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Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
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4,378 backers pledged $1,032,352 to help bring this project to life.

Production, Shipment and Certification

Posted by Omate (Creator)

The past few weeks we have been extremely busy with the production and post-kickstarter phase of TrueSmart. We know you've been eagerly waiting for an update on when you can expect your TrueSmart. 

The original plan was to ship the first developers batch in October, however as the first few pilot production runs showed up some unexpected minor defect, we spent the past couple of weeks re-doing these parts. Yes, there is a delay in shipping these “October Developers Edition”. All efforts are being made to ensure shipping begins in the next week or two, as the new changed parts start arriving. Even though there is a slight delay, - it will still after all the one of the fastest shipping project in Kickstarter history!

So which parts needed to be changed?

a) Audio Speaker. The previous waterproofing process created a side effect that it muffled the speaker. So a new waterproof speaker is used where the waterproofing process no longer affects the sound quality, still as crisp, loud and clear.

b) New Charging Dock. You might already know and have seen the the new charging dock, instead of charging clip. Due to a minor difference in material thickness, the charging dock needed to be re-made. This new charging dock replaces the charging cable, so it will be the standard charging dock for all TrueSmart and the extra “charging cable” will also be this new charging dock.

c) Metal clasp. We had some feedback from the early samples that were sent out that the metal clasp was not in line with the high quality parts and finishing on the rest TrueSmart watch. So we have changed the metal clasp to a new thicker and stronger clasp of much higher built quality and feel. 

d) Box of TrueSmart. The box is not tight enough when closed so when someone picks up the box by holding only the top, there is a high chance that the box comes off and if there is a TrueSmart inside, it will fall out. The box is re-made with a tighter fit. 

e) Wrist band. We have made the wrist band top ends (which connect to the watch) thicker and stronger, harder to fold, harder to be compressed, this is to protect the antennas better. 

As you can imagine with each unexpected refinement, a few days pass by. What we can assure you is that these are refinements that improve the overall product. We are still very close to shipping and as these new refined parts arrive within these few days, we will make another production run. 

TrueSmart's transport pod (or packaging)
TrueSmart's transport pod (or packaging)

Another issue is an administrative one : the unexpected extra work that the post-kickstarter survey has generated. Many of you have filled in the survey carefully and correctly but still a great number were faulty or missing details. Example reward and pledge that do not match. Although these were not the majority, the numbers were enough to make the survey a “quite hard to use” (to put it mildly). So we decided to change to a method of contacting everyone individually. To do this we needed to beef up with an "Omate Customer Response Team" and do another check with all backers. Forming this team took some time but we've started contacting backers on Monday 28th and expect to need a few days to get this done. November and later shipments are still according to schedule!

Bottom package info incl. FCC and CE
Bottom package info incl. FCC and CE

Another topic that has popped up recently is whether or not Omate has filed for CE and FCC certification. We're not new to the electronics industry so we know all about certification and distribution. CE certification is confirmed already but we've been informed that the FCC has been affected by the recent US government shutdown and a lot of applications have been on hold during that time. Combine that with our tight development and shipping schedules that require any company we deal with to be fast and flexible. FCC is catching up though and we expect it to be done very soon. We cannot risk sending our TrueSmart to USA backers until we have it, we don't want your TrueSmart to be stuck at customs due to FCC not being ready! This is a day by day waiting game and we've had to wait until we were absolutely sure. It might be cleared tomorrow so we'll keep you closely updated! There is absolutely no reason why we won't get FCC approval, it’s just yet another administrative wait.  

In general we'd just like to stress that we are still working with our best intentions to complete this Kickstarter journey with you guys. Communication has been less frequent as opposed to during the Kickstarter campaign but do understand that we have a lot more to do to get everything done. Still being a relatively small team we're doing our absolute best together with our moderator team on the forums to answer everyone's questions.  

So to summarize all this:
- October batch starts shipping in early November
- November batch ships in November
- All backers will be contacted individually to confirm their pledge package
- USA shipments are on hold until we've received FCC approval any day now  

Thank you for your immense support, feedback, criticism and understanding. We love you guys and we're looking forward to getting those first TrueSmarts out to you!


Team Media & Community @ Omate 

Google+ : +Omate TrueSmart
Facebook :
Twitter :
Website: www.omate.comOmate
TrueSmart Community Forums:

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    1. Menno van Zanden on

      I have not received any email for my pledge. Is this still being worked on?

    2. Missing avatar

      Rhys on

      Not waterproof anymore? What is the IP rating is it IP67 as promoted?

    3. Missing avatar

      Paul Friend on

      according to the Google+ app, the post i linked to has been deleted.
      They don't seem to like criticism.

    4. Missing avatar

      Paul Friend on

      thank you for your reply +Laurent Le Pen​, but you fail to answer any of the questions i asked. I know you decided to remove the Google play store a whole month after the Kickstarter project ended. Even though you had ben told by people, some of whom ended up being your forum moderators, days after the project launched that you couldn't possibly ship with the store installed.

      I also know that there are many intelligent people working on a way the uninitiated can easily install the play store and GApps. This again, isn't the point. I don't buy a car to be told by the dealer that he's sorry he hasn't any wheels but not to worry, there are car enthusiasts that will be able to help.

      There are many people that backed this project because they were sold that it came with the Google play store installed. For me, and them can you answer the questions:

      1. When did you start negotiations with Google?
      2. When did you first realise you couldn't ship with the play store loaded?
      3. Why did it take a whole month after the campaign ended before you officially announced that they play store wasn't going to be included?
      4. Why, If you were in discussions with Google, and it wasn't a given that they would allow you to ship with the play store included, did you continue to advertise that is was? Why did you continue to announce Apps that were tested and working and why did you continue to show us images and videos of play store apps working on the TrueSmart?

      Thank you.

    5. Missing avatar

      Paul Friend on

      Hey, Stan.
      Sorry for my confusion in understanding your meaning.
      For a great example of the way Omate and Laurent avoid answering any questions take a look here:

    6. Stan Sokol on

      Paul Friend,

      I absolutely agree with you, what I meant was that if they were honest, it would be fine to be late, but the fact that they consistently lied and escaped questions makes it unacceptable.

      From now on I will never buy any other Omate products in the future, how can you trust such company, looks like David is not going the smart way after all. No google play is a killer. Also long time ago I specifically asked about the paperwork and failed to get a reply.

      And many people want a smart watch out of the box and not something which requires additional installs,re-installs and hacks.

    7. Missing avatar

      Paul Friend on

      Seriously, they have your money. More importantly, they have mine.
      Blimey. It's a s if everyone is suffering from Stockholm syndrome. As if Omate have us all held captive in the hope of owning a smartwatch 2.0. So much so that we let our captures do as they please in hope of scraps at their table. How open, honest and good have Omate been at keeping us informed?

      Let's strip it back to the very beginning. With a fanfare, smart watch 2.0 is launched. Not only does it run android, it ships with Google play store.
      Almost immediately this is questioned, but Omate Insist google play store is shipping. So much so that update #1 is entitled "Yes Google Play App Store!"

      Questions continue to be asked if it can indeed ship with the play store. Officially Omate continue to ignore the question, but do keep you informed as to apps that definitely run on the watch. 
      Update #34 proudly announces "For Tasker fans, Yes - works perfectly with TrueSmart"
      Still people continue to back the project, in part, based on the fact that it ships with google play store.

      It's just before this that Omate launch the clock face challenge. Are the two connected? Are Omate magicians? Is the clock face challenge a way of distracting those that are asking questions, awkward questions? 
      We also begin to see videos and photographs of play store apps running on the watch, but still no official word as to whether you will actually be able to do this out of the box.

      It's not until update #50 on the 22nd of October, a whole month after the kickstarter campaign has ended, that Omate officially announce that there will be no google play store on the TureSmart. They apologise for any confusion their original statement may have caused.
      I for one wasn't confused. I clearly read that it ships with google play store. 

      1. Where is the confusion, Omate?
      2. what about those negotiations with google? When did they start?
      3. If they started before the kickstarter campaign you knew that it wouldn't ship installed.
      4. If they started after the campaign, how long after?
      5. At what stage are you at now?

      Clearly, Omate, have been less than honest. Telling people that it's ok, the Dev community will come to your rescue and people saying that you shouldn't have backed the watch if you don't know how to custom ROM, etc, is downright insulting. I don't buy a car to be told it has no wheels, but hey you should know how to fit your own if you are going to buy a car.

      I really hope shipping does begin next week. I really hope that we all get out TrueSmarts before the end of December. I really hope this turns out to be a true smart watch 2.0. I really do. But in the mean time, I'm sure Omate will distract us with shiny stickers and of course, videos of screens being swiped left... Then right.

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul Friend on

      you really are missing the point. Statements like "would you rather have a defective product" and such like are not the issue.
      Nobody wants a defective or inferior product. the issue is that Omate gave the impression that they were read to go in to production, the watch was built and tested. They showed videos and photographs to show this. These weren't concept images, these were the real thing.
      This is what is dissapointing.

      Oh but Omate are being up front about any issues and keeping us informed.
      Are you recieving updates that i'm not? Omate only informed us of the latest issues when the deadline for October delivery was past. Before that they strongly insisted that "it would be delivered on time, and on spec" not only that but those that suggested the October delivery would be delayed were told that "there are 31 days in October"
      Again, this is what is dissapointing.

      what about those new charging cradles? I'd like to see the evidence that the charging lead was scrapped because of the risk from electric shock. But again, this "excuse" was given after the fact. If there was a genuine risk from electrical shock, when did Omate know this? was it when the were still encouraging people to buy extra cables? If the cables are being replaced because of the risk of electrical shock shouldn't those who ordered extra be given the oppertunity to have a refund?

      it's very easy to see this an anti-Omate, it's not. I have, like you all do, money invested in them. I wish them to succeedd, and yes, I can't wait to recieve my watch. But you have to leave that aside. Remove the emotion from the situation.

      The clear facts are that Omate knew there were problems. Omate chose not to acknowledge them until the campaign was over and your money was in their bank account. This is the issue.

      If they had started the campaign without the fanfare of smartwatch 2.0. If they didn't assure us of their proven background. If they hadn't said they were ready to go. There would be no problems.

    9. Giles Goodman on

      I find some of the comments on here so unnecessary. So what if the project is a few weeks late? What would you prefer? To have the product turn up defective? I like the fact that Omate are being upfront and its not as if the delay is that long. Slack... cut... some?

    10. Missing avatar

      Paul Friend on

      Hey Stan, you post two paragraphs and they contradict each other?

      People are fully entitled to be disappointed in Omate. It's impossible that they didn't know before the last day of October that there were issues with:
      The watch strap
      The charging dock
      The FCC
      The speaker
      The box, and
      The metal clasp.

      The fact is, they should have notified people a lot sooner of the issues. Photographs were posted saying howmgreatbthe box was, yet no mention that it didn't close correctly. We had posts saying how great the audio was, but no mention of the speaker issues. Photographs of the watch strap, and no mention of the issues.

      If you read the kickstarter page you would be given the impression that Omate had the watch complete and weremsimplymwaiting for funds to start production. This clearly wasn't the case.
      Yes, on kickstarter many, even most, projects come in late, but this one was billed as production ready.
      That's without going over old ground, such as no play store. This is what drew a lot of people in. Smart watch 2.0, I don't think so. The main feature that made it 2.0 was the inclusion of the play store.

    11. Stan Sokol on

      to be honest i think its wrong to be disappointed, everyone kind of knew what to expect from the beginning- every kickstarter project is over optimistic about its delivery date so no surprises there..

      The bit which i personally do not like is the way the project was described as being ready to deliver and just in need of funding, while the reality was different, for many people this what made them pledge.

    12. Arning, Zarzutzki on

      Like for Website doens't work must be ;-)

    13. 220 on

      @thg ... I appreciate the responses but its neither here nor there. I am hoping from my comments that they start getting proactive about their announcements that's it. I am a backer of early technology before platforms like KickStarter even existed. A lesson that can be learned from proper communication which I unfortunately was an early adopter of Notion Ink specifically the Adam tablet. The first Android tablet of its kind to have the Tegra processor. Its specs were outstanding and they were the first to market. There are a lot of lessons that can be learned from there missteps. Don't get me wrong, I am cheering for Omate but also holding my breath at the same time. Is that even possible?

    14. Missing avatar

      thg on

      @Adding an increase to 8GB is just one more production change
      According to Omate this "one production change" can not be done before the Dec-edition. So I would expect that they just have not the possibility/resources/parts to change the 4GB chip by an 8GB chip.

    15. 220 on

      @thg: >... I tend to believe them, in addition I expect, that most parts for the Oct-dev are already produced, so an upgrade would not be possible.

      This is really irrelevant since Omate had at least 5 changes that already affect the production times that is outlined by Update #52. Adding an increase to 8GB is just one more production change that could have been incorporated which they have already incorporated as their update suggest that November and December will deliver on time. So your argument doesn't compute. Remember here the issue is that we are suppose to get it first and that is why we are settling for inferior specs if that benefit is no longer there or limited at best, there should be a compensating factor if its not 8GB. It really comes down to communication. If they would have set a different expectation no one would have any room to complain. But when you let people think that you will be the one of the few on Kickstarter to deliver on time, you should expect people to be unhappy.

      >...I am sure, that this was planned in the project long time ago and I also think that it was not possible to do it earlier, because the hardware and documentation was not finished!

      Again this is non-responsive. The whole point is Omate could have given us a heads up earlier. Specifically when the government shut down, they could have easy told everyone ..."Due to the government shutdown our application with the FCC may cause us to delay delivery of Omate to US buyers." This statement would have been sufficient. It isn't about the FCC its about the flow of information and waiting for the last day of October to tell us what we already knew ... Omate is going to be late. Why wait? Why not be proactive and let people know. I am not complaining about waiting. I am complaining about how and when the message was delivered. This only hurts the Omate brand. The government shutdown on October 1, 2013, It was back up and running on October 17, 2013. You had to know then. Omate even gave us a sneek peek on October 24, 2013. The FCC certification was already printed then. They could have used that opportunity to let us know. A week earlier is still better than the last day. Especially since everyone already knows Omate is going to be late. Owning it makes things go a lot smoother.

      Basically what it comes down to is that it is what it is. Omate is doing a good job but could be doing a better job communicating if they expect to take on the big boys. Communication is key when you are a small player looking to build your distribution. Consumers are less forgiving when it comes down to smaller companies. Its about customer service.

    16. Missing avatar

      thg on

      > I think they should just upgrade all the developer's watches
      > who will be late up to 8GB and
      well, I'm not willing to wait until December and when they said it will not be possible to implement that earlier, I tend to believe them, in addition I expect, that most parts for the Oct-dev are already produced, so an upgrade would not be possible.

      > of course clarify the confusion on the cable and/or docking station.
      Yes this is I would like to know too. I ordered some extra cables and these should not be replaced by docking stations I have no need for!

      > You had to know a long time ago about FCC certification. Why wait
      > until the last day in October to bring it to everyone's attention.
      I think that this is a little bit unfair, I am sure, that this was planned in the project long time ago and I also think that it was not possible to do it earlier, because the hardware and documentation was not finished!

    17. 220 on

      I think they should just upgrade all the developer's watches who will be late up to 8GB and of course clarify the confusion on the cable and/or docking station. It seems a bit like a prepped response. You had to know a long time ago about FCC certification. Why wait until the last day in October to bring it to everyone's attention. At the end of the day, transparency and communication are key. Of course we want a better product, of course we would wait a little longer. But tell us as soon as you know, don't wait til the last moment when you already have egg on your face. It gives the brand Omate some breathing room. Last minute responses that seemed staged just chokes the brand out.

    18. ClintWade on

      @Niki I agree. These updates, while informative and provide quite a bit of info, can be a bit confusing when directly compared with the last update and leave many unanswered questions asseen below. I guess the newest update simply overrules the previous.

      Especially on the status of the charging cables. Seems very strange to completely alter the design (now similar to galaxy gear if I recall correctly) from what was originally advertised/shown. Many backers ordered extra cables as shown during the campaign, adding extra money to the campaign, and now they are different. Last update was everyone would get a new design to compliment the old design cable. Current update seems to mention to replace the old design. If this was the main product, not just an accessory, people would be up in arms about such radical changes.

      Definitely needs clarification, even if it is just a simple one sentence G+ post.

      My suggestion would be to ship the new design with the truesmart, thereby reducing their overhead, still make the original cable to be purchased online through their website, and for backers that ordered multiple chargers, give the option of how many cradles vs cables.

      This might be possible for Dec backers, but maybe not for Oct/Nov backers. Maybe the earliest adopters could just receive their charging cable later, as a credit, in Dec, if they dont mind paying a few bucks for extra shipping. Not sure, just an idea anyway. There is no harm in having more accessories, there is already a bluetooth earpiece available on the website, and many companies offer multiple style cables and cradles flat a later date, for the one product.

    19. Nael Saba

      @Omate- thank you for your constant updates .. the product looks great over all and i wish you all the best really!

    20. Missing avatar

      Niki Wong on

      After reading update #51, I was planning to keep the charging dock that uses a standard USB cable at home and the standard charge cable at work. Hopefully OMate can make up their mind and clarify on this matter soon.

    21. Missing avatar

      Niki Wong on

      Update #51: "And now for the best news, every TrueSmart will be shipped with a desktop Charging Cradle along with the standard cable!"
      Update #52: "This new charging dock replaces the charging cable...the extra “charging cable” will also be this new charging dock."
      So is there an 'extra' charging cable, as said clearly in update #51, or not??? Does communication on changes need to be confusing or tricky?

    22. Missing avatar

      Clay Bowen on

      Let's hope the launch doesn't coincide with the new Google Smart Watch launch, also set for late November (rumored of course). Your product may be better (specs on the Google Smart Watch are very restricted), but Omate vs. Google in a marketing war ... well, let's just leave it at that.

      Also, delaying the October developer's release (which I am part of) to November will make it impossible to have apps written and tested in time for the general launch.

    23. Missing avatar

      Tomas on

      Early adopters should behave as such, and quit whining :thumbsup:

    24. Missing avatar

      Iain Stewart-Breakey on

      I hope I get another email re. my pledge!!

      I have emailed this query twice and received no response..

      My survey makes it look as if I have only pledged for a keychain. I understand my $249.00 is for a standard watch ($199) , keychain ($10), and memory upgrade ($20) + $15.00 delivery outside US - Total = $244.00
      Here's hoping ;)

    25. Missing avatar

      catecs11 on

      Don't worry, you're doing a wonderful job, I thought supporters like me prefer a late delivery but a good product not a fast delivery but with an Omate with problems so, hugs from Italy, we're waiting with happiness our first smartwatch ;)
      Supporters, please be patient!

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael B. on

      Be patient. They mentioned in the update that they now plan to start shipment in about two weeks (mid of November). Plenty of time left for the email. I haven't got mine either. I expect to receive it in the next 7 days.

    27. Missing avatar

      rikki king on

      Still no email :(

    28. Missing avatar

      Michael B. on

      Well, just my personal view on the charging cable here:

      I found the desktop dock a nice *additional* accessory. I might use it for charging. :-D

      I need the cable more for the USB connection when *developing* on the TrueSmart. The desktop cradle cannot be used for this as you don't seem to have *full* access to the touchscreen (including its edges; important for edge swipes) and all buttons.

      If I am wrong with my understanding and the desktop dock will not hinder access to the device *at all*, I am fine with it.

      Anyway, I would very much prefer to have at least one original cable included in the Oct developer edition.

    29. Missing avatar

      Edwiin Lee on

      @Lokifish Marz - my point exactly!

      @Omate - Yes, I would like to charge the TrueSmart will on the go, the clip will be favourable.

      When I cycle long distance, sometimes for extended hours, I hope to charge with a PowerBank while the TrueSmart is still on my wrist.

      Same goes for Driving, I would like to charge while still wearing the TrueSmart.
      It is easier to unclip and leave the vehicle. When I do deliveries, I get on and off the vehicle very often. Or, I could simply keep charging with the PowerBank in my pocket if the need arises.

    30. Lokifish Marz on

      @Edwiin Lee - If that 7.2mbps is indeed correct it will make it one of the slowest MTK6572 devices on the market and slower than a three year old HTC Desire HD.

    31. Missing avatar

      Derek Tang on

      support, Truesmart!

    32. ClintWade on

      * Oct to now Early Nov Developer Backer, that was meant to read.


    33. ClintWade on

      Thanks for the update. Honesty it was long overdue.

      Recently not very happy with the following:

      Change of Play Store to Ostore. For me not so much of a problem, but for the general public and general support of the product, it may be a harder sell...

      Delay in shipping notification came on the very last day of Oct. Always noticed in the vids Lauren mentioned "Oct has 31 days" when asked about shipping. Could have been notified earlier.

      Change of charger type is compulsory. I was interested also in a wristband charger to compliment the truesmart, and also bought three extra cables for travelling, car use etc.

      I now also notice that the photos only mention water resistant, not waterproof or IP67+ or related. I understand this may be for packaging purposes only, but now that the waterproof speaker has been changed because of muffling, I hope the water proof rating remains the same. Any slight change can affect that rating, even a drop to IP57...

      I understand that these are First World problems, it is a kickstarter project yada yada, but if it was minor cosmetic changes for the delay, then no problem. It isn't. Major changes are being made at the last minute and with every update comes even more questions, as I can see below.

      Hopefully these things get sorted out, not just for the backers, not just for buyers eventually looking at it on the shelves, but for Omate as a company. I understand this is why they are changing these things, to try to better improve their products. Hopefully not at the expense of alienating some of the initial backers by implementing changes that take away from why the original purchase was made.

      For myself, I chose omate because of the simple charger compared to my previous gen sony Smartwatch, the extreme waterproofing, the playstore, the fact that it shipped in October, the standalone mode, the camera and the look. Already some things now missing from that list.

      I will wait and see before I draw any conclusions, of course (Oct>EarlyNov Dec Backer).

      Good luck to Omate and hopefully this all works in your favour.

    34. Missing avatar

      nkognegr0 on

      Yawn /me waits for the next delay.....

    35. Missing avatar

      roel cerdina on

      its ok if its delayed it make me more excited in having my watch . thanks for the info youve done a good job in making this gadget it one of a kind.hope it will not take along time thanks more power .

    36. Sing Song. Alex on

      Thanks for the update!
      Delay is fine and your team had been great in updating, follow up, follow through.

    37. Andy Appeltans on

      Thanks for the update
      Al tough i like the charging cradle for at home, I think the original clip is a lot handier for people who are on the move alot.

    38. Missing avatar

      Edwiin Lee on

      The top 3G speed for the truesmart is 7.2Mbps?


    39. Pedro Fernandez Ruiz on

      @Michael B. I ordered for USA :) I hope I can get it at november.

    40. Shawn

      Unlike touch time (which hasn't gotten an update in many months) this watch isn't delayed for over a year. What a nightmare. This is amazing progress. Thanks for all the updates. It's refreshing to see a project creator that keeps the backers in the loop for better or worse.

    41. Missing avatar

      Christophe MAUNIER on

      Thank you for listening the Backer, very good update ... I prefer wait some week and have a finish very good product than have it now and feel sad because it is not very good...

    42. Missing avatar

      Leonardo Camilo on

      Thank you for the update.

    43. nick.does.bags

      Understandable about the delay but hoping the extra time helps you polish off this product to the super standards we'll be expecting. Thank you for your clear communication :)

    44. Elfan Nofiari on

      Thanks for the update. I am really satisfied with your good effort on communications.

    45. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      @omate... You are delay...and GET IT RIGHT! Keep the comms clear and regular and you will have everyone's support.

    46. Missing avatar

      Juan Gabriel Martinez Arcas on

      Thanks guys for listening the backers.

    47. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    48. Missing avatar

      Sean Machan on

      Do the Canada ones have to wait for FCC too? Thanks for the update

    49. Suhas Raja on

      @Omate Will the extreme edition still arrive before christmas?

    50. Missing avatar

      Michael B. on

      @ Pedro: depends on shipping method and destination country. China standard post takes typically 4-6 weeks for me.