek on that part and we will follow according to their plan. in January, their goal was April for the porting of 4.4... It will certainly happen but we can't confirm the exact date.

    47. K.I.T.T. on

      @Omate: When will Android 4.3 or 4.4 be available for the TS?

    48. K.I.T.T. on

      @Omate: When will Android 4.4 or 4.4 be available for the TS?

    49. Missing avatar

      Shane Conder on

      I read the reviews on the SWApp Link app. This one really stands out:…

      A very positive review from someone who isn't always very positive. :)

    50. Omate Creator on

      @Delano, you asked for a refund while your TS got shipped so you refused to pick it up and therefore we will need to get it back to our office. We will inform you once this is done.
      @Walter iOS is not a very friendly open ecosystem for Android device. Thanks for your understanding so we are not sure if our developers will make it possible without the support of Android 4.4. That's how we explained this in the definition of the challenges of the Omate project on Kickstarter: "While all efforts are made to ensure timely completion of software functions, software development too can have unforeseeable delays which may result in software functions being delivered in an update after a product has shipped."
      @Podorin: We will have your tracking number in the course of next week but no rush as Swisspost will send thhem to Singapore first. They are slow but it works.