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Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
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4,378 backers pledged $1,032,352 to help bring this project to life.

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Posted by Omate (Creator)

Dear All, 

These past few weeks have been so hard. Let’s call that the Chinese New Year "hangover”… CNY is the period with the highest turnover rate in the Chinese factories so there are less qualified staff, new workers and team members must be trained, mistakes are made…

Furthermore, we are still in the learning curve of becoming a B2C company and as we grow and get more popular in the wearable field, we are struggling to reply more and more daily requests. Therefore, we must admit that our customer support is definitely not at the expected level. Indeed, we do not have a 24h 7/7 hotline and we do our best with a very limited team to reply hundreds of emails and social media inquiries everyday. So here are the right channels: 

• only for backers: anything about your pledge (except request about personal shipment status) 

• anything about ideas, hardware, software, Oapps, business related topics 

• anything about after sales services, features, functions, tutorials

Therefore, please understand that we will NOT reply any emails asking for personal shipment status as long as we will contact you before shipment to double confirm your address and send you a tracking number as soon as your parcel is shipped. Thanks.

We know that the announcement of our shipping delays was a big disappointment for you and we are really sorry. Omate/Umeox have been struggling to manage the complexity of the pledges, we messed up and we take responsibility for this. The TrueSmart has been a much tougher product to make than we had envisioned when Rocki supported us to launch our Kickstarter campaign back in August. 

On top of that, Omate had some legal obligations with Umeox to support the OUI 1.0 to its licensees while developing our own TrueSmart hardware and mechanical design and enhance the OUI 2.0 and Omate Ecosystem. 

End of Partnership: As you know our Kickstarter project is a partnership between Omate and Rocki as our marketing business partner / service provider. Well, that was a pretty good idea on the paper but it turned out to be hard to manage. Rocki did a great marketing job during and right after the campaign setting up and managing our social networks, website, webshop and press releases. 

Omate’s Kickstarter backers have been charged by Rocki LLC and extra payment have been charged to Rocki Paypal account. At the end of October, Omate finally got a first partial payment allowing us to prepare raw materials for the full production. It did not cover the full amount as per our contract but it was enough to pay our suppliers and start the production at that time. 

The same goes for the preorders which have been charged by Rocki Stripe and Paypal accounts through our Trycelery webtool from September 21st, 2013 to January 30th, 2014. 

To make a long story short, Omate is not working with Rocki anymore but we are now in active discussion with Rocki management team to recover balance payments of both Kickstarter and preorders under their management period since Rocki decided to stop supporting Omate in January. 

We do control our webshop since Jan 31st, 2014 and we will only charge the balance a few days before shipment therefore customers can cancel their preorder anytime before shipment. 

The good news is that we have full support from Umeox and seed investors so we do hope no further delays will occur as a collateral damage of our business discussions with Rocki management team. 

A Chinese proverb will summarize the situation: 小洞不补,大洞吃苦 xiǎo dòng bù bǔ, dà dòng chī kǔ - A small hole not mended in time will become a big hole much more difficult to mend. 

Forum: Since Jan 31st, we have also officially taken over all the responsibilities managed by our ex - service provider Rocki. We have also took back the access to our server in order to redesign our website and that’s the reason why the forum is down. We will be working with Marc Schattorie who was hosting it. We were very satisfied by Marc’s hosting but as we are in a transtition period we are very pleased to be officially registered on XDA-Developer Forum to support you in the meantime:

Shipment Status: It’s hard to please every backer at the same time because the pledges are different. 

- We decided to ship first in line the EU units [512MB+4GB / 2100MHz] because we were ready and certified, some of the 1900Mhz backers were disappointed by this choice so to show our willingness and apologize for the delay, we decided to upgrade all of 1900MHz and put them in priority for the next shipments. 

- We did it and started shipping the [1GB+8GB /1900MHz] just before the CNY at the end of January and more importantly as soon as we got FCC certified. Another batch of the [1GB+8GB /1900MHz] has been dispatched this week Mid of February. The Developer Edition will follow and will be gradually dispatched until the End of March. 

- Now, we are focused on assembling [1GB+8GB / 2100MHz]. We do understand that this model has been delayed from End of December shipment plan but we could not manage it faster. That [1GB+8GB / 2100MHz] model will be gradually dispatched from the beginning of March until mid of April. 

As explained a few times, there are several weeks between first shipments and last arrival of each batch. It usually takes 4 weeks per batch from first to last arrived so there isn't any difference compared to update #60.

Hardware Status: As you know, we have added a warranty card to warn user about the water damage; if you open the battery cover then your TrueSmart warranty will be voided ONLY for water damage. Actually, the same goes for any sport-watch. Manufacturers of water-resistant smartphones will also not guarantee their device about water damage. 

Here is the definition of IP67: Immersion up to 1 m / Ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 m of submersion). Test duration: 30 minutes / Immersion at depth of at least 1 m measured at bottom of device, and at least 15 cm measured at top of device. 

We have passed that test and also QC from our B2B partners. The main issue is related to the pressure of the water as we cannot prove how deep the immersion was or the pressure applied on the TrueSmart, a simple shower water-jet applies much more pressure than water from the tab or body sweat... We just want you to be careful with your TrueSmart because the water-resistance is a tricky part. 

Software status / Omate Ecosystem: While all efforts are made to ensure timely completion of software functions, software development too can have unforeseeable delays which may result in software functions being delivered in an update after a product has shipped. 

Today, we are pleased to announce that the Osmart companion app is live in the Ostore. You can also get the APK for the TrueSmart from Osmart creator and VID – Kurt Huwig here:

Please note that it will not work on anything else than a TrueSmart as it is exclusively part of the OUI 2.0 ecosystem ;-) 

The Osmart Master for your smartphone is available on Google Play:

Please read the description of the Osmart Master on how to install and pair the devices. 

Packing / Packaging: Some of you have received damaged packaging due to the design of the gift box which easily breaks during transportation… This is not acceptable even though the TrueSmart itself is not damaged as it is a pretty rugged device but we are working on improving the packing to avoid such a bad unboxing experience. We have added a pillow to protect the TrueSmart itself but we are investigating other solutions and the 1GB+8GB 2100MHz may use a new gift box. We love the plastic box, it’s good looking but not a feasible solution for international shipping. 

Mobile World Congress 2014 / Barcelona: As you know we have also been testing new materials and colors at our facilities in Shenzhen and performed trial runs with some of our B2B partners in China. We will unveil new extensions of the TrueSmart at MWC along with new Oapps. 

You are more than welcome to visit us at Pepcom Event on Sunday evening and from Monday Feb 24th to Thursday Feb 27th at our booth Hall 7 - 7F21 if you plan to attend Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 

We will be on stage at Wearable Wednesday and part of the official GSMA wearable panel on Thursday afternoon. For more information:

#TrueSmartHackaton Number 2: Our winner of the day is Otip designed by Developer Backer - Lucas Baran: Tip calculator optimized for the screen of a smartwatch, specifically the Omate Truesmart ;-) You can find it in the Ostore and in Google Play:

Next dates: 

- Feb 28 

- March 7 

- March 14 

- March 21 

Please post your Oapp proposal followed by the #TrueSmartHackaton on our Facebook page and G+ communities. We will be more than happy to test them and feature them into the Ostore and let the community test them. You can also send your APK to 

Each winner will be rewarded with a special Hacker Edition of the TrueSmart. These Limited Edition models will be marked from #1 to #10 with a customized laser printed battery cover + each winner will be granted VID status (Very Important Developer) and early bird samples of any new product development of Omate in 2014. 

We look forward to developing the TrueSmart Ecosystem with the Omate Developer community!

Thanks for your support, 

Best regards, 

Omate TrueSmart Team


Twitter: @omatetruesmart 

Google+ : +Omate TrueSmart

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    1. Missing avatar

      Elwin Tuit on

      Nikolas Ostropolskiy did you have any response in a class action suit? I would very well be interested joining this...

    2. Alex Lewis on

      Where is my shirt, extras or refund?

    3. fmotta on

      So, it looks like Omate is yet another that ships-short and goes silent....
      Delivery is a small part of a product. Support and maintenance is the majority of a product. This watch underperforms and there is no official effort to even respond to emails directed to omate to resolve the issues. Is it time to start blogging this failure so that those outside of this project do not also get duped?

    4. Alex Lewis on there a way to verify that I received a November Developers Edition (that I pledged for) short of opening the package? I am patiently waiting this out and have highly contemplated selling it due to all the spec changes and hardware issues. If I sell it, I want to ensure that I am listing the product more honestly than the original production team...

    5. fmotta on

      Of course, even if I wanted to do this I'd have to demean myself and get a crappy windows box just to do it.

    6. fmotta on

      @rikki: Thanks - if the project leader/manager (@Omate) were to demean himself enough to interact with us lower classes called backers/customers then maybe we'd get something akin to official information rather than random speculation on a site that is disjointed from the project (aka xda) and known for supporting behavior that voids warranties.

    7. Missing avatar

      rikki king on

      As I said. Do what you want. Everything I've read says that you won't get any use out of it without the correct set up. Which had been provided expertly by Loki. So gl with yours.

    8. fmotta on

      @rikki: When I hear from the manufacturer that I am to update it then I will speculate that it won't invalidate the warranty (aka documentation). Please, do not preach to me about KS and what it is. I have backed 96 KS "projects" and when they stated they were providing a production product as a result of the project then I have received/expected such. There is a large difference between the project backed and the reward/award that comes of this project.
      So, technically I backed a project knowing that I was to receive a product as the reward. I await that product... I think the hardware portion may have been shipped (No way of knowing if this is a USA radio or not from what I read). I await the balance of the product.

      As I stated, I worked for a major phone manufacturer and they shipped those phones with the standard ROM. They published other ROM images. As is the usual case... they say that re-flashing the phone voids the warranty.

    9. Missing avatar

      rikki king on

      Up to you. But from everything I've read. If you don't update it. You will never get a decent battery life. Seeing as they have published it on there many sites I'm more than confident in saying it won't invalidate the warranty. Oh and to be a little matter of fact. You did actually buy a project not a product. Developer or not.

    10. fmotta on

      OH I also forgot to further qualify this use...:
      - I am only attached to WiFi occasionally since the watch will not remain connected to the captured AP at work
      - I have no email, browsing, anti-social networking, calendaring, nor other traffic emitting apps running
      - It is (bluetooth) "paired" with my phone - yet the companion does not get event notifications from my Note II (as in the SMS and other notifications only appear on the phone)
      - I disabled live wallpaper so no screen/GPU power is being over consumed
      - I do not use OUI so no wasted screen/GPU power there
      - I have used a total of 888MB traffic in my usage of many days.
      - I have disabled most of the bloatware/wasteware:
      - Facebook
      - Foursquare
      - instagram
      - twitter
      - live wallpaper

    11. fmotta on

      @rikki: Is updating the watch with that ROM part of the standard product? If so then they need to supply me with a system (WInbloze I presume) to do so and state that it is needed on the docs. Or, maybe ship with a production ROM rather than having the customers hack at it (aka void warranty).
      I did back:
      Omate TrueSmart STANDARD Edition | Be an innovator, world's first new generation Smartwatch 2.0, works standalone, as companion to your smartphones or as smart wearable phone for your smart wearables eg. Google Glass

      Not a developers edition... I hacked phones for a living at a well known phone company. So, I wanted a PRODUCT not a project.

    12. Missing avatar

      rikki king on

      Have you actually updated it with lokis roms. As you seem to be the only person with battery life issues

    13. fmotta on

      BTW: With only the WiFi and bluetooth and GPS on this needs to be charged 3 times in 24 hours (the actual backlight and touch interface was used for less than an hour in this same 24 hours).

    14. fmotta on

      OK - well I noticed this almost right off - but it was low in the list... Some short-sighted designer decided to install a switch at the clam-shell latch that prevents it from charging of it is not latched closed. Since this is OFTEN on the charger and activity does not stop during this time, and because the clam shell top impedes usability and button access when closed then this device is unusable for a large portion of time while OFTEN charging. I have been tempted to 'jimmy" the latch to mimic its closed condition but have avoided it since this may not even be the right watch. And between the lack of verification that it is actually for the USA and I hope that there will be some updated software that may require that this be returned or re-flashed I have refrained from voiding warranty.

    15. fmotta on

      @OMATE: Anyone reading this?! There are issues with the product that I am providing and most of them are considerable usability shortcomings! Want to be responsible or just ship parts occasionally?

    16. John Zmrotchek

      "We did it and started shipping the [1GB+8GB /1900MHz] just before the CNY at the end of January and more importantly as soon as we got FCC certified. Another batch of the [1GB+8GB /1900MHz] has been dispatched this week Mid of February. The Developer Edition will follow and will be gradually dispatched until the End of March"

      Well, I've got a 1GB+8GB/1900MHz Standard Edition (not Developer), it's now a few days into March, still no shipping notification. I'm trying hard to "keep the faith" here, but the lack of information on what's going on is really starting to take its toll here.

    17. K.I.T.T. on

      @Omate: I think it's time for a official update (#62) about progress and shipments to Europe concerning the 2100MHz EU version.

    18. David Minott on

      You know that something is amiss, when the company cannot even deliver a keychain!
      I'm sure that with the large quantity of defective circuit boards, the easiest thing they could do would be to deliver a keychain! By the way, I really don't care at what speed the keychain runs...

    19. fmotta on

      OK - I took the watch off the charger about 7:45. It just died 17:33. I barely used the GUI and only used WiFi and bluetooth failed to stay connected to my phone. This will never do for a watch that one uses as a watch much less a phone!!!

    20. fmotta on

      It'd be nice if the installer worked.... the apps from the 1Mobile Market (a poor substitute for Google Play Store since I own almost 300 apps) have parse errors!

      So, when are we going to get a production quality product?

    21. Missing avatar

      Joppe Schneiders on

      I filed for a chargeback from my creditcard company, I hope it 'll come through. You say that the kickstarter rules claim that it is not a pre-order, but if I pay money and in return I get a product (in time) it sounds like a (pre) order to me. Then again, if someone is saying: " pay me $XXX and you'll get a product with YYYY specs." and they deliver different the product with different specs, it is either false advertising or it is fraud. Creditcard companies are among the best in reclaiming money from fraudulous parties. I sure do hope they get it back and/or blacklist Laurent La Pen en coweorkers for false advertising.

      It is btw outrageous that kickstarter does not interfere at all.

    22. fmotta on

      Well, if there were a forum then I'd consider posting some of this there...
      - There were "updates" to some of the apps (the watch notified me) and they all failed parsing after download (except Skye).
      - The watch decided it was time to power off some time yesterday and is not syncing time via WiFi
      - It'd be nice to be able to control the volume somehow... I cannot seem to locate any way of reducing the blaring sound of the music/video playback (well not without some brute force and far from user friendly).

    23. fmotta on

      OK: Sounds like I cannot be certain I was shipped the right watch from the firmware ID...
      I need an official statement of how to determine if I received the right hardware and firmware from omate... if they labeled the packages as to the actual contents then maybe the logistics would have a better chance of shipping the right items.... amateur mistakes.

    24. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Yours is an EU. Right hardware. Wrong software.

    25. Boone Simpson on

      @daniel enginnering mode has 1900 on mine, no sign of 2100, could that be due to an incorrect flash

    26. fmotta on

      Correction... I checked it at 8:40AM - typo... sorry

    27. fmotta on

      @Omate: I had my watch charge until I went to sleep around 12 midnight. I had WiFi and Bluetooth and GPS on only (no SIM). When I checked it at 9:40AM the battery was at 35%. I hate to see what happens to those who make calls or use the 3G radio. So, if someone actually wants to charge the phone, go to work for a day (~1hour commute+8hour work+1hour lunch) of 10 hours then they had better have no phone usage or a spare battery (oops warranty concerns) or carry around the custom, fragile, and bulky clam shell fixture to charge it during the day. How long is this supposed to have a usable charge?

    28. fmotta on

      @Daniel Thanks - it appears that none of the information I can get by "calling" the Engineering mode requires a GSM SIM card (aka something I do not own/have access to as I know of nobody masochistic enough to get ATT/TMobile and pay monthly fees for nothing useful).

      Luckily the settings was not trimmed to the point where the baseband info was not visible and so... I know I have a MOLY radio with a Nov. date and has a P1 in it. I will presume that it is USA GSM based on that and the 1.27GB total internal storage and the 4.91GB Phone Storage.


    29. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      No 512/4GB U.S. units were made at all. The antenna is the only real difference, physically, between them. If you have a unit that doesn't have 1GB of RAM and you can't get 3G even with the right settings/SIM then you don't have a U.S. unit.

      So there are two ways to check what radio you have:

      1) Check your baseband. The MOLY radio for U.S. units should be dated in November and have a P1. The EU units should not.

      2) Dial into Engineering mode using the code **#*#3646633#*#*, go to Band Mode, and see what bands are enabled. 1900 is for U.S., 2100 is for EU.

      If you have the U.S. baseband and your 1900 is enabled, it is a hardware issue and you don't have the proper antenna in your unit. It needs to be replaced.

    30. Boone Simpson on

      I don't know, I had to use my GF's microsim (usa tmo) to test.

      I figured since ONLY euro 512/4gbs were made, that I must've gotten a mis-flash.

      I wonder if Loki or Daniel knows how to force a check without a sim, but as I know it now, you have to have a sim and you can go into settings-wireless-mobile (i think) and you can see connection info.

      It would be a pain, but you could likely go to an att / tmo store and bring the watch and screw driver and test it.

    31. fmotta on

      @Boone: Since I don't have a GSM SIM card then do you know how I'd determine if I got a US version?

    32. Boone Simpson on

      had this over in the main comments, but some of you might be interested,
      I'm a Us backer who received what appears to be a euro version that was flashed with US firmware.
      cpuz reports 512 ram / 4gb storage and with a sim card, I can only get 2g (edge)

      Be sure to verify you have what you are supposed to, if you we not planning on using a sim (as I wasn't) still test to ensure it will connect to 3g even if you have to take it to a store and try a sim card out.

      I am awaiting a response to this from omate.

    33. fmotta on

      I especially dislike the way this will not lay flat at any time except on its face - even while in the charging clam-shell.

    34. fmotta on

      Battery depleted and now it is recharged and "working".

      I was led to believe I could use this as a functional replacement for the "Headset" and other functions with my android phone (aka not use the worst phone service in the USA and use the only good one). As in it would interact similarly to the way my metawatch, imwatch, Martian watch, and the others work. But, even with the Osmart Companion app it will only "pair" yet no services are published/connected over bluetooth. I also added the Truesmart Master app and the best I get is notifications... I cannot respond to SMS using the watch.

      BEWARE of the Cal-v1.0.1 application as it left my phone hung with no known recovery shy of draining the battery!

    35. RoChess on

      Got one of my Omate TrueSmarts today, was shipped from Germany to USA and Omate had e-mailed me the wrong tracking number. Upon opening box, instantly seeing the waranty voided card is really annoying, especially when you get to the spare battery.

      If this can finally be clarified, because a user replacable battery should not void waranty. I can understand that a claim for water damage is disputable once opened, but then clarify that part in writing.

      What irritates me more is that this clam-shell charger was designed to ensure the pogo pins would connect properly, which they fail to do. I needed to apply pressure on screen in bottom left corner for "charging" to kick in. Nothing appears to be wrong with the pogo pins, they are all fully extended and have a springy snap to them. So simply a total fail on the design.

      And what happened to clockface Challenger 'A', I thought this was one of the default ones out of the '20' clockfaces included.

    36. fmotta on

      OOPS - I forgot to check if it has the memory and network features I am supposed to receive (the box provides no useful information to this effect - poor packaging can be another part of the out-of-the-box experience; but, I left this alone for now)

    37. fmotta on

      @OMATE: I received mine today.
      My out-of-the-box experience:
      1) Getting it out of the box required tools! I had to cut tie wraps!?
      2) The pillow had fallen apart and there was stuffing everywhere
      3) Powering it on was easy - and the battery was low (this is a blessing - read further)
      4) The touch screen was very responsive when it wasn't locked up with no known way to reset it.
      5) The screen was quite clear and brilliant (getting a past tense theme here?)
      6) Typing anything was far harder than on my other smart watches (tiny keyboard!)
      7) The wrist strap is rubber and chafes!

      OK, so now I am waiting for the watch to discharge because I did as I expect many of us will... I installed applications and tried them out. One application (some 'cal' named app) locked up the watch to the point that no known input method yielded a visible alteration in the state of "Cal app running and backlight on". Good news! The backlight is on so it will discharge the already low battery faster.

      Hooking it to a borrowed Win7 computer resulted in installing drivers and nothing else. So there is no known method of getting the PC to reset the watch... the wait continues and is prolonged a bit since the watch probably gained a bit more charge while attached to the PC.

      Other things... charging requires a strange clam-shell device. Don't forget this as swapping the battery appears to void the warranty (I think) and requires the use of a screwdriver. installation of the SIM card also requires the provided screwdriver. I did not take this step. ATT/GSM is the worst network in the USA and use of it is gated on their sparse under-powered tower distribution.

      One of the apps I installed (I have to go by memory as I cannot verify this on the locked up watch) - I think it was a camera app; had expired beta as of Feb 1 (note the date of receipt of the watch on this posting).

      There is no GooglePlay Store app so I can easily install the apps I know and own.

      Next posting will hopefully include usage of the watch beyond this. Depending on the battery life this may be some time or 30 seconds from now. I am torn between the desire for the battery to last long and wanting the battery to deplete so I can get out of this hung state.

      Enjoy all!

    38. John Zmrotchek

      @fmotta good to know that the shipments are still trickling out. I'm still waiting on hearing about my 1900 band, was hoping that it would make the post-CNY shipment, but so far no shipment email.

    39. Missing avatar

      Talo Hubert on

      I remember back in December, when I Cecilia from Omate told me that my watch was getting ready for shipping. I was so naive at that time ^^.

    40. fmotta on

      @John Zmrotechek +1 for the forum.... getting an SQL error page is not very useful as a forum.

    41. fmotta on

      I received an email from someone at omate stating I have a package on its way. It looks like it is from NY state. Is this my watch? I don't know - the text could not be less terse nor cryptic. It could be anything from Omate (or from someone abusing the omate email domain name).

      I guess we shall soon see if it is a watch or hate mail.

    42. John Zmrotchek

      Any idea when the Omate community forums ( will be back up?

    43. Missing avatar

      patrick on

      @markus holzfiend, john proffer, martinbogo and the many many others I didn't mention

      you not getting a refund this is a kickstarter not a pre-order program at your local electronic store you pledge money to help the creator's project and they will try not legal obligated to provide you with the reward you requested. some projects fail many fall short it part of the program accept it and move forward.

      if you tldr; the short of it read the Kickstarter FAQ no refunds for a pledge it is not a pre-order form.

    44. Missing avatar

      Sean Machan on

      @trogdor - oh wow, didn't realize they modified the hardware to lower the clock...

    45. Missing avatar

      Markus Holzfeind on

      well, tomorrow i will invest some time to get my money back

    46. John Proffer on

      @martinbogo how did you get a response from omate regarding a refund? I emailed them after reading this update, and been completely ignored.

    47. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    48. martinbogo on

      Also, from the KickStarter FAQ:

      Can Kickstarter refund the money if a project is unable to fulfill?

      No. Kickstarter doesn't issue refunds, as transactions are between backers and the creator. In fact, Kickstarter never has the funds at all. When a project is successfully funded, money is transferred directly from backers' credit cards to the project creator's Amazon Payments account. It's up to the creator to issue a refund, which they can do through their Amazon Payments account. (Like PayPal, Amazon Payments allows refunds for 60 days from the date of charge. After 60 days, creators cannot reverse the same charge to backers' credit cards, so to issue refunds they'll need to initiate a new transaction to send money via Amazon Payments or PayPal, send backers a check, or use another method. Our support team has guided creators in how to issue refunds like these before.)

      So, there's no monetary relief from KickStarter that's possible. The choices are kind of stark:

      * Omate ships a watch with the specifications given in the KickStarter project
      * Omate processes a full refund.
      * I pursue a chargeback, and the bank/Visa goes after Omate.

    49. martinbogo on

      This is the reply I received when I emailed the Omate team, requesting either that they ship me a watch immediately, or refund my payment immediately:

      === === ===

      Dear Martin,

      Sorry for the delay. We are currently shipping the 1GB+8GB US edition 1900MHz
      We are in SMT for the 1GB+8G 2100MHz. we will start assembling next week.
      The 1GB+8GB EU 2100MHz version will start shipping in the course of March.

      The refund process is managed by the Support Team. We will register your refund request but please understand that the process will take some time.

      Best regards,

      Omate TrueSmart Team

      === === ===

      I believe I will first go through KickStarter, and perhaps also go through the ChargeBack process. It's not the resolution I'd like, but I think it's the only resolution Omate has left me with.

      What a mess.