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Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
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    1. mithrilz on

      Thanks Omate!!!

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      Edwiin Lee on

      @Stephane: the pictures aren't very clear but based on the descripition, it seems to be an encasement. It is like the cradle will touch the pins on the omate and in turn connected to the micro-USB at its exterior. Hence, the casing/cradle isn't waterproof in anyway.

      In fact, if it does get into fluids, while the pins are in contact with the omate truesmart watch, it will damage the circuits within.

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      Stephane on

      With the using of Micro-USB. Is the Omate TrueSmart always IP67 Water-resistant ?

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      Alexandre VERDIN on

      Only one word : wonderfull !

    5. Andy Appeltans on

      is there any update on the exploded tshirt design?

    6. Jermell Carter on

      Awesome to see advancement in accessories so soon and to provide a crucial one for free after the project has been backed. Though I'm grateful, I really hope this Google Play Services/Play Store thing gets worked out soon.


      Thank you very much!
      I was reading the new update and wondering how much it gonna cost.

      Free Charging Cradle!
      Thank you Omate!

    8. ZHENG Robert on

      Great!!! Thanks a lot Omate. I'm looking forward to get my TrueSmart :-)

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      Martin Gerlings on

      Amazing! This is beyond words can describe. Even AFTER the project closed, you give away this cradle for free, which is something you did not need to do, and does not bring you any more sales (for now); that is just awesome. I do not respond often, but you guys really deserve it: I really hope that after this project, Omate can keep the momentum going, which is the hardest part for start-ups; you have my vote, and I will be an ambassador as much as I can. So, once again: Chapeau!

    10. Oleg Lysachok on

      Пацаны ваще ребята

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      damien C on

      Thanks Omate,

      With all the play store issues (one would think this would have been a design consideration at the beginning, but hey I’m not complaining it’s done and you are communicating the progress to us well).

      I see this is a welcome gift for our support and a the fact you guys are a true company who listen to their customers and try and solve problems on the go.

      I reckon there may be changes to kit Kat that may allow smaller screens (hence why they are still optimistic and keeping it quiet until the press release..), just my gut feeling.

    12. Micah Willard on

      *happy squeal!!!* Awesome!!!

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      Christophe MAUNIER on

      I pledge for 1 extra extra charging cables because the TrueSmart use other conector than microusb.
      I have a lot of microusb cables.

      Now, the extra charging cables will be send with desktop charging cradle? Or I have to take an extra desktop charging cradle?

      Thank you

    14. RoChess on

      Few questions.

      1) End of the survey there was the option to enter some questions that would be dealt with via e-mail. It is now over a month ago that I did my survey and still no follow-up on those. One of them for me was actually in regards to ordering spare charging cables afterwards, so this news on the free charging station made me very happy. Some technical specifications would help, as I have some USB chargers of 200mAh, and it would be nice to know if that is enough to charge as fast as possible or if I need to use one of my higher rated ones.

      2) I pledged for two watches, so will have 2 spare batteries. It will be cumbersome to charge battery inside Omate TS and then swap batteries to charge the spare. So I hope a battery charger system is considered as a future accessory (ideally with room for 2 batteries). Leaving the house with a fully charged internal battery and a fully charged spare battery is very comforting. If the technical specs can be provided on the batteries used, then perhaps there is some existing battery charger that I can look for already.

      3) Probably a lot of unknowns with the Google certification process, which I sympathize with, but perhaps you can outline what you plan to do when Google denies, delays for this month/year or if it close to getting approved. Are they going to be shipped with the slow boat from China (it normally takes 3-4 weeks for items from to get to me), or are suitcases being filled for speedier transport. Reading the comments, it is the 'unknown' that is driving most backers mad.

      @marnix.moed, any microUSB battery pack would work for this, and you can even use solar based models. DX item #234707 is 5600mAh for $12, or #44047 for solar model with 1000mAh battery. Thousands of other options available, which is the benefit of going this route versus a build in version.

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      marnix.moed on

      That's a nice gesture.

      But what would really add value/usefullness to me, is if the cradle has it's own batterypack. So you can take only the cradle with you and recharge the Truesmart when on the way. Very handy, especially if you use the Smartwatch as a standalone (GSM, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. all on) phonewatch, powerdrain can be quite high I guess. And on the move it would be really nice if it can recharge the watch when there is no carplug, wallcharger, etc available like in trains and on the bus.

      I have bluetooth headsets with such feature for intense use.

    16. Missing avatar

      Sean Graham on

      You guys are awesome. I have high hopes for this.

    17. Richard Fletcher on

      Great comprise with the play store now to get the watch shipped before Samsung unveils there new watch expected in November!

    18. Watts on

      Merci beaucoup!

    19. Randall McQuade on

      Can't wrap my head around the charging cradle is it like a clamshell? Will it snap into the dock?

      The reason I ask is I can see if the watch fits in the cradle securely using it for cycling and charging the watch from a portable battery

    20. Adam Hsieh on


      Seriously folks STOP asking for ship dates. It'll ship when it ships.

    21. Missing avatar

      Mark K. on

      Awesome add on! I echo Pedro's question, have not heard details on shipping for #1 and #2's. Have we any idea if it is still November and if so before Black Friday? It would really help on shopping day to have my TrueSmart helping me out!

    22. Pedro Fernandez Ruiz on

      Great news! when it will ship --> early birds #1 and #2?

    23. Missing avatar

      Brian Nicolich on

      Is the top transparent, or just gloss black? It would be pretty cool if we could see the screen through it. But either is a welcome addition. Thanks for this.

    24. Alon Walter on

      Nicely done!
      A little update announcing some annoyance for the users - then counter-update with a truly practical bonus. Hey - very good idea, and good timing as well...
      Back to being hyped about this project :-)

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      BAN on

      That is just brilliant, awesome update

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      Now that's called true kickstarter spirit. Nobody see this coming. Let surprise keep coming TrueSmartians, we love you guys!

    27. Felix Andres on

      Awsome! Very exciting news :-)

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      Wong Kum Yew on

      While reading the update, I was thinking "hmm.. that might be useful", saw the pic and scrolled down to read about the price and delivery impact.... POW! Jaw dropped. Thanks!!!

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      Juan Gabriel Martinez Arcas on

      Fantastic news... thanks Omate.

    30. Missing avatar

      Stephen Younger on

      Awesome. I was bummed out after the news about not having google play ready to go. I got burned by archos with their /@^#& tablet 2 yrs ago with the same thing. This def helps.

    31. Kent Hambrock on

      Possibly the best news so far, post kickstarter completion! This is exactly what myself and a few other suggested and I can't be more happy with the results. Thank you Omate, your team has truly been fantastic through all this. :D

    32. nick.does.bags

      That was an unexpected but welcome surprise!

      Thank you very much :)

    33. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    34. Arning, Zarzutzki on

      @MrShortFry @thg @KentBolton @all
      Will it really come with every TS?

      Yes it will even come with the October Developer Editon. Still with every TS.

    35. Scott Nuttall on

      The gift that keeps on giving!

    36. Missing avatar

      Derek Tang on

      That's great great news!!!

    37. Missing avatar

      PeterS on

      Great, great example how customer centric omate is thinking.
      Seeing the design of it I assume this is the base model for a few extra accessoires like extra battery backpack, bikemount with extra battery,....

    38. Missing avatar

      r00x on

      Stellar. Thanks very much, Omate!!!

    39. Missing avatar

      Stas Oskin on

      Question about radiation - anyone knows how dangerous to wear microwave transmitter 24x7 on a wrist?

      Was this discussed before?

    40. Ian on

      Bless you; I was kicking myself that I hadn't ordered a spare charge cable for travelling!

    41. Missing avatar

      Reuben Reichmann on

      This is fantastic. Well done Image and big thank you.

    42. Zuber Bunglawala on

      Cool. Can I add another one to my order ? I'm thinking I could stick one in my car as well.

    43. Zhou on

      AWESOME!!! :D

    44. Kent Bolton on

      _Awesome_ Omate. Great news. Thanks.

      As per below, just wondering whether my shiny developer edition will come with the charger ?

    45. Fundación Inceptum on

      Thank you so much Omate for this free stretch goal! Your TrueSmart is gonna be LEGENDARY!!!

    46. Samuel Sánchez García on

      I pledge for 2 extra spare cables because I TrueSmart use other conector than microusb.
      I have a lot of microusb cables.

      Now, the spare cables will be a desktop charging cradle?
      Or I can take a extra desktop charging cradle with cable with my $10 pledge for spare cables?

    47. Elfan Nofiari on

      Thank you Omate! Really really thank you! That cradle is surely a lot nicer than the previous clip cable.

    48. Missing avatar

      fred sun on

      Great news!Thanks Omate!
      So with a spare cable ordered, now I have 3 cables to charge TS and can afford to lose 2 of them.