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Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
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Last Shipment / Firmware update / Mobile Asia Expo / What's next?

Posted by Omate (Creator)
Dear Backers, 

We are going to ship the very last batch of TrueSmart to the backers. Yeah, the day has finally come to say goodbye... to the shipment updates. But no worries, we still have many surprises to come and we will keep you updated ;-)

The last batch of 1GB+8GB 2100MHz will leave Hong Kong early next week, we will have the tracking numbers from next Friday and as informed last week the transit may be longer than the previous DHL shipment as we will use Swisspost. We have added an extra cradle charger instead of the extra battery as we are not authorized to ship extra battery by air anymore, on top of that we have been struggling with DHL as they could not ship to several countries. Apologies for the delays and the last minute change but we had no choice. We are deeply grateful for your encouragement and support. 

Shipment Status / Update: 

• 512MB+4GB / 2100MHz: completed 

• 1GB+8GB / 1900MHz: completed 

• 1GB+8GB / 2100MHz: completed (last parcel in HK) 

As explained in the previous updates, there are several weeks between first shipments and last arrival of each batch. We know that many of you have been waiting a long time from shipment to delivery (average is 20 days through Swisspost). 

Firmware update: 

New OTA firmware update is available now for the 1GB+8GB versions: Omate_TrueSmart_V2.0_20140527 System settings / System / About TrueSmart / wireless update / Check for update then wait 15min after reboot, if it fails just remove the battery and you should be up to date.

1. update to OUI 2.1 

2. includes SMART MODE 

3. Free space by deleting system 3rd party app: latest versions are available for download in Ostore 

4. System optimization 

Project Review: 

The life of a project is full of roadblocks and brick walls and as Randy Pausch would say: “The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.” 

Our primary goal was to make the World connected through our wrist. We have created the term “smartwatch 2.0” to explain the standalone difference with the other existing smartwatches (1.0) which are companion. At Omate, our vision is that the smarwatches 2.0 are an extension of your smartphone in situation where you cannot carry it. That’s the reason why we consider the TrueSmart as new generation of lifestyle / sport watch especially for the casual outdoor activities and therefore targeting people with an active lifestyle. 

On top of that, the TrueSmart is clearly a disruptive product in a new wearable industry. We have created a complete Telecom Wearable ecosystem for the smartwatch 2.0 through the Omate User Interface.

Even though, the TrueSmart was not our first involvement in terms of telecom product design and development (Omate management did that for the last 10 years), it has been by far the most difficult project to manage on every aspects: hardware, software and mechanical design. That’s most likely why the Tier1 manufacturers started by designing smartwatches 1.0 :-) 

More than half of our Kickstarter community is made of Industrial Partners and Developers. We have met incredible people thanks to Kickstarter and that has been the beginning of an amazing story for us. 

We do apologize about the delays and things we could not do as we planned. It's merely impossible to avoid delays when you get 10x what you expected to raise on Kickstarter; we never gave up whatever the challenges we have been facing over the last few months and today you can be ensured to wear the most incredible smartwatch 2.0 design to date. 

What’s Next? 

Omate will celebrate its first anniversary on July 1st and as we had so many things to do on the operational side, we did not have time and resources to communicate as much as we wished but we will improve in the future. As a one year old child, it’s time to walk and explore further our wearable world.

Omate has been a rocketship since Day 1 on Kickstarter thanks to you guys. We will always remember that and we will prove it soon.

As for the “after Kickstarter campaign” which will end when the last backer will receive its TrueSmart, we will be able to focus on supporting you regarding the missing items, replacements and refunds until the end of July. 

We will keep you posted through Kickstarter updates and we will have exciting news and surprises for you guys so stay tuned. 

You are welcome to visit us if you are around Shanghai next week, Omate has been invited as part of the Connected City initiative to attend the GSMA Mobile Asia Expo:

Best regards, 

Omate TrueSmart Team /

Twitter: @omatetruesmart 

Google+: +Omate TrueSmart Omate 

XDA Developers Forum:

Wearable Design:

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sultan Khadizhalaev on

      Bring back my money or send me my watch

    2. Missing avatar

      Shawn Summit Sud on

      I just want my refund.

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert Moneymaker-Donachie on

      What gives? No tracking number or an email explaining situation. Please advise, so much for being a backer, and provide poor support! We cannot track shipping without a tracking number, so please do not say it may be stuck in the postal system. Forget travelling the world, when you cannot fulfil your existing backers orders.

    4. Alex Lewis on

      Where is my shirt, extras, or my refund?

    5. Missing avatar

      Amit Kumar on

      I still have no watch, you emailed me back in Feb but no responses as many of the above backers. Will I be receiving a watch, if not will there be a refund?

    6. Ed Peters on

      My TS arrived on Tuesday with DHL. I did not receive a tracking number. All is working fine and I'm using the watch with a sim card (duo sim KPN).

    7. Missing avatar

      Podorin Alexander on

      Now it's Friday - WHERE IS TRACK NUMBER??

    8. Stefan HEIN Richter on

      I updated sucessfully to Omate_TrueSmart_V2.0_20140527.
      BUT all the icons of the apps installed from ostore are gone.
      Uninstall and install don't show any progress.

      Any leads?

    9. Jeff Mcneill on

      I received my item, but the post-kickstarter upgrade (for $30) to 8gb storage was NOT included even though I paid for this back in November. Please REFUND this upgrade to my paypal

    10. Missing avatar

      Niklas Hägg on

      Received a DHL note in my mailbox to reschedule the delivery of my package Haven't heard anything from Omate tho.

    11. Dennis Lammers on

      Yesterday i found a note from DHL that I was not home. Never received an trackingnumber from omate... The tracking data i could find online because of the trackingnumber on the DHL note said the package was posted the 7th of july (the day after this 66 post)

      Now to get the package from DHL....., why do these companies never deliver on times people are actually at home, now i have to get the package at a "nearby" distribution center some 75 kilometers from my home...

    12. Stephen Hailey on


      I am still waiting on my 1900MHz 1/8 version. you have failed completely to keep me advised of my status. Please provide shipping status or immediate refund.

    13. Missing avatar

      Matthias on

      @ Omate
      When we will get the promised Android 4.3 Update for Bluetooth 4.0 to use the Truesmart as a sport companion?
      Thanks ahead

    14. Missing avatar

      Niklas Hägg on

      I have not found my name on any shipping lists and I have not received any tracking number. If every parcel is sent, how do I find my tracking number and estimated arrival date?

    15. Antonio Alesci on

      Omate - Jan 20, 2014
      Dear Antonio, sorry for the delay. we will inform you by email as soon as your pledge is ready to ship. If you ordered the 512MB+4GB EU version, you should already have it or it may blocked at your local depot. 1GB+8GB EU version will be dispatched in the course of February and US backers got upgraded to the 1GB+8GB and this version will be delivered in February.

      Antonio Alesci - Feb 26, 2014
      Hi All.
      Any news?

      Antonio Alesci - Mar 11, 2014
      Hi Cecilia,
      i'm trying to have an answer from you about omate... i still waiting the object from january...
      please can u answer me?

      thanks in advance.

      Antonio Alesci - Jun 10, 2014
      Hi Cecilia.
      last time you answered me about omate, you wrote about some dispatch in february 2014.
      Now we are in June 2014 and you never reply to my messages.
      where is my omate?
      maybe you need to think about a refund... please, answer me!


    16. Jordi Gómez on

      I'm waiting for a response to my email for almost 2 weeks, packet sent as requested, for refund, and from them no contact on your part.

    17. Missing avatar

      sharath on

      Dear Omate,

      I've been emailing you, tweeting you, fb messaging you but no response at all. I am not commenting here to ask where is the new shipping list. I have not gotten any shipping\tracking info from you at all.

      Please provide some sort of positive update.


    18. Missing avatar

      Derek Tang on

      Adam, me too. Live in HK, and waiting!

    19. Missing avatar

      Benjamin MALAN on

      @Adam, Same here. I suggested to use local courier (even proposed to come pick up in person) but I doubt they will use something else than Swiss Post, even if that would save them on shipping cost....

    20. Adam McGuigan on

      Since I live in Hong Kong, when is the expected arrival date. Little odd how long this is taking since I am in the same country.

    21. Missing avatar

      marnix.moed on

      I was worried about the missing items. Glad that you guys start to pick that up soon.

    22. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Lagerberg on

      How about the packages stuck in Hong Kong?
      I have received a message from DHL regarding if i want the parcel delivered to my home address or to a pick up point....
      That was 2 weeks ago and the parcel i still stuck in Hong Kong.
      Have i missed something? I know about the battery issues but how will you resolve the ones that are stuck in HKG?

    23. Irvan Putra on

      I am really waiting for my packages. Rather be late than nothing :s

    24. Missing avatar

      D'APARO ROCCO on

      @omate i'm on list of 12 April and i don't receive any products...
      We pay for extra, we pay for change to developer .. We pay for an obsolete products .. But we don't have anymore...
      Bad pledge for bad company

    25. fmotta on

      @Marc: Glad to HEAR it - too bad there is no solution for the Companion mode users so I may never get the new version. I have even been checking updates over WiFi and seeing nothing (I try several times every once in a while).

    26. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Himme on


      Will there be any way that we can get a replacement battery? (even if we have to purchase it now). Batteries don't last forever and it was so important to me to get an extra one. If the option to purchase an extra battery become available in future, could you make a commitment to offer them to us at a reduced rate (e.g. cost + shipping or $5 plus postage -as you have deemed it 'equivalent' to a cradle). It would be a little unfair to profit off those backers who didn't get the extra battery as promised.

      Please clarify, I thought the issue with DHL was the batteries? If you are shipping without extra batteries why do you need to use Swisspost? Average of 20 days means we probably won't get it until July. I'm also sure those backers whose watches are held up with DHL would like a reason (and they kind of deserve one).

      Lastly, I'm sure you will have decided who is getting the aluminium ones by now. Can you disclose this information? One of your posts seemed to suggest that all remaining backers would be getting aluminium ones (although this may have been directed at a specific backer, in which case the rest of us would be interested to know too).

      I am still eagerly waiting for my TS and to give credit where credit is due would like to say thanks for the OTA update. Most feedback about the device itself is good and I really am looking forward to receiving it.


    27. Marc Schattorie on

      Nice job, the update did completely remove the OUI (which I used as my default launcher) and messed up my 3G settings again :S

    28. fmotta on

      @Omate: I know it's not like manufacture and support of this product is Your job or anything... Oh! Wait, it IS. Well, then Maybe you can respond to your Customers we have real jobs that probably do not involve KS and Omate and relationship management for this project and yet We have the time to ask you questions. You can likely find the time to answer them since this project probably affects your current and future income.

    29. Missing avatar

      Walter Pietzuch on

      @Omate: Thanks Omate, i really appreciate your support.

    30. Missing avatar

      Shane Conder on

      What's "SMART MODE"?

    31. Alex Lewis on

      Where is my shirt and additional charging devices (cable/cradle) that I paid for? Give me my items or at least my money back for them...

    32. Alex Lewis on

      Where is my shirt and additional charging devices (cable/cradle) that I paid for? Give me my items or at least my money back for them...

    33. Missing avatar

      Vittorio Cerciello on

      *intolleranza = until now ... corrector in Italian language was on!

    34. Missing avatar

      Vittorio Cerciello on

      I am Happy intolleranza now with my TS , need some improvement in sw side ( battery lasting)
      I need the extra cradles pledged (two more) because battery extra was received. Waiting for directions by Omate.

    35. lameboyadvance on

      @Omate Can you tell me what happened in regards to purchasing extra chargers? I originally ordered 3 additional charging cables via your post-Kickstarter questionnaire form. In the several months since then the charging cable was changed to a charging cradle. I only received a single cradle with my order. What is happening with the others I ordered?

    36. fmotta on

      LOL "remove the battery" above should be restated "void warranty".

    37. fmotta on

      @Omate: Thanks for the update and (I speculate new firmware). How is a person who uses this in companion mode supposed to get OTA updates? Via bluetooth to their phone?

    38. K.I.T.T. on

      @Omate: Where can we find the new firmware improvements?

    39. K.I.T.T. on

      @Omate: Is the OTA firmware update for all EU and US versions 1GB+8GB available?

    40. Karsten Topp on

      @Omate It is even more sad that you do not stick to your word and promises.

    41. Omate Creator on

      @Arend Thanks for the support and to proactively answer fellow backers. There will be further updates and will keep using our Kickstarter page in the future to inform backers about Omate news.

    42. Omate Creator on

      @Karsten, it is sad to see that you did not know / read the concept of backing a Kickstarter project. Here are the community help. A must read:

    43. Christos Vorkas on

      Laurent, thank you for the update and thank you for an awesome device! As we all know this project had a lot of troubles and a lot of set-backs, there are some things that are quite different to the original specification (e.g. waterproofness, warranty void by opening, etc etc) but after having had my device for about a month now, I can honestly say that it was WELL WORTH the wait even if I am quite disappointed about the differences.

      So, I would like to THANK YOU for the awesome device, I hope that things will improve for Omate from now on and that greater things will surface by you and your company.

      Have a great anniversary ! :)

    44. Karsten Topp on

      I neither want nor need another charger. I have opted for and need another battery. This is by no means a project where you can change as per your heart's request, this is - and I am not kidding here - a legally binding contract between you and me.
      You are not playing by the rules, you are not delivering what I have ordered and what you have agreed upon and you are hence not fullfilling our contract, regardless of what you say.
      Your actions are not, repeat NOT, backed up by anyting but a singular decision of yours.
      I herewith request that you deliver what I have ordered. If this is going to court, I could as well request a delivery as per your initial concept, including but not limited to
      1.3 Ghz CPU
      at least IP67 (remeber your video with the guy swimming with OMATE??)
      5 MP cam
      Sapphire coated glass

      So, I feel that requesting that you stick to the least of your promises is not too much.

      Once more: Deliver what was contained in the legally binding contract between you and me - at least the bloody spare battery.

      And I mean that bloody sincerely!

    45. Arend Hamming on

      Thank you for picking up what needed your attention most: update and support. This will be a major boost to costumer confidence.

      I'm hoping the "exciting news and surprises" are about google watch :-)

      @dennis I think development of the omate app is abandoned in favor of SWApp link. Maybe there's an iPhone alternative? I think any non-apple companion watch wouldn't work well on iOs, due to it's closed nature.

      @Thimmy Pohling I sure feel your pain! I'm hoping the batteries will become available on ebay. I've ordered batteries around ten times and they always shipped just fine.

    46. Sean Houlihane on

      @Thimmy Pohling - There are laws about shipping lithium batteries by airmail. I guess DHL found out what was in the parcels.

    47. Missing avatar

      Omar Saeed on

      @Omate Still no response to my email about my *two* faulty TrueSmarts...

    48. Boone Simpson on

      Still waiting for an RMA, bummer to have received a watch and it be for the wrong country so I can't use it how I intended.
      Got my watch 4 months ago and while I was able to play with it a bit on wifi, I haven't been able to really use it.

    49. Roman Portnykh on

      Thx 4update but it would be great to know my tracking number. And of course want to know when my shipment was sent.. Please provide me with this information. Thx