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Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
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    1. Missing avatar

      David Arrowsmith on

      Seriously! When am I getting my watch?!

    2. nick.does.bags

      Are european backers going to be shipped this month? I'd like to know! Thank you

    3. Missing avatar

      Thomas Myers on

      Any update about FCC clearance? It has been "Any day now" since early December...

      Still have not received my "October" Dev edition, and have not received any response to my direct messaging to Omate.

      Late is fine. But be honest about the updates and new timeframes. Expectations are more important than "appearances".

    4. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      @fmotta, to be fair, they're at CES, so updates will probably not be in the cards right now. As for "When the logo is prevalent on a product, or a "give away" then I expect that I will get stipend for displaying the logo or I will cover it or not display it."

      C'mon...seriously? I've posted my share of gripes in these updates, but no offense, but your expectation there is ridiculous. Do you cover or remove your car's badges as well? Maybe you do the same thing with your clothing? Again, sorry...ridiculous.

    5. fmotta on

      Keychain/fobs are like all other cruft... a way of getting others to perform marketing/advertising for you. When the logo is prevalent on a product, or a "give away" then I expect that I will get stipend for displaying the logo or I will cover it or not display it. Keyfobs are only a way of making an already too large mechanical collection larger with no value add. So, key fobs are landfill (at best).

    6. Giles Goodman on

      Still didn't get my watch yet... :-(

    7. Missing avatar

      how_eee on

      Where's my watch? Did you sent it to me? How can I know about it?

    8. Missing avatar

      Ubaid Memon on

      @omate pls update about my shipment to india. Everybody talking about USA & Europe & rest of the world. When should I expect.

    9. Missing avatar

      Talo Hubert on

      By the way, any news about Google play integration or is it definitively out?

    10. Missing avatar

      Leroy Ch-E on

      what? October dev. 1G upgraded EU will be the last served (yes because why will they assemble 1/8 1900 and stop it for 2100 and then back 1900 ? Read between the lines!) My back is an highway like this ( O )
      It will be my first dev. : ( O )mate ^^ that sounds good for a fart box App.!

    11. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      This is the reply I received my 1st email requesting an update on 12/29:

      "will start sending it out in the middle of next month."

      I'm taking this with a grain of salt considering the shipping date updates lately.

    12. Missing avatar

      Marro van Krieken on

      @ Omate Do the recently announced shipping dates (update 57) also relate to the Standard edition? If yes: Great!! If not: what is the planning for the Standard editions?

    13. Light N on

      Hi Omate,

      This smart watch is a reward for my backed project. Why this one will be charged import tax and value added tax ? It’s 35$, and I just don’t know why.

      It’s not a purchase transaction. It’s my reward. I think maybe you forgot to send it like a gift and it was charged me 35$ .

      This is not a good news and I am not satisfied. Anw, please pay attention for other backers.

    14. Missing avatar

      useretail on

      So can we get additional battery instead of (imo useless) keychain?

    15. Missing avatar

      Dueling Glove (The Infamous) on

      @Joey, yes I thought I'd have mines by now too but to my chagrin I don't. I take a morbid satisfaction knowing lots of people who backed this like I did also remain without a product. Don't judge me ;0)

    16. Arning, Zarzutzki on

      First I will thank you +Laurent Le Pen , +Omate TrueSmart Team and everybody for your support, ideas and recognition. For me it is a passion to code like even +Cyril Preiss said, that's what us motivate. And it is very hard to spent no time, with any thoughts about the coding. I think the next person in the #truesmarthackathon have the same engine.
      Well we have today made an wellness day to refuel the power. It was so awesome to hear sound in the water. You must put your ear on the water surface and heard so clearly the music. Over the water you have nothing heard. so for every an nice evening, morning or anything else where you are. p.s. Raimund Z. on G+

    17. Joey Alexander on

      What I meant to say was early January 2015. Anyway, I just hope my free key chain fairs better with FCC certification.

    18. Joey Alexander on

      Glad to see the "experts" in your shipping and logistics are really going above and beyond with this. According to the newest timetable, I should receive my 1GB/8GB Truesmart early January of 2014.

    19. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    20. fmotta on

      Still hoping to receive mine soon. A product with lots of features that is sitting on a warehouse offers me little value.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jim Casaburi on

      @Omate, I was wondering where on this schedule a person who originally pledged for a U.S. Developer (original Oct delivery) with a 1GB/4GB configuration (since upgraded to 1GB/8GB as per update 54) fits into this schedule given that there does not seem to be a distinction in the shipping plan between those who originally pledged for U.S. 512/4gb and U.S. 1gb/4gb configurations. Could the post be revised to clarify if the intent is that those groups go out at the same time or if indeed, there is a distinction in shipping schedule?

      Thank you

    22. Missing avatar

      Ole Johansen on

      Was planing on trying to live with just the Omate for a year, bought a Nexus 5.
      Perhaps I can flip it for a buck at Ebay.

    23. Pandu W Sastrowardoyo on

      Omate, you guys really need a PR department. Your updates suck, and you don't answer questions.

      You also need someone to better manage your supply chain and manufacturing too, but that one's too obvious.


    24. Missing avatar

      Vittorio Cerciello on

      ...if you are in US is different... you have been upgraded to 1/8gb and they will start shipments end of january, so 2 weeks off for chinese new year and 2 for delivery = you will (hoping) have your TS end of feb

    25. Missing avatar

      Vittorio Cerciello on

      The mid january EU backers hope you will end shipment before New Chinese Year... ;-)

    26. Missing avatar

      Vittorio Cerciello on

      Shoukd be the 512/4 gb ... so the first in the line, they said "ongoing" status!

    27. The Alamo on

      What version is the $179 and when will it ship USA?
      So confusing

    28. Pawan K Shrestha on

      @Omate, I am a US backer (1GB/4GB upgraded to 1GB/8GB) - Just trying to gauge your production speed. Since you mentioned US backers will be first and are also saying that you will be shipping EU backers by mid Jan - does it mean by or before mid-Jan you will be done with production of all 1GB/8GB US editions (I understand shipping ofcourse will have to wait for FCC)?

    29. Omate Creator on

      @Phil backers of 1GB+4GB have all been upgraded to 1GB+8GB as explained in the update #54 so your EU version will start shipping from Mid of January.

    30. Phil Hough on


      Omate "Omate TrueSmart DEVELOPERS Edition"

      1/4Gb EU ordered. No shipping on your plan for this - I've also no watch.
      I see I also don't get a 1/8Gb upgrade.

      Can you provide some info on EU 1/4Gb ship plan?

    31. Omate Creator on

      @Alvaro, depending on which version EU or US you have pledged but you have been indeed upgraded to 1GB+8GB and you will receive your TrueSmart in the course of January.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      Yes, Shaun is correct. Omate certainly has had poor communications of late, but I believe that is because they are working hard to fix the problems which have been found.

      Yes, we have a right to be upset, even angry, but they are doing their best for us. I believe that.

    33. Missing avatar


      Survey sent: 9/22/2013,,,,,,I RECEIVE MY TS ON 27 DEC 2013 BY TNT DELIVERY.
      THANK YOU OMATE GREAT WORK !!!!!!!!!!…

    34. Missing avatar

      Alvaro Martinez on

      Good morning, I got confused a bit, since I pledged on an early bird with and upgrade to 1GB (1Gb/4GB) then in on an earlier update (I think update 55) you mentioned that those 1GB/4GB will be upgraded to 1Gb/8Gb so my question is, the shipping date for persons like myself who pledged for early bird with upgrades what will be the shipping date, the first or end weeks of january? Thank you!

    35. IraqiGeek on

      35 other comments with concerns and questions, and you choose to ignore them all and write a thank you instead to the one person who didn't have any questions?!

      You realize the first thing anyone visitng your booth at CES will do is look at the KS page and see all those questions being ignored, don't you? How do you think will this reflect on you as a company?

    36. Omate Creator on

      Thanks Shaun!

    37. Stuart on

      @Aaron, I'm one of the backers who pledged $50 more than all the other pledge tiers for the 1/8gb version - and I do feel a little cheated that I could have *saved* $50 rather than just get a $10 keychain as "compensation".

    38. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    39. Shaun Huang on

      Aaand this is why many developers are hesitant about giving release dates no matter how much people plead for dates. lol.

      Compared to other Kickstarter projects, 2~3 month delay is not that bad. Good job on working through the kinks and not giving up!

    40. Karsten Topp on

      So much for the "Early Bird".
      March then....
      Oh, F@ck ... did they mention WHICH YEAR?
      This is going to be Pebble 2.0 - or even worse. I have been part of the "Pebble Experience" and it seems Omate will be same-same again...

    41. Enrique Duran on

      @TBog... based on what it says, i think your applies to this:
      3. 1GB+8GB (2100MHz EU): Mid of January
      Thinking that your version got upgraded to the 1GB+8GB

    42. Bryan Hussey on

      was there anything in this update we didn't already know?

    43. Vincent Hoquet

      In my case I would never again trust Omate. All I want is to receive my order, then Omate can always hope they will not have a penny from me, especially since the reviews that already have problems are not very reassuring. Long live the "Made in China" made in emergency ... Not to mention insulting keychains supposed to be compensation.

      Farewell Omate I liked you but you will not see me anymore, it's over. You have disappointed me too.

    44. Missing avatar

      Stephen Younger on

      I don't agree with the idea that Omate's reputation being damaged. It'll be all forgiven once the product is on our wrists. I'd rather take delays to make sure it's working than to get more grief if I get it and something's wrong with it. Pebble kickstarters waited a longer time and now it seems to be s successful product.

    45. Missing avatar

      Vittorio Cerciello on

      The 1/4 version does not more exist.. now you are on 1/8 upgraded, EU .. so hoping mud january starting delivery

    46. TBog on

      I still don't get when the 1GB+4GB (2100MHz EU) will ship...
      Will anyone please help me?

    47. Missing avatar

      nikolas ostropolskiy on

      Let me translate this update:

      Beginning of January shipment: will arrive some time between March 1- april 25
      Mid January shipment: will arrive some time between April 29- may 15
      End of January shipment: will arrive when f*ck you, you dont get one.

    48. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      People, give them time. They have to get the orders out for the AW-420's and those cute pink ones first.

    49. Missing avatar

      Jimmy on

      As someone who originally backed at the 1GB+4GB (1900MHz US) level, where does that put me in the shipping timelines? Beginning of January or end?