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Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
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Shipment / App Partnership: Shoutr / OUI 2.1 / Software Dev

Posted by Omate (Creator)

Dear Backers, 

We do apologize for not being able to answer every email but please understand that the team is spending most of its time in the factory and with suppliers. The 1GB+8GB 1900MHz are all shipped however there are still some of them in transit. 

As for the 1GB+8GB 2100MHz, we are shipping them out towards the end of April. You will receive a Tracking Number once your unit is shipped.

Once again, apologies for the delays. We are deeply grateful for your encouragement and support. 

Shipment Status:

• 512MB+4GB / 2100MHz: completed 

• 1GB+8GB / 1900MHz: completed 

• 1GB+8GB / 2100MHz: ongoing: will be gradually dispatched until the end of April. 

As explained in previous updates, there are several weeks between first shipments and last arrival of each batch. Thanks for your patience. We really appreciate. This will always be like that unless you all live in the same place… Therefore, the first backers of the 1GB+8GB 2100MHz should start receiving their pledge in the course of next week. 

App Partnership:

We are pleased to team up with 2014 CeBIT Innovation Award winner - Shoutr - to port the Shoutr app into the Ostore of the Omate TrueSmart being their first Wearable partner. Shoutr is an app for mobile and wearable devices that lets you share anything wirelessly. 

Already available in beta version on Google Play store, Shoutr allows to share music, pictures, videos, contacts and more! No internet, no hotspot, no Bluetooth needed - it works directly from device to device. . We are using it all the time in office since then and it’s simply awesome. We believe you will like it as much as we do. 

This video/tutorial goes through how to use Shoutr on an Omate TrueSmart: 

The Press Release is available here: 

Software Development / OUI 2.1:

A major firmware update will be released this weekend to the VID and later this month to the backers through a an Over The Air update of the firmware. It will incorporate a SMART MODE into the settings allowing you to select your type of usage. It will include the Bluetooth Companion feature allowing you to use the TrueSmart as a smartwatch 1.0 with your Android smartphone. It works with phone calls so far. We will work further to integrate more notifications later on. You will have to download the Master app called Owear into your smartphone and pair it with your TrueSmart before using it. It is still in beta mode as of today and once again you will be the first to test it right after the VID. iOS version is still under development and it will be released in the upcoming months (most likely in August) as we need to wait for Android 4.4 upgrade.

• [PATCH/MOD] Lokifish Marz EnSec Enhanced Security + Operative with TWRP:

• [ROM] Bluetooth Tether ROM for Omate TrueSmart created by Dees_Troy and allowing the Bluetooth Tethering:

• VIDEO: the porting of the Omate Clockfaces running on top of Android Wear by David Lanz:

• VIDEO: the “x3 UI" in action, designed by Lokifish Marz: Early concept for a 3 step UI ported on the TrueSmart:

How to become a VID? 

Well, being a software partner at Omate is like joining the Knights of the Round Table or the Jedi Order. Skills, Talent, Respect and Ethics are key aspects. Basically, the first thing you can do is to join our forum page on XDA-Developers and join our G+ Developer Community.

FYI, Omate forum page on @xdadevelopers is three times larger than Pebble and almost the same size as Sony

From there you can post anything that you have ported on top of the TrueSmart. It can be an app (Oapp), a ROM, a MOD anything which can enhance the Omate ecosystem. From that point, if you gather interest from the community we will hear about it and if it’s cool enough you will be granted a VID status (Very Important Developer), as a reward you will receive an early prototype of our future designs. (new sword / LaserSaber) 

We will continue to organize #TrueSmartHackaton and another round will take place in May. Each winner will be rewarded with a special Hacker Edition of the TrueSmart. These Limited Edition models will be marked with a customized laser printed battery cover + each winner will be granted VID status (Very Important Developer) and engineering samples of new product development of Omate in 2014. 

We look forward to developing the TrueSmart Ecosystem with the Omate Developer community! 

Thanks for your support, 

Best regards, 

Omate TrueSmart Team

Twitter: @omatetruesmart 

Google+: +Omate TrueSmart Omate 

XDA Developers Forum:

Wearable Design:

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    1. Missing avatar

      Gareth Roberts on

      @omate. Where is my watch. Or at least a reply to my email. Sent watch back in May and not heard anything. No watch no added extras that I paid for.

    2. Alex Lewis on

      Where is my shirt, extras or refund?

    3. Missing avatar

      Andreas Urban on

      @omate. Looks like an other month without even a tracking number. Please don´t promise something you can not take care of.
      9 Month ago it was a great piece of tec. Now it looks like other companies have speed up.
      Still look forward on the shipment, but the feeling is mixed.

      Greeting from Germany

    4. Missing avatar

      Derek Tang on

      @omate, I live in HK, but still no delivery notice from you. Pls reply.

    5. Missing avatar

      Robert wulf on

      hello, am a backer for 2 watches.....the first on 7 September 2013 and the second a few days later (with different email). both are for Switzerland. Shouldn't I be getting mine before the backers from October ? Is there a priority list or something? Thanks

    6. Missing avatar

      Omar Saeed on

      My two watches just arrived in the UK, not had a chance to test them yet.

      The keychain I backed was included but is rubbish and doesn't look anything like what was advertised, no Kickstarter printing on it at all. Really poor for $10.

      Also missing was the additional charger that I backed.

      @Omate - When will I receive the extra charger? Why was the keychain not as advertised?

    7. Missing avatar

      Thomaskl on

      especially the waterproof thing was very interesting
      but no its may and i havent recieved anything
      if i ever get my watch it wont be water proof and it wont be amazing anymore

    8. Missing avatar

      Thomaskl on

      hi i really liked this project and looked foward to developing some features that are only possible with device.
      now october is long gone and with all the continues delays

    9. Suhas Raja on

      PLEASE OMATE! Absolutely no response to any of my emails in months and I need a tracking number or refund asap.

    10. Erik Eklund on

      I received my two watches last week, very happy with them :). Works like a charm, none of the problems some people have reported. However, I did pledge an additional $20 for extra chargers, and those were not included in the package. Any way to get the extras I paid for?

    11. Missing avatar

      Daniel Christophis on

      @Omate - I just received my watch. Tracking not needed anymore. Thanks for nothing! :-P

    12. Xander K on

      @Omate, Would you kindly let me know my tracking number please? was on the second list. Many thanks.

    13. Pradaman Shorey on

      @omate @mrceo I was a eager backer & really looking forward to the product when it was advertised that all backers would get it by November end. But now 5 months later than your promised date & multiple updates later which always says the same thing I am disappointed & no longer looking forward to it.

      Update 1: "As explained in previous updates, there are several weeks between first shipments and last arrival of each batch"
      Now how many weeks are you really talking about 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 or infinite ?
      Update 2: "The Omate TrueSmart is a complex product, it's not just a Bluetooth or WiFi gadget, it's also in many ways more difficult to mass produced than any smartphones due to its form factor and assembly process"
      We all know that otherwise we would made it ourself without any delay, so please dont tell backers this kind of stuff

      @omate for sure looked exciting & awesome in October since there were no products like this at that time but now there are plenty of products & hell yeah they are better in maany scenarios.
      Gear Fit, Gear 2, Upcoming LG smartwatch in summer & to top all Motorola 360. How do you plan to compete with these with such a terrible management & customer service.

      I know you will still not care but please never ever over promise & under deliver, it should be the other way around.
      Frustrated, Period !!

    14. MAPASHITO_BCN on

      pdate needed!!!! We need a 3rd list!!! Where is my TS??? Please I payed for! I want mine!! Is that too much??

    15. Missing avatar

      Fomichev Evgeniy on

      Thank Omate! I received today its TS 1/8gb 2100.)))

    16. Cagey on

      May be, it is time to lodge an official complaint since complaining on this forum is getting us nowhere. It's a lot of money to just wait around on.

    17. Missing avatar

      chris hook on

      Laurent, you have given many reasons (excuses) why my Omate that I paid YOU for 9 months ago (Kickstarter EU backer) has not arrived. Lately you said "all shipped by end of April" but of course no sign. I have message from 10th April from you saying "very soon" - nearly 4 weeks ago. You understand why 100's of people have lost faith in YOU and your company, why we think you have stolen our money (Why have pre orders been delivered but kickstarters have not? Why so many lies/excuses? Why such bad or no communication? Why the spec is nothing like your Kickstarter promises? ), why it seems UK television is investigating Omate, your Chinese links, and the "dangers" of Kickstarter... So I ask for the 20th time, where are our Omates? (No need to say sorry again as you have done that 18 times over 9 months it is now meaningless)...Laurent, speak to us please!

    18. Kalus on

      Where is my reward ? Is it shipping ? I got no tracking number so far. Is it already produced ?

    19. Missing avatar

      Edwiin Lee on

      @omate can I have my tracking number too please? I'm in second list too.

    20. Missing avatar

      chris hook on

      Please be advised that another Kickstarter backer who asked for a refund (having waited for 8 months) was told "only after we have shipped all orders". Why, she asked. No reason was provided. And anyway, its now 9+ months and still no Omates for many (most?) of us. If I am mistaken Omate, please correct me, but you not responded to another of my comments or questions over the last 2 weeks, so...

    21. Suhas Raja on

      @Omate Can I please have a tracking number? I have sent numerous emails and commented on facebook posts with absolutely no response...... If it hasn't been shipped, can I have a refund asap?

    22. Jan Wout Koelewijn on

      could i please receive my trackingnumber

    23. Xander K on

      @Omate can I please have my tracking number?
      Many thanks.

    24. Missing avatar

      Daniel Christophis on

      @Omate - Please can you provide my tracking number? I was in the second list.

    25. Missing avatar

      chris hook on

      Very rude people. They say I must have insulted them (they banned me from leaving comments on Facebook) - I never insulted them but must have said something they did not like so like most Dictators, they punished me. And now, still nothing to me, the others, anyone, who has commented about the lack of delivery over the last 7 days. It just proves everything. They are either 1) conmen/fraudsters or 2) inadequate at running a business but think countless excuses will cover it. Speak up Omate, if not to me, then the other many people also fed up and angry with you!

    26. Omate Creator on

      @Omar Here it is via Swisspost, then it will be taken over by your local country post office. It may go through Custom Clearance as well: RX197872805CH

    27. Missing avatar

      Patrick Stricker on

      No tracking number, pissed feeling in may.

    28. Missing avatar

      chris hook on

      latest update - more bad news and pathetic service - at least 2 people who pre ordered (after Kichstarter) have received watches - but people like me and many others who paid in Sept 2013 via KS have NOT received a watch. Yesterday lunchtime I was speaking to a lawyer who has offered great advice. For those in EU we have many avenues to pursue Omate and its employees, it will take time but hey we have waited over 9 months already! It is a shame we have been scammed - or been victims of such poor and very bad service - and even more of a shame Omate have not responded for nearly a week - cornered like an animal that has been running, finally they have no more excuses...

    29. Ilona Loo on

      Hi Omate... realised that I did not respond to Cecilia's email on address confirmation. Please email me the instructions on what to do...

    30. Missing avatar

      chris hook on

      The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) seem interested in this story, the perils and risks of Kickstarter. Very interesting I think for them. But anyway, what matters is the failure to deliver, the excuses and most importantly, the stolen money / missing purchases. It seems though Omate will have to explain at some stage, or deliver. We must understand what they are, truely, accept what we are dealing with, and then start to deal with them. But in the meantime, we can only hope that if we give Omate yet another chance to "put this right", they deliver. Over to you Omate, make this right.

    31. Leonardo Concon on


    32. Christopher on

      "1GB+8GB / 2100MHz: ongoing: will be gradually dispatched from next week until End of April."

      It's now May. No further updates, no emails, no tracking numbers. Failed promise after promise after promise. I fully regret backing this product after the amount of changes, deceit and set-backs it has suffered... I was supposed to have received this watch last October - that says it all really.

    33. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    34. Missing avatar

      Podorin Alexander on


    35. Dennis Lammers on

      Will there be a 3rd list any time soon?, I'm not mentioned on any of the 2 list published before. It is now the 1st of may and all had to be shipped by end of april. Wondering when I will ever get my watch...

    36. Missing avatar

      chris hook on

      1st May. No notification. No dispatch. No smartwatch. Nothing.

    37. Missing avatar

      chris hook on

      Oh mate,I thought you were my friend,
      I paid my money, and followed the trend,
      but the truths you most certainly did bend,
      And now, maybe, its too late for you to mend,
      Oh mate, I thought you were my friend?

    38. Missing avatar

      ishan bairoliya on

      Where's this second list?

    39. Missing avatar

      Omar Saeed on

      @Omate - Please can you provide my tracking number? I was in the second list. Please could you confirm that this shipment contains both of the watches that I backed?

    40. Missing avatar

      Lei Dang on

      Not in the recent list and still yet to receive any notification re. the 8GB/2100MHz edition.

      Only hours left in April 2014 and that does make me wonder what the next excuse would be.

    41. Missing avatar

      chris hook on

      Shame on you Omate - you have let down your customers, you have broken so many promises, you have made Kickstarter look bad, you are failures and your names will always be associated with poor service,lies and failure. I'm pleases that a few people have got there Omates but many more (I paid you for mine via Kickstarter in Sept 2013) have, of course, not received them. You just say "sorry" and "next month" and "Chinese New Year" and "supplier problems" and "logistic issues" etc. Where is the next list? Where is my Omate? You said on 10th April to me "its coming very soon" - 3 weeks later it has not even been dispatched? Now do you understand why I suggest you lie?

    42. Missing avatar

      Edwiin Lee on

      Can I have my tracking number too, please?

    43. Missing avatar

      Anwar Anabtawi on

      Hi, Finally I received my lovely TS #2507 Dev, with OUI 2.1, but its not rooted and I need to root it please help me :)


    44. Missing avatar

      Fomichev Evgeniy on

      RX197868077CH for @Molochnikov Evgeny
      I`m @Fomichev Evgeniy

    45. Missing avatar

      Fomichev Evgeniy on

      @Joppe Schneiders
      Omg, where?

    46. Missing avatar

      chris hook on

      Omate are you OK? You have gone very quiet...lots of people with lots of questions...

    47. Missing avatar

      Joppe Schneiders on

      They gave you a number 2 days ago :
      Fomichev Evgeny RX197868077CH

    48. Missing avatar

      Fomichev Evgeniy on

      Hi Omate! I`m Evgeniy Fomichev.
      Could you please give me the tracking number.

    49. Missing avatar

      david laude on

      still not on the list!
      we are end april.
      tracking number please