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Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
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Shipment 1GB+8GB 1900MHz and 2100MHz / MWC Barcelona

Posted by Omate (Creator)

Dear All, 

We are finally back to office after 10 days off for the Chinese New Year holidays. However some of our suppliers, including our housing casing supplier, will only be back to a normal pace from the 3rd week of February. This is the reason why we have only been able to ship some of the 1900MHz Nov Dev Edition and Standard Edition because the # serial number edition were not yet ready. 

The reasons for the delayed shipment are diverse but usually related to unexpected issues with the new design and implementation of the improvements. The difference being that now with Kickstarter, this process is open with you all waiting for your pledges. While in a traditional development process, the product only hits the retail shelves after several rounds of such improvements which are behind the scenes and not in the public eye. That's exactly the same reason why we will see many new devices announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which will only make it to market later in Summer. Product and production planning is a difficult process and sometimes it takes longer than expected. 

Some of you have received damaged packaging due to the design of the gift box which does not like much being shaked during transportation… We are very sorry about that, this is not acceptable even though the TrueSmart itself is not damaged as it is a pretty rugged device but we are working on improving the packing to avoid such a bad unboxing experience. We have added a pillow to protect the TrueSmart itself but we are investigating other solutions...

For any inquiry or if you experience any issue with your TrueSmart, you can always contact but please, please do not send emails requesting the status of your personal shipment. We do release updates to give general ETA to all of you based on your pledge category and we provide personal tracking number as soon as we ship to you.

Shipment Status: 

- We have shipped all the 512MB+4GB 2100 MHz versions which most backers should have already received by now. 

- We have also shipped the very first batch of 1GB+8GB 1900 MHz and this as soon as we got FCC certified. That was a major step as the first smartwatch 2.0 to pass FCC.

- From the 1,500 units 1GB+8GB 1900MHz US version we have been able to assemble before Chinese New Year, about 1,000 units have been shipped thus far, we will ship another 500 units by the end of this week. 

- We will get the new PCBA of the 1GB+8GB 2100MHz EU version around February 20th so we will be able to start shipping a first batch end of February. As explained in the previous updates, there are several weeks between shipment start and final delivery to the last backer of each batch so please understand that your pledge may be in the next batch depending on what extra items you have pledged. 

R&D / Software development: 

Our R&D is working closely with the VID (Very Important Developers) and the Android Developer community, more and more Oapps are populating the Ostore. 

- The Oclock designed by VID – Kurt Hewig allows you from now on to set your preferred clock face. This is really awesome! You can now enjoy using the Retrosmart clockface designed by VID – Daniel Ortiz as your everyday watch ;-)

- The BT Companion App a.k.a Osmart (also designed by VID - Kurt Hewig) will only be released to every backer in the course of March along with the last batches of deliveries so please be patient. The first release will be exclusively dedicated to Android then we will be working on the iOS version. This will take more time though. 

- The very first independent ROM has been released by VID - Lokifish Marz; you can find the steps here on the XDA-Developers Forum: We are very impressed by the new features released in this ROM and patch. If you are a developer, this is most likely the best option for you to test your app. 

Mobile World Congress 2014: 

if you follow our G+ community you know that we have been testing new materials and colors at our facilities in Shenzhen and performed trial runs with some of our B2B partners in China. We will unveil some of our product development and Oapps with other VID such as Cyril Preiss during MWC. 

You are more than welcome to visit us at our booth Hall 7 - 7F21 if you plan to attend Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 24th to 27th 

For more information:

You can also meet Laurent at the 1st Wearable Wednesday event in Europe in Barcelona:

Wearable Wednesday events are an open community forum focused on the blending of technology, art and humanity in the Wearable Technology and Internet of Things ecosystem. The goal is to provide a platform for industry innovators, entrepreneurs, builders and investors to connect with like-minded, motivated people with the knowledge, vision and partnerships that will move the Internet of Wearable Things ecosystem forward.

#TrueSmartHackaton Number 2: 

- Feb 21 

- Feb 28 

- March 7 

- March 14 

- March 21 

Please post your Oapp proposals followed by the #TrueSmartHackaton on our Facebook page and G+ communities. We will be more than happy to test them and feature them into the Ostore and let the community test them. 

You can also send your APK to 

Each winner will be rewarded with a special Hacker Edition of the TrueSmart which will be shipped end of February. These Limited Edition models will be marked from #1 to #10 with a customized laser printed battery cover + each winner will be granted VID early bird samples (Very Important Developer) of any new product development of Omate in 2014. We look forward to developing the TrueSmart Ecosystem with the Omate Developer community! 

Thanks for your support, 


Omate TrueSmart Team

Twitter: @omatetruesmart 

Google+ : +Omate TrueSmart 

Visit us at MWC Barcelona: Hall 7 - 7F21

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    1. Alex Lewis on

      Where is my shirt, extras or refund?

    2. Dan McRae on

      As a backer for Early Bird #2, I am disappointed that my coworkers pledge has already been received almost 2 weeks ago, and I am still waiting despite pledging almost a month before him... Hopefully it shows up this week

    3. A Fathman on

      In order for a product like this to survive, it needs creative and well written apps. You've starved out the excited developers for this community. This was a very poor choice on your part. Very few people want to develop on a platform that they can't even test on.

    4. K.I.T.T. on

      @Omate: I think it's time for a official update (#61) about progress and shipments to Europe concerning the 2100MHz EU version.

    5. Bart Blommaerts on

      @Daniel Are you serious about the size of the team that is tasked with this project? No wonder there's almost no progress...
      Still, i think if they would keep an online counter of how far they've progressed, it would save them a few hundred of those emails. Maybe avoid most of the grief some backers dish out. No news is worse then bad news...

    6. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      KITT - From what I understand, EU units assemble this weekend, ship next weekend.

      Eric - They've already said on Google+ but have not stated here because they're busy putting stuff together, so I'll do it for them. They can't answer status updates about shipments because all their effort is being put into packing, shipping, and updating tracking information.

      It may sound silly and trivial to you, but you should think about their typical day. It doesn't take long to pack a box full of stuff. But they're packing like 100 boxes a day, between two people. They're verifying shipment information, destination, and e-mail/extras/goodies between two people. They're sending out e-mails to backers between two people. Finally, they're also being barraged with at least two hundred e-mails a day from people (rudely or otherwise) asking for refunds, repairs, information, extras, demands, or throwing out slurs, insults, complaints, in about ten different languages.

      Tell me that you could do the same thing every day, function perfectly, and still find time to answer every single e-mail that isn't automatically buried in a pile.

      I'm lucky to get a response from any of them, and I'm in direct contact with them constantly. In fact, yesterday was the first day in almost a month I got a response from my main contact there.

      If you think they're not busy and that they're just ignoring you and only you, I don't know what to tell you.

    7. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      Of course my second email sent on 2/3 asking for a status of my shipment has gone unanswered.

      I wonder what update 61 will be about? "We've finished producing [insert product version here] and will be shipping [insert random quantity here] to [insert location here]. Sorry for the delays, but [insert excuse here]"

      Don't know why I'm doing this, but I'll give them a couple more weeks, after that I'll request a refund. When I don't get a reply about my refund request (as noted by several backers in previous updates), I'll contact my credit card and initiate a chargeback.

    8. K.I.T.T. on

      @Omate: What is the current status about this, "We will get the new PCBA of the 1GB+8GB 2100MHz EU version around February 20th so we will be able to start shipping a first batch end of February."


      Delay after delay with every new update. I personally received an email telling me that Omate will be shipping my TS 1gb8gb EU versión about middle february... Well, not at all, now they are telling us they will be receiving PCBA for EU people about 20 th February... then they have to produce the watches , then pack them, then shipp to I don't know which country in China and then again ship to Euorpe?
      As Angelina Jolie says in "Maleficent": WELL WELL....
      So, maybe if I am lucky I will have my TS about.... MAY???JUNE???
      I'm so tired, but hope the waiting will bring me a superb TrueSmart 2.0 , I'm sure this is a very nice smartwatch.

    10. Shany on

      Worst kickstarter project in the history of kickstarter.

    11. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Fisk on

      This is my first and last KICKSTARTER project EVER. I have requested a refund which will probably be denied. This experience has destroyed any future credibility of Omate as a company as well as the KICKSTARTER name. I will never back another project EVER based on this experience.

    12. 220 on

      @Daniel. Of course we would consider that backers would resell. But why would a backer resell it for $188 which is cheaper than what they can get if for on Kickstarter. How do you explain the ability to order a white one also?

      Everyone is just pissed off about the communication and although everyone has been complaining about the communication. Omate still continues to follow a communication protocol that alienates their backers. Not good for business. Its embarrassing when you try to reset the expectation and then you fail again and again and again.

      The whole serial number predicament for October Dev Backers is unacceptable. They are numbers on them for a reason. As another backer previously explained the serial numbers are suppose to signify that they are production numbers. They are suppose to be first off the line. Obviously that is not the case.

      I was told that my watch would be sent out in February. At this point I just hope it comes undamaged and with a working charger. Yet I still come to this site everyday hoping for some news on my watch.

      Wonder when Truesmart 2 comes to market?

    13. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      It never occurred to any of you that these are people who pre-ordered or backed the watch that are reselling them, did it?

      Come on people.

    14. Kelvin Ng See Tat on

      I'm all up to wait and get a proper and working watch but if its siphoned off and sold elsewhere thus the supply shortage, Omate should take this up. While Omate is confidently telling us we are the first to get it, I have second thoughts on this statement already seeing that some ships in 3 days......

    15. Kelvin Ng See Tat on

      Yup. Interesting cause if I'm not wrong, there are other posting. I don't know if it's really supply shortage or some were sold elsewhere. I don't want to second guess but I think Omate should do the right thing and clarify this......

    16. 220 on

      @Kelvin Ng - Thats been up for a while prices have been fluctuation. You can also order it in white and the cheapest price that I saw was $188. Most were around $330. The very next day I checked the $188 was unavailable for order. Seller emailed me and indicated that his supplier is low so he can't offer it until a shipment comes in. Very interesting.

    17. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Yes, for $776?.


    18. fmotta on

      @OMATE. If I had hardware then I'd be likely to actually determine what I wanted it to do above the built in software. But, since this hardware development seems to be well over time budget (and most hardware people blame the software) I cannot say what features I'd add...

      Where is the hardware that was supposedly shipped?

      Or is this going to be another case of Q computers and Nifty Drives where the hardware is so late that we all moved on to something that is already better than what we backed (aka - they lost the best market window because of poor project planning).

      No package with a Omate product at my house yet... fix that.

    19. Lokifish Marz on

      @John - What makes you say that? And so what if there's 200 different smartwatches out . There was almost half that number out before the KS was launched. There's one company that alone makes close to 20 smartwatches and smartwatch phones.

      If it's a performance thing, a Gear running dual core at 1.6GHz has lower overall benchmarks scores than a TS running at 1GHz and it doesn't have to deal with the overhead from the running cellular services.

    20. Missing avatar

      Derek Tang on

      Thanks for your update. Hope to see next update around 20/2 without further delay.

    21. John Proffer on

      @tharkis - yeah I'm in the same boat. And by the time we FINALLY get our watches, there'll be 200 different smartwatches on the market for 5 months already. It's no longer really worth the price we paid for it.

    22. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    23. Tharkis on

      As a software engineer who ordered the developer early edition... after getting yanked around for so long... I have zero desire to develop anything for Omate TrueSmart any longer.

    24. Lokifish Marz on

      @marnix - No official Play Store. You can check the [INFO] Everything Umeox x201 (TrueSmart, AW-414/420, AX-3, XTouch, etc..) thread on xda for how to get Play Store on your TS.

    25. Missing avatar

      marnix.moed on

      Although I was not amused that the Extreme edition, became as exclusive as I first thought it would, I do appreciate the team to keep us informed how things are. Even when there are some setbacks. I know from experience that in Chinese New Year celebrations take longer than the West is used to. For me, it helps a bit to know why the delayed has been caused.

      Perhaps I missed info about it, but how is it going with the Google Playstore compatibility for regular users? Any progress?

    26. Lokifish Marz on

      @Alex - The companion/master app is in a closed beta. Why you ask? But geniuses with incompatible devices like the Sony Smartwatch were trying to install it and leaving 1 star comments in the Play Store even when the description stated it was for the TrueSmart. As a result the app got pulled.

      Inferior to what and in what way?

      This product also has not even been announced for retail release either. This means that as far as the retail world is concerned, this device doesn't even exist yet.

    27. nick.does.bags

      You left caps lock on.

    28. Alex 敬倫 Wong on



    29. Alex 敬倫 Wong on


    30. 220 on

      This update is different from an email I received just last week indicating that my watch would be shipped in February. I am an Oct Developers Edition. Just sent an email to clarify. Again its going to come when it comes just stop playing with me and resetting an expectation that can't be met.

    31. Missing avatar

      bénédicte de faup on

      I am actually considering that I made a really bad choice by choosing the batch instead of the second dev batch. Dev with november batch are actually getting them before us because they don't have the serial number.
      But I would like to know why did you not make all the serial backplate before starting the production ? Like this we wouldn't have to wait.

    32. Missing avatar

      Talo Hubert on

      I remember the excitement I felt when I decided to back this project :).

      It seems so far now...

    33. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      "Honest communication would have been setting expectations back in AUGUST of last year. Simply saying "Delivery expected Jan 2014" would have been the right thing to do"

      Don't disagree.

      "After communicating every day during the kickstarter, the Omate team didn't _just_ drop the ball. They outright misled people by not revealing who and what they truly were during the KickStarter campaign ( Umeox )"

      This was revealed by both Lokifish and IraqiGeek before the campaign ended. And the whole "Omate=Umeox" thing was already debunked. Do you think that companies like Apple actually build their phones? They design them and put software on them. This is no different than Omate. The difference is that Apple is established. Omate is not.

      "When people say "it's getting better", it's important to ask "compared to what?"
      When you see Umeox shipping and announcing watches that basically are the same as the TS, in other markets like this:"

      When you are an established company and you have the money to make things happen, you can make them happen pretty quickly. Look at the Samsung Gear. It's not even that terrific but it was made by Samsung and marketed quickly. It's also heralded as a colossal failure.

      Also, people seem to be inferring that this watch is some sort of Duke Nukem: Forever when it's not.

      The software permeating through those other watches is the very same software in every watch by every company coming from the MediaTek line of SoCs. The software is polished on other devices because they are smartphones, they aren't small-screen devices. Umeox is doing something in China that no other manufacturer is doing right now.

      When I say cut them a break, I'm not asking people to forget what a mess this is, because make no mistake it is a mess, I'm asking people to be a little more conscious of what's involved here.

    34. David Minott on

      Just wondering about the shipment of the PC board keychains.

    35. Stephen Jones on

      Wow I have waited since August but I also understand the problems with producing a new product let alone a ground breaking one like this. Yes it is frustrating but the end result will be good. Have patience.

    36. BJ Van Gundy on

      So I get that the Serial Numbered TSs "were not yet ready"... but then there wasn't any statement above about WHEN they WOULD BE ready. You simply jumped from "Serials aren't ready... we are shipping the rest of the 1500 by the end of this week to the USA, and we are then getting moving on the EU versions."

      I've been a pretty quiet backer so far. But in an update that is somewhat extensive... I fail to understand how the original October Delivery backers are STILL being glossed over. I'll put this simply:



    37. martinbogo on

      @daniel : Honest communication would have been setting expectations back in AUGUST of last year. Simply saying "Delivery expected Jan 2014" would have been the right thing to do.

      After communicating every day during the kickstarter, the Omate team didn't _just_ drop the ball. They outright misled people by not revealing who and what they truly were during the KickStarter campaign ( Umeox ), and constantly evading and promising ship dates that never came by.

      When people say "it's getting better", it's important to ask "compared to what?"

      When you see Umeox shipping and announcing watches that basically are the same as the TS, in other markets like this:

      ... you start to understand what's happened here. Every single one of those variants claims to be the "Only SmartWatch in the world to include cellular function!" Every single one boasts that it's the best, most highly featured etc.. etc.. and reviews of each one reveal fairly disappointing specifications, poor packaging, and a lot of issues.

      Sure, LePen may have had the best of intentions. Taking the guts of one of Umeox's line of watches and putting "lipstick" on them. It is what it is at the end of the day, however.

    38. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      The only warranty voided, to my knowledge, is the water warranty. If they could chime in that would be great.

    39. Tom

      Many of us paid to buy the microSD card because you were going to have it installed so that we would not have to open the watch. Not only did these arrive uninstalled, which was a huge disappointment, but there was a note on the box saying that if we remove the back of the watch we would invalidate our warranty. Of course we have to remove the back of the watch to install the microSD card that what you were supposed to install. Can you please assure us that you will not then turn around and use our opening the back of the watch as a means of invalidating the warranty?

    40. Eemeli Saarelainen on

      Indeed, I feel that too.

      I think that now this is really getting better, Omate is finally communicating with us. They came and told us that there will be more delays and they told us the reason. As a backer I would really like to hear the exact reason for previous delays with OctNovEU-1/8 (ie. what did not meet the quality expectations) but this is a wonderful start. I was hoping to get my unit (Nov EU-1/8) before I go to vacation (Feb 25th) to Barcelona and Andorra but I rather get a finished and working product even if that means I have to wait. Nothing in market comes close to this in functionality anyway.

      Here's the thing: Maybe I could fetch my TS when I'm visiting Barcelona Feb 25th? ;-) Just joking.

    41. Missing avatar

      Leroy Ch-E on

      Again a delay for DEV, seriously? will the dev October very first wait and wait and be proud to get it and develop after everyone, his grandmother include has receive her one?

      TrueSmartHackaton will be closed before lot of developer delivery.. me include, but don't expect better, just surprise of what happen

    42. Umaasudhan Nataraja on

      @Omate Are those 500 watches part of US Oct Dev editions ?

    43. Missing avatar

      rikki king on

      Well I wanted an update and that's what I got. Keep them coming please. All information is appreciated (we promise)

    44. Tim Bass on

      Question: Are the serial numbered 1900Mhz ready now?

      If so, will the October developer versions be part of the remaining 500 that will be shipped out this weekend?

    45. Watts on

      More delays. This is why I quit kickstarter altogether. We're just funding people's pipe dream or pre-ordering Chinese products. I'll just pay retail for what I want. Aint nobody got time for this.

    46. Boone Simpson on

      While I am bummed, as are many, with the continued delays, the product IS out and people are getting them every day.
      For the most part, those who have received their watches seem happy.

      I want to take a moment to not only thank the developers, but also thank omate for showing them some love.
      The dev community is what will keep this device great going forward, and is crucial to make the truesmart a viable option in the increasingly crowded "smart watch" category.

      Omate, while the hackathons are great, as are the "hacker editions" I would humbly suggest you find additional ways to reward and encourage increased development on the TS platform. Even going so far as to use the KS update section to showcase new apps, features, roms, and more.

    47. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Sometimes I wonder if people want an update just so they can complain. Omate could post an update saying all your watches will come with SD cards pre-installed, a shiny metal case, with fully working apps, water resistance, and a lifetime warranty, and you would still complain.

    48. Shany on

      A complete joke of us, the backers :( expect a watch around April or May ) ...

    49. martinbogo on

      Seriously, this is turning into a full-fledged farce at this point. Here's the email chain...

      This is the email I got from @omage back on November 11th :

      Dear Martin,
      This is Cecilia from Omate TrueSmart. Firstly, we would like to say thanks for your pledge in Kickstarter.

      We are now making preparations for delivery of your TrueSmart watches. While we have some information from the survey you did earlier, we would like to re-confirm this information in order to ensure that you will recieve your reward accurately. Please take some time to fill in and confirm the following infomation, thank you!!

      The reward you pledged (Total Pledged $220)
      -TrueSmart DEVELOPERS Edition 512Mb First delivery in OCTOBER: ONE ($199)
      -Upgrade Of Memory From 512Mb To 1Gb: ONE ($20)

      Model of 3G Band you chosen
      -1900Mhz (USA & Most of North/South America)
      (Note: The TrueSmart is Quad Band for 2G and works worldwide. However for 3G, there is one band, you have the choice of 1900Mhz or 2100Mhz)

      Please confirm or correct the above information again, and send us a reply as soon as possible.
      We look forward to for your reply.

      Best wishes!


      This is the email I got back from @omate : Jan 23rd

      Dear Martin,

      Sorry for the delay, Cecilia will inform you as soon as your parcel is ready to ship.
      Thanks for your time and consideration.

      Best regards,

      Omate TrueSmart Team


      This is the second email I got back from @omate : Feb 6th

      Dear Martin,

      We are just back from Chinese New Year holidays.
      Sorry for the delay, we will do our best to ship your TrueSmart ASAP.

      Best regards,

      Omate TrueSmart Team