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Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
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Producing the TrueSmart PCB !!

Thanks to the rocket start to the TrueSmart Kickstarter campaign securing the funding goal within the first day, we were able to start production preparations from Day #2 already! Every TrueSmart consists of more than 100 components, some of which will first form core parts which will then be assembled together. In a few Updates earlier you saw the Sapphire Crystal Glass Display Unit formed together.

Today we are happy to inform you that another core part, the TrueSmart PCB for October, is produced. Here you see the PCBs fresh off the fabrication (without components yet). Most of these will then go for SMT to surface mount the components including the processor. Some of these will become the TrueSmart Commemorative Keychains ($10 Pledge / Pledge Increase), our way of remembering this awesome event together with you.

And in the second pic here, you can see the PCBs have their components already surface mounted. After some testing and quality control, they will be ready, another core part completed ready for assembly into your TrueSmart.

This Update is to keep you informed about our progress. Although we are a little ahead of schedule now, let's not raise your hopes too high - the entire production process is not yet completed. We hope you will be patient :-) We reiterate our commitment to delivery on time and on quality - our commitment of October for Developers. 

On a side note: We are actually in a very good position now, as many projects only start planning production after the Project closes, not to mention actually starting production. We have done things differently - pre-planning the production to be in place and ready to implement before the Project even started. We remember when the Project launched, some people were skeptical about our October delivery schedule. Well, we weren't too concerned because we knew what they didn't - our dedication and the pre-planning work we have done. So once the funding goal was reached in the first day, we immediately activated the production preparations. Our suppliers are also as psyched as everyone here watching the numbers tick tick tick go up everyday :-)  And since they are already familiar with us + added the magic of Kickstarter numbers + plus some negotiations = we were able to begin production - nice! :-) 

It's TrueSmart, it's true, and it's coming. At this point of time, we are on time and we'll keep you informed of our progress.

ps. Congrats and thanks to everyone, $650K Stretch Goal is In!!

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    1. Creator Watts on September 9, 2013

      Sh#t just got real =)

    2. Creator Stan Sokol on September 9, 2013

      Thoroughly impressed! Great work+ finally nice high def pics) this might be the first project on time. What about all the paperwork, certification- this bit can take ages..?

    3. Creator Omate on September 9, 2013

      @Rob Dukarski, it's still early to tell the date, we'll know more and more certain the date the closer we get. Don't hold your breath! :-))

    4. Creator Omate on September 9, 2013

      Glad everyone likes seeing their PCBs :-)) Yes there are 1Gb's in there as well as 512mb's.

    5. Creator Omate on September 9, 2013

      @Michael B. indeed about 3mm (don't have it with me so can't give you the exact decimal point number). A modern PCB is about 2.6mm, and then add the surface mount components (not soldered components), around 3mm would be about right.

    6. Creator Arning, Zarzutzki on September 9, 2013

      @omate Hope you put some 1GIG models together too for October :) Extra pledge for 1GB in October serialized dev Edition Wirth Keychain and extra USB cable. How will you handle now the dev units for October with extra Memory and other Feature.

    7. Creator IraqiGeek on September 9, 2013

      @Michael B,

      Why the embarrassing questions? :P

    8. Creator Michael B. on September 9, 2013

      Just because I am curious after the "discussion" with our blue friend: Can you tell us, how thick the pcb is with mounted components. About 3mm ? :-)

    9. Creator Richard Brenner on September 9, 2013

      Hope you put some 1GIG models together too for October :)

    10. Creator Rob Dukarski on September 9, 2013

      @Omate My birthday is on the 6th of October is there any way I can receive my TrueSmart Smartwatch by/on that day? THAT WOULD BE TOTALLY AWESOME! Thank you for your time and consideration!

    11. Creator mike ledoux on September 9, 2013

      Looking good, folks! It has been a while since I've been this excited about a kickstarter project, I can't wait for November!

    12. Creator Christopher Teague on September 9, 2013

      So happy to see.

    13. Creator Lokifish Marz on September 9, 2013

      I think I see my 1GB Developer Edition! October can't get here fast enough.

    14. Creator Cyrius Hacker on September 9, 2013

      "Omate, turning dreams into reality"
      (if you use that, I want some royalties lol)

    15. Creator arckal on September 9, 2013

      Is there any forum or place where we could start discussing the SmartWatch topics?