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Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
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Development, Google Play and Google Services

Posted by Omate (Creator)

Dear TrueSmarters,

We apologize for any confusion that our initial statements may have caused regarding the Official Google Play Store. TrueSmart is the first of an entire new breed of smartwatches, for you as well as for us, and as we are developing it together we are also learning. Even though Android does not currently allow for official Play Store support for Smartwatch 2.0 devices, Omate is still working closely with Google over Google Play and Google Services issues. We feel that the combined efforts of Google and Omate will allow for Google Play Store and Google Services to be on the TrueSmart and we are fully committed to get the TrueSmart certified and the needed updates released. Until that time we are working to provide you with the OStore and are also working closely with app developers to ensure apps in the OStore will provide the best experience possible. I will personally do my best with the support of the entire Omate Team to promote Omate's vision to strategic industrial partners and with your help we will make it possible. The companion feature (Osmart) is just one of the limitless applications we can implement into the TrueSmart. We will announce great app partnerships when we will start shipping the Developer Edition end of October. 

In videos and pictures from various developer events we’ve been attending, we have shown Google Play and Google Services are working properly on the TrueSmart engineering samples. However we have to respect Google’s certification process in order to get official access to their services so we must confirm the TrueSmart Developer Edition will not ship with Google Play preloaded on it. If you have pledged the Developer Edition, we consider that you are a Developer (that makes sense to us) and thus you know how to install any Android APK. We rely on you - Developers - to test your existing applications and even create new ones dedicated to this new fantastic Android based wearable platform that the TrueSmart represents. 

We attended our first Hackaton as a supportive startup this weekend at AngelHack HK. The feedback from backers and developers have been nothing but positive; over the course of our Kickstarter campaign we have changed our specs based on your feedback, your voice counts and we carefully listen our community. As a result we have designed the world's first software running on top of Android dedicated to wearable devices (Omate User Interface a.k.a OUI). We have set a reference design of the world's first Android smartwatch 2.0 running on MediaTek MT6572. Something to be very proud of, and cherish. 

We are dedicated to ship the TrueSmart on time, on specs and on quality. We still have many challenges to face but we are on track according to our planning even though some features and aspects are not directly linked to Omate's final decision. The road to success is a bumpy one, especially when making industry-changing products. 

I’d like to thank you for your support and commitment to TrueSmart. 

Laurent Le Pen (CEO)

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    1. matt jenkins on

      Many thanks Nils for your update. I suppose people will still be able to install the play store on their TS if they want to anyhow.

    2. Missing avatar

      Nils on

      @Matt, it is not certain if it will ship with Play Store or not. It probably won't ship with it because they are working on Ostore. When the TS will support Play Store you will get it with an OTA update.

    3. matt jenkins on

      i'm a little confused with this google play store business being pre installed on the TS.
      I'm new to kickstarter but i backed the Omate TrueSmart 1Gb/8Gb Edition | with 1Gb memory / 8Gb on-board storage. Backers of this pledge reward can choose to have STANDARD or DEVELOPERS in the Survey at the end of the Campaign. I have opted for the standard package which is due to be shipped in December. Does this mean the TS will not have Play store on it? I wonder if someone could clarify for me. Thanks

    4. Missing avatar

      Nils on

      @fmotta you can install apps on your TS regardless whether or not you have the dev edition. If for some reason you need root acces, you can also root either TS if needed (at least that's what Omate said).

      @Jared I dont agree with your points:
      - You say Kickstarter is a risk.
      Yes it is a risk, but Omate shouldn't have stated they have the first smartwatch with Google Play while Google didn't even give permission. Even I know the TS would/did not meet the requirements of Google for Play services but I figured they had worked something out.
      - You say Google is evil and knows everything about you.
      How is this related to the TS? You can create an anonymouse Gmail account just for Play Store and be just fine. By your own logic you should be using a smartphone without any Google services? I don't think so.
      - You say Google is developing their own smartwatch so they hinder smartwatches like the TS.
      Maybe but still, Google has set up guidelines and requirements for phone manufacturers to get Play services on their devices, they are there for a reason. Furthermore I don't believe a Google Smartwatch would feature the regular Play Store as it just isn't designed for it.
      - You say this is a watch and it would be impractical as standalone and installing apps won't make much sense.
      The TS has standalone feature for a reason. Just because you think it doesn't make sense doesn't mean anything.
      Furthermore, people don't have to put loads of apps on their TS, that is not the point. There are quite a few people who want to use it for sports and would like to install a sports tracker like Runtatastic. If they install only one single app, the addition of Play Store is already justified.

      @Lokifish regarding the Oppo CM edition, you know as well there is a difference between saying your device will not have Play Store acces and saying your device will have Play Store access but then come back on it because it isn't really sure and probably won't feature it officially. That is what's bothering everyone here.

      I still believe in Omate though. And still looking forward to getting the thing. What wonders me is that Omate is almost overdue on the dev edition while they repeatedly said they where ahead of schedule and (supposedly) production started a day after reaching it's goal.

    5. Shany on

      Stretch goal: get google play - 2,000,000,000,000,000

    6. Randall McQuade on

      I suggest that Omate send out another survey asking who would like to wait for Google play on their Truesmart (for all we know certification rules may already be in the works for devices such as the Truesmart)

      That way everyone can be happy. Well maybe not if you have to wait a year for your watch to get Google Play.

    7. fmotta on

      Did I read that users may not be able to install their own apps onto this watch unless they backed at a developer level? If so then this is contrary to the standard of toggling a setting on the phone that allows instllation from any source.

    8. Joey Ardion on

      Im pretty upset, because the consensus before was that even if google didn't back it, they would still ship with the google play store. Not sure why all of a sudden that has changed. At least put out a tutorial for those of us that want to add the google play store to the watch. That is the least that should happen.

    9. Missing avatar

      Niklas Claesson on

      I have to say that I really don't care whether play store is supplied or not. It's convenient, but definitely not a "must have".

    10. Missing avatar

      J Rod on

      So many comments, where to begin.
      -If you don't like risk, don't back projects on Kickstarter. Put it under your mattress instead.
      -Google is plenty evil. They acquired Android then gave it out for free to gain market share. Now they are pulling back to force everyone to go along with whatever is best for Google's plans for world domination, not developers or end users. Google knows your account and wifi passwords, reads your e-mail, has photos of your house and office, knows what web sites you go to and when, what movies and TV shows you watch, etc. Do some research and educate yourself on a company that deserves hateful comments.
      -Google is coming out with their own smart watch, so obviously they are going to drag their feet with regard to TS.
      -This is a freaking watch, so if you are expecting to 100% replace your cell phone with it, you're a little delusional. For hammering out an e-mail, researching things in a web browser, watching videos, or pretty much anything you do longer than a few minutes you'll want to have a tablet or cell phone in your coat pocket. Tablets and used phones are crazy cheap these days, so tether them to the TS and go about your business. Filling up the watch with apps that are currently widely available is not going to make much sense.

    11. Missing avatar

      David Bekker on

      @Bryan, just because I live in South Africa doesn't mean the delivery needs to take place via elephant. Stuff ordered from can make it here within 3 days believe it or not ;)

    12. Lokifish Marz on

      "While all efforts are made to ensure timely completion of software functions, software development too can have unforseeable delays which may result in software functions being delivered in an update after a product has shipped."

      On the Omate KS page since Aug 21st 2013.

      As far as them not admitting to any mistake. "We apologize for any confusion that our initial statements may have caused" is exactly that.

      Now if a version of Android that supports smartwatches is pushed to the TS without Google Services. Then you have something to grumble about.

    13. Boone Simpson on

      @DarenTay there is no guarantee that Play store will ship on "standard" models. (Though the rumor is that when "wearables" are a thing from Google, that TS will be allowed access).

      It should be installable by the end user on either version of the TS.

    14. Missing avatar

      DarenTay on

      Hi there3, i opted for the developer model mainly for it being unlock. not really a developer. if this is confirm, can i request for a change to a standard model, that will eventually come with playstore preloaded?

    15. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    18. Robert Dawson on

      @Bas Horneman I can see your point. Looking back, they definitely advertised Google Play support pretty hard, especially in the beginning. I hope they can work it out. It's still shipping with every other listed feature, including all the stretch goals, and I'm still excited about its possibilities. It also looks like it should work fine with Google services in Companion mode, just not as much in Stand-Alone. Considering other recent SmartWatches can't even do Stand-Alone, it's still a pretty impressive piece of tech.

    19. Missing avatar

      Randy A. Schemidt on

      Although disappointing, this had been brought up previously in the tech press. Hopefully a future software update will resolve all.

    20. nick.does.bags

      Seriously people. If you don't understand the development process and implications of a kickstarter don't comment. You're making out as if they deliberately misled you. THEY DID NOT. End of! now stop beating a dead horse. If any of you have any experience with Android even the most basic you'll know you can install Google Play Store and services separately. Ever heard of running a custom ROM before? You normally flash this as an addition zip. It's a very simple and basic process. I'm not even sure why I felt the need to reply but the level of ignorance here is frustrating. Let it rest and just wait for it to arrive before making assumptions.

    21. Randall McQuade on


      I guess Omate could delay shipping till they get the Google Play thing straightened out.

      Well at least yours anyways , that way they can fulfill their promise to you.

      Me, I'll take mine now without Google Play and wait for the update later.

      You can wait for yours.

    22. Richard Fletcher on

      Sorry lokifish can't spell lol

    23. Richard Fletcher on

      @lockigish no they didn't admit to making a mistake they said it was a confusion but blatantly saying it will be shipped with play is just a black and white lie, I want to know whether it will even sync calender and contacts?

    24. Robert Dawson on

      @Niki Actually I think the worse case scenario is that you'd just have to side-load Google Play. I believe other apps could be installed and updated as normal after that. And, Omate would provide their own store as well for those who weren't comfortable doing that. I haven't actually tried side-loading Play on an Android device that didn't have it, so someone else may know more.

    25. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    26. Missing avatar

      Niki Wong on

      I tried to read all comments but got only a vague idea on what the worst-case impact would be in case this product will never get certified by Google. Besides the inconvenience of having to side-load every APK (and w/o automatic updates?), what else? I appreciated Le Pen's communication on this matter, and hopefully based on feed backs he could release another statement that could educate us (incl. non-developers) with more complete information on what the worst-case impact could be. Simply stating that negotiation with Google will be in-progress is more of a comforting statement without substance.

    27. Robert Dawson on

      @omate Given the concern surrounding this, perhaps you could offer the option for people who pledged for the early Developer Editions to change their pledge to a later, more complete edition? That would allow those who mistakenly grabbed an early pre-release Developer Edition thinking it would be the finished product to get an edition more closely aligned to what they want.

      For myself, I'm happy to stick with my pre-release Developers Edition so I can start developing for it ASAP.

    28. Robert Dawson on

      Are you people actually reading the update?

      It doesn't say TrueSmart won't get Google Play, it says the early [October] DEVELOPER EDITION will not ship with Google Play preloaded on it, because they are still working with Google on the certification process for this class of device.
      Omate has already clearly stated, in updates DURING the Kickstarter campaign, that the early Developer Editions are PRE-RELEASE versions that won't be fully baked, but they want to get these out early to us developers so we can develop for it. I'm fine with that. I'd rather get my Developer Edition earlier so I can start developing for it, rather than wait for a Google to revise their certification process.

      Omate has been very open and communicative, far more than most Kickstarter campaigns, and I'm willing to trust them to work through this. In the mean time, Omate is also working on an inter-rim solution.

    29. CK on

      Mm...i get this because I want it faster and rooted. I know we can still sideload apk but can we still use google voice, gmail, and get google play access to save the hassle of sideload everytime?

    30. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    31. Lokifish Marz on

      The limited OPPO N1 CyanogenMod Edition won't come with it either. Don't see folks screaming at them. Actually if you really want to scream at somebody, go scream a Google for not even having a version of Android that officially supports smartwatches.

      Omate made a mistake, admitted to it and is trying to correct it. There are others that thought it better to threaten people publicly instead of doing any of the things Omate has done.

    32. Pedro Fernandez Ruiz on

      I agree with @Bas Horneman, apps like Tasker, Nova Prime, Titatium Backup, gTasks, etc. All apps we paid, oh no!!

    33. Missing avatar

      dustin on

      @all: is it true that we won't be able to sync contacts?

      One of the main reasons for purchasing this watch was to enter contact info on the fly and have it sync to my gmail account :(

    34. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    35. David Bischof on

      As Rhys said this is obviously a breach. The good thing is if the Omate is awesome regardless, I'm in. And if it sucks, I can simply report breach of terms and get my money back. Actually works in everyone's favor. If anything it puts more onus on Omate to deliver a great product and not just another Smart Watch wannabe.

    36. Missing avatar

      harke stavasius on

      disappointing at first sight!
      thumbs up for the communication although a little marketing wise from le Pen
      lots of true words in the comments
      just have to 'renew' waiting time
      but it will be better lateron , now with a fractured devise(see all the negative (pre)review!!!)
      Better not to sent???
      glad some backer are dutch with 'all hands on!"
      Struggle AND emerge (luctor et emergo)

    37. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      @Mark Spohr, you obviously don't get the point. Yes, as with pretty much *any* Android device you can load APKs to your heart's desire, including Google Apps. It is understood that non-certified devices cannot ship Google Play or Google Apps pre-installed. However, the point here is that the device was marketed as being the "World's 1st Smartwatch 2.0 with Google Play App Store [new]". If it wasn't certified by Google from the beginning, then why say it will have the Play Store at the beginning?

    38. Missing avatar

      Mark Spohr on

      People... please relax. As has been explained many times, Omate cannot ship Google Play (and the related Google Apps, Mail, Maps, etc.) pre-installed on the phone with Google approval. They are working on getting approval and no doubt this will be forthcoming.
      Also, as has also been explained many times, anyone can install Google Play store, Mail, Maps, etc. on any Android phone. Just download the file and install the apk file.
      (Instructions and file are here and many other places... Google it.).
      This doesn't require any special "rooting" or "unlocking"... the Play store is a standard Android app and you can install it the same way you can install any other Android app.
      You have not been cheated or shortchanged out of anything.
      Just install the Play Store app and enjoy!

    39. Bram Call on

      @rhys, both true and funny.

    40. Missing avatar

      Rhys on

      @Eric Balarezo, @Bram Call, Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill. and there is more on Kickstarters Basic guide,
      If this is not a true statement "World's 1st Smartwatch 2.0 with Google Play App Store [new]"
      If there is no Google Play Access then we are not Android Developers, just a bunch of hacker with no customers and nothing more than a heavy Galaxy Gear.

    41. Paul Dribbell on

      Granted, I'm disappointed not to be getting Android after having boasted to quite a lot of my people but with pioneering work comes the bumpy ride.

      I am actually wondering what the watch WILL be able to do, over and above the new breed of smart watches that have been launched.

      However, Jonathan Schipper and friends are the ones that I now have my eye on - the new heroes of Omate's Smartwatch 2!!

    42. Jonathan Schipper on

      Omate, we hear you and understand, what you have done is truly pioneer work and we're all human (except for the androids among us)

      My friends and I will post online guides and tutorials on how to root and load whatever on the device (watch for them on XDA, Youtube, G+)

      And finally, Google will probably incorporate an xsmall factor of some sort in the near future (hopefully with KitKat) In any case, apps have to be updated for the new screen size, so it's basically the same if Google certifies the watch or not..

    43. Richard Fletcher on

      so there wont be any syncedcontacts I could have bought a smartwatch (stand alone with bluetooth for less and quicker ever feel lie you have been miss sold something on purpose to line someones pocket

    44. Arend Hamming on

      @Eric Balarezo, @Bram Call
      I agree. Please tell us now if there are more of your promises that you won't keep. Be honest and the community will have your back.

    45. Missing avatar

      Tyler Daughtry on

      Seriously people should stop complaining. Omate has been very communicative and informative in this whole process far more than most people on kickstarter. These guys are very clearly professionals who know what they are doing. The real problem with getting the play store is that currently Google has no guidelines in place for this kind of device. The Trusmart is the first of it's kind and Google is working with them to make this happen, and I'm confident that they will get the issues ironed out, so take a deep breath and relax because you are getting some pretty impressive hardware for an incredible price.

    46. Missing avatar

      Razvan Pavel

      My reason for getting TrueSmart is the Google integration. Now I don't have it and TrueSmart just dropped around $100 in value. Let at least hope someone will develop a root kit for TrueSmart since I missed the opportunity to get a developers edition. Very disappointed with Laurent Le Pen and his TrueSmart. Maybe if he will do less travel and more work with Google this "small" issue will be resolved soon.

    47. Adam Hsieh on

      While we all hope for official Google Play support, folks new to Android: this isn't a big deal. Google Play and Services can be loaded even if there is no "official" support for it. There are great multitude of examples where this has been accomplished without issue. After all - this is why most of us are on Android and why it's one of the platform's main strengths.

    48. Ls Song on

      And when you said it won't come with developing version, does this means GMS will still come but at a later day, (at least when non-developer version shipping), ans will developer version get an OTA to update?

    49. Ls Song on

      Actually what I concerned is not about the GApps, since you can always side load them. However, I wonder if the new "fused location" from Google works or not. It comes with Google play service and is important to provide low powered location services to apps.

      Without fused location, I believe new location aware apps (like sports app, location logger...) will have less accuracy or use more power.

      Can anyone clarify this? Or can I side load the fused location services?


    50. ed tranosky on

      so, for the non developers, is there an approx date that we will be getting the watch? is pre black friday realistic?