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Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
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Ultra-sensitive Touchscreen for Everyone

Earlier while announcing stretch goals, we briefly mentioned Ultra-sensitive Touchscreen as one hardware upgrade which we had originally planned as a stretch goal. But because there is no more time frame to wait for a stretch goal with such a crucial part of the hardware, an internal decision was taken to include the Ultra-sensitive Touchscreen as a standard feature in all your TrueSmart.

What is Ultra-sensitive Touchscreen?
Touchscreens work by detecting electrical charge changes on the touchscreen when your finger touches the touchscreen. These changes are run through a series of calculation by the touchscreen controllers to determine the location of your touch. Two things determine the accuracy of this : the electrical charge change (touchscreen) and the calculation (touchscreen controller). Ultra-sensitive Touchscreen is a combination of improvements in both, especially the calculation. New controllers have superior processing abilities to have complex calculations that can determine the most accurate positions. It also has superior calculations algorithms that eliminate false detection, and even detecting weaker charge changes that older controllers couldn't. Plus it is able to make this calculations faster.

So what does that mean?
It means your TrueSmart touchscreen feels responsive, reacts to your touch instantly. It means your touches and on screen typing on your TrueSmart is more accurate and more precise than you are familiar with (most smartphones are still not using this technology yet). It also means you can still use your TrueSmart while wearing gloves - awesome with Autumn coming up as we head into colder seasons.

Here we've got a video of our engineer trying the ultra-sensitive touchscreen on the prototype, using a cloth to simulate typing while wearing gloves. (Don't) Try this with your smartphone, it most likely will not work on your smartphone!

The Omate team has access to such awesome and newest technology, because technology leaders have faith in us - they know what we are doing and where are going. They need forward looking companies like Omate to bring their brand new high-tech technology to the market, bring them to you in the form of products. Take a step back and consider how much new technology is included in the TrueSmart - that's how many high technology companies are working with Omate to have their latest technology in the TrueSmart - you can see we have their support. And now everyone can see too that we have your support! Here's to leading the generation change in Smartwatch 2.0, with wearable technology. And also a new paradigm of product development from bottom-up with crowd-support. Cheers!

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    1. Missing avatar

      René Meier on

      Another examples about super sensitive touch screen:

    2. Missing avatar

      dragon788 on

      Does this mean we'll be able to use things like pen tips, etc >1mm as a stylus.

    3. Kidliss Redmond on

      @john good thanks I kinda of figure that. Maybe Omate team will still respond if they have time.

    4. Missing avatar

      John Good

      @ Kidliss
      No I think you should change the pledge to the 250 $ one, coz the 8GB can't be shipped before december anyway.

    5. Missing avatar

      John Good

      I guess you just have to change your pledge to the one with 8GB and 1 GB RAM with delivery in december. There is no possibility to get the watch earlier with 8GB.

    6. R. W. P-Hay on

      The team must be swamped because I can't get an answer to my question- how do we upgrade to 8 GB on board if we have already upgraded to 1 GB RAM?

    7. Kidliss Redmond on

      To the Omate team or backers: have a question. So I pledged 199.00 for the November delivery date. But I would like to update to the 1Gb/8Gb pledge. The cost is $250. So do I just add $50 to my current pledge of $199? Will that change my delivery date? Just wanna say thanks for all the consistent updates along with videos too. Thanks Omate. I was backing hotwatch project before I came across this one. After reading your page, watching a few videos it was clear who had a superior smart watch hitting the market. I am glad I switched thanks again Omate

    8. Eemeli Saarelainen on

      Must be the new Synaptics touch screen controller they released a couple of months before the Lumia 920. New Galaxy S4 is using that same for their AirView, if I'm not badly mistaken.

    9. Missing avatar

      Bart Blommaerts on

      "MF Calub> Is it October yet?"

      ... i second that emotion!

    10. Missing avatar

      Alexandre VERDIN on

      That's an excelent news...for golfer wich wear glove...all season ;-D

    11. Jeff Cochran on

      Dear Omate folks,
      I raised my pledge to $239 for the 1gb/8gb upgrade. 10 dollars less for stage 2 early bird. All correct? Thanks in advance!
      Jefferson Cochran

    12. Omate Creator on

      @Christoper Sigit Hadinata, good one!! Not many people know that phone :-)

    13. Omate Creator on

      @Arning, Zarzutzki, could be the same, could be not, not too sure about their product :-)

    14. Omate Creator on

      @Neil Bantoc, it's slowly coming into smartphones and most don't have this standard yet. So you see TrueSmart is absolutely in with the first wave of technology leaders.

    15. Arning, Zarzutzki on

      Is it like the touchscreen on my Garmin Oregon 650t GPS. Touchscreen works with any gloves.

    16. Missing avatar

      Austin Cooper on

      Awesome. Very sensitive indeed. You can even see once more how fluid and fast the TrueSmart is in that video. I mean, going in and out of apps, swiping between home screens, it all looks buttery and super fast!

    17. Neil Bantoc on

      Tried it with my note 2 (touching the tissue thing). It worked. One of the advantages of Samsung's Super Amoled screen is that it's a lot thinner than other displays due to to the fact that the touch detection layer is integrated into the screen, as opposed to having a layer for the screen and a separate layer for the touch sensor, like how other touchscreen phones are.

    18. Christoper Sigit Hadinata on

      Lumia 920 tech is implemented in Omate. Awesome!

    19. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    20. MF Calub on

      Is it October yet?