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Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
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1GB+8GB 2100MHz / MWC Strategic Partnerships / #TrueSmartHackaton

Posted by Omate (Creator)
Dear All,

We do apologize as we have not been able to answer emails over the last two weeks because the team is working most of its time with suppliers and in the factory to cope with the massive demand. Backers are always our top priority to receive each TrueSmart version. The [512MB+4GB / 2100MHz] model was the first one to get qualified, followed by the [1G+8GB / 1900MHz]. We are now actively working on the 1GB+8GB 2100MHz.

We successfully managed the new Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) of the Extreme Edition 1GB+8GB 2100MHz. We have assembled the first units this weekend, we must perform further testing this week before launching the Mass Production. No major update this week as we keep the same planning target as what was mentioned in the update #61. As explained a few times, there are several weeks between first shipments and last arrival of each batch. Thanks for your patience. We really appreciate.  

Shipment Status:  

- We have shipped another batch of October Developer Edition [1GB+8GB /1900MHz] last week. The remaining units will be gradually dispatched until the end of March.  

- We are assembling the [1GB+8GB / 2100MHz]. We do understand that this model has been delayed from End of December shipment plan but we could not manage it faster. That [1GB+8GB / 2100MHz] model will be gradually dispatched until mid of April.

We had many strategic meetings at MWC Barcelona with Mobile Network Operators and ecosystem partners. We are working on amazing strategic partnerships, we are looking forward to sharing further with you about these alliances which will be unveiled in the next few months. Alike CES, we have not been impressed by what we saw at MWC from the competition. A few new smartwatches 1.0 which do not bring a life-changing experience as they only work when connected to our smartphones as a Bluetooth companion accessory, slave of our smartphone. Omate has definitely disrupted the wearable industry by connected a truly smart wearable device to the telecom network.

#TrueSmartHackaton Number 2: Here are our winners of the two last Friday #TrueSmartHackatons: 

Vibrating Watch by Developer Backer – Aaron Bernstein: Vibrates n times on the hour to tell you what time it is, and optionally once on the half hour. Designed for my Omate TrueSmart Smart Watch, but will work fine on anything that can vibrate.

Points Diary for the Omate TrueSmart by Vision2Apps: Log food, workouts, and water. Compatible with Points Plus system

Next #TrueSmartHackaton dates: 

- March 14 

- March 21 

Please post your Oapp proposal followed by the #TrueSmartHackaton on Twitter, Facebook page and G+ communities. We will be more than happy to add them into the Ostore and let the community test them. To do so, you can send your APK to 

Another #TrueSmartHackaton will take place in May. 

Each winner will be rewarded with a special Hacker Edition of the TrueSmart. These Limited Edition models will be marked from #1 to #10 with a customized laser printed battery cover + each winner will be granted VID status (Very Important Developer) and early bird samples of any new product development of Omate in 2014. 

We look forward to developing the TrueSmart Ecosystem with the Omate Developer community! Thanks for your support, 

Best regards, 

Omate TrueSmart Team 

XDA Forum:

Twitter: @omatetruesmart 

Google+ : +Omate TrueSmart

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    1. Alex Lewis on

      Where is my shirt, extras or refund?

    2. Marcio Souza on

      Guys, I can get in contact with folks from Omate; I was supposed to the in the wave that ended in March for the developer edition 1900MHz but I got nothing so far and the last 2 updated says the wave was completed!! Anyone can help here? tks

    3. Missing avatar

      Mohamed Farahat on

      Give me a refund plz, I do not want this anymore!!
      Please reply to my email with regards to getting a refund

    4. Missing avatar

      Leroy Ch-E on

      "We do understand that this model has been delayed from End of December" ??
      No, I'm an October Dev. with 1Gb ram upgrade !

    5. fmotta on

      Well, I paid $9.99 for a SIM card for my region and now I know that I have the RF/radio that supports GSM here. I figure the ONLY way we, the backers are going to learn more about our omate is by trial/error/test/trial on our own as omate is flaking at almost all of their responsibilities from delivery to support.

      Omate: On the iceberg model of product management and life cycle you have almost reached the tip and far from the water line. You have failed at this juncture and are far from reaching the 10% point (waterline). So, how do you think you will manage the balance of the 93% of the life cycle?

    6. Wookhyun Cho on

      Please hurry up.

    7. Missing avatar

      Talo Hubert on

      Seems like I'm not even going to remove my "December edition" (when I actually pledged for a November one) and immediately resell it for a gear fit

    8. Missing avatar

      Wynn Rajan on

      I got mine lat week. I was under the imrpession that you guys are perfecting the hardware.....

      Let me say the product is poorly built and it is not waterproof to the IPV67 specifications as advertised.

      I splashed water on mine when washing my hands and noticed moisture in the camera lens and the power button stopped working.

      Please explain this to me and your other backers...

      At the least, reply to the emails....

    9. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      @Luis Estrada

      That is disheartening. I will keep my eye on my. Some water splashed on mine, but was wiped off. Supposed to be waterproof anyway.

      Otherwise mine is perfect and I really like it. Much better than all the crappy pebbles my friends have.

      I wish it was a bit thinner though. Don't need a crappy camera on my wrist, could have made it thinner.

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    11. Luis Estrada on

      the same issue happened to me except that mine stop working now my TS is useless and i have no answer from Omate, I have not received an answer yet, take care of your TS since mine was working properly then suddenly stop working then back to normal until it stop working and is been 7 days now without working, besides the charger does not work unless you apply pressure and my TS has a defect on the screen.

    12. Christoper Sigit Hadinata on

      None of my emails answered. I have sent you emails from one month ago and never had reply. Please proceed my refund A.S.A.P !

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      I received my truesmart a few days ago. Packaging could have been better (the back of my watch was scratched and scuffed) and the language was set in korean or chinese or something, took me forever to get it in to English.

      Anyway, my touch screen stopped working the second day. Then the screen went just white. I left it alone for a couple days and now it is working again. I tried emailing omate but haven't received a response.

    14. Chris Miller on

      I pledged for the "Omate TrueSmart DEVELOPERS Edition | First delivery in OCTOBER before anyone else!" edition...

      While following this project closely from the start, I have yet to comment until now. But at nearly the 6 month late mark, I think I finally have to speak out.

      I feel like I've been pretty patient, as well as understanding of the "process" with the TrueSmart. Let's be honest...I'm not sure if any of the 25+ projects that I have sponsored on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc. have delivered on time. However, Omate is in a [bush] league of their own. This is quite possibly the worst crowdfunding project that I have sponsored.

    15. Missing avatar

      mohit arora on

      @nkognegr0 & @Aaron Bernstein

      what do you mean?

    16. Jens Kriese on

      My Smartwatch will be out of date when I get mine...I payed for the November Developer Delivery Edition - perhaps it wil be in Germany in November ... 2014 ???

    17. paul on

      Bumbling idiots

    18. Eric J Winston

      Any chance one of you could do an update with instruction on how to set this up My pairs but does not connect. I have emailed and I have read that many others are having problems. A simple instruction manual might put smiles on the lucky ones that have recieved theirs.

    19. Zuber Bunglawala on

      I thought the Pearl/SimValley were the first to bring the 2.0 SmartWatch to the world. Omate just jumped on the bandwagon.

    20. Paul Dribbell on

      A sly way of saying 1/8 version not being sent until April...

      I'm starting to think this wasn't my best funding option. Galaxy Gear may be my next purchase, methinks!!

    21. fmotta on

      Glad you are forging ahead on delivery of HARDWARE. How about making the SOFTWARE usable soon!

    22. Missing avatar

      Mark Spohr on

      I pledged for: "Omate TrueSmart DEVELOPERS Edition | First delivery in OCTOBER before anyone else!" and I even though you have reportedly shipped a lot of watches, there is no indication of when I will get my "First Delivery" watch... maybe April... or later?
      Do you really have such poor management that you can't even deliver your seriously flawed and over-hyped watch in the order you promised?

    23. Fredrik Löfman on

      Mmm... Why not say you upgraded everyones truesmart to next year's version, then by your definition everybody get theirs in time. I understand that people are getting annoyed when they specifically pledged for one with early delivery and then omate magically upgrade it to a later model and then deny that people have been waiting from october since the model they are now getting originally was planned for december.
      Anyway, I'm still exited to get mine.
      The only concern is that if what lokifish said about omate not incorporating security fixes in firmware even after a lot of communication between those two, is true, then there is going to be a problem for everybody :-(

    24. Tyson Edwards on

      To confirm, are you saying that all 1900MHz Non-Developer models have now shipped?

    25. David Minott on

      Has anyone received their keychain yet? I was thinking of entering a larger pledge, but if you cannot fulfill something as simple as a circuit card, which I'm sure you have many (especially rejects!), then I am hesitant to invest any further. I won't be happy to lose my initial investment, however, I will be happy I saved my hard earned money for another project that offers more promise.

    26. Dan McRae on

      Selling my omate 1gb/8gb 1900mhz. at gmail dot com

    27. Missing avatar

      nkognegr0 on

      October devs was supposed to get it first. Shame we still aint got a watch! how about yall work on the companion app at the hackathon lol. I think yall need to watch your kickstarter video again to remind you of all the things the watch is supposed to do.

    28. Missing avatar

      Aaron Bernstein on

      If only the truesmart did work as a companion like your "smart watch 1.0" competitors.
      Anyway, thanks for the hackaton win

    29. Missing avatar

      rikki king on

      I'm confused. You keep Sauk g delayed since December. But I pledged October delivery. Sooooo need to get these facts right guys

    30. Missing avatar

      David Arrowsmith on

      I just want a refund now, sick of this whole project

    31. Piero Bosco on

      @Omate finally EU Version coming :D