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Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
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Sending Stuff to/from TrueSmart via USB, Internet, Wifi (AirDroid)

Posted by Omate (Creator)

TrueSmart being a truly smart mobile technology on your wrist, you probably want to send stuff to/from your TrueSmart - photos, videos, documents, files, apk etc.The versatile connectivity of TrueSmart is unparalleled, another First & Unique for TrueSmart - wired and wireless -  with USB, Internet (3G/2G, Wifi, Paired) and Wifi.

USB Cable

You might have noticed USB in the title but do not remember seeing any USB ports in the specs nor photos. You're right! There's no USB ports because USB ports are not water-resistant. So how do we make a USB connection with the TrueSmart? The special water-resistant charging connectors (4 golden points at the back of the watch that you see in some photos), these function as the USB port too! The charging cable is also a USB data cable - at one end, the cable clips to the water-resistant connectors on the watch, and at the other end plugs into the USB ports for power as well as data.

The left pic above shows the TrueSmart connected to a PC via USB. As with Android, you get that familiar "Connect As" screen. Your TrueSmart simply shows up in your computer as a Removable Drive and you can copy/move/manage files like you would any storage drive.

Internet (eg. Email)

But what if I don't have the cable with me! How can I still send stuff to/from TrueSmart. You can always use internet via Wifi, 3G/2G or paired to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Email the file (or photo) to yourself. Since your TrueSmart is most likely also setup to receive your email, you would receive the file (or photo) on your TrueSmart. The right pic shows me saving the attachment from Gmail in the TrueSmart (an apk I emailed myself). Other than email, there are other internet services like Google Drive, Drop Box etc where you can save your file(s) to and retrieve them on your TrueSmart, vice versa.

Wifi (eg. AirDroid)

Many of you already know AirDroid. For those who don't, AirDroid makes it very easy for you to connect your smartphone or TrueSmart with the PC via Wifi. Simply install AirDroid on your TrueSmart (available free from Google Play App store, TrueSmart is the only Smartwatch 2.0 to ship with full access to Google Play App store included). Visit and follow instructions - the simplest way is to click scan QR code on the AirDroid on your TrueSmart, point the camera at the QR code on the PC screen (see left pic) and within seconds the PC and the TrueSmart are connected. On the PC screen you will see everything about your TrueSmart - messages, contact list, call history, memory, files etc.You can manage files (copy/move/delete/rename etc), read messages and even install apps onto the TrueSmart from apk's on your PC (bottom right pic shows app successfully installed from an apk on PC onto TrueSmart using AirDroid via Wifi)

With AirDroid, you can manage almost every bit of your TrueSmart right from your browser while your TrueSmart can stay on your wrist, which is not only very cool but also very convenient. There are other similar ways and apps, we're highlighting AirDroid because it's very popular with users.

For the Computer Enthusiast, it's practically like a tiny PC on your wrist. For the Developers it's a total Android on your wrist. For the User, it's an extension of your mobile world, on your wrist. For Everyone, it's your TrueSmart, follows you wherever you go, even to places you wouldn't think of bringing your smartphone.

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    1. Paolo Rendano on

      Truesmart have a 3.5 jack audio?

    2. Stan Sokol on

      guys can you add t-shirt pledge level? That way many projects generate some more cash. If you do that 500K will be smashed no problem.

    3. Anton on

      BTW what about MHL, is it possible to implement it here?

    4. Anton on

      In my humble opinion, the data cable you provide shouldn't be a full sized cable with usb plug on the end but rather a short OTG like adapter with micro or full sized USB input input at the other end. And, you should must allow people purchase extra cables adapters or whatever to decide to manufacture.

    5. Missing avatar

      Martin Klimach on

      Hi Omate,

      one Question regarding USB: In Europe every mobile (incl smartphones) must have a micro USB connector as charging connector. Apple solves this in selling an adapter. Would your solution be the same? So that the TS is chargeable via any power/mikroUSB cable that is currently sold with every other mobile?
      I am so looking forward to the sapphire glass. :-)

    6. Sunnyboy on

      better if u able to show video, even 30sec will do.....

    7. Ben Lock on

      Since it is a special usb cable (I assume for charging as well) how can we buy a spare?

    8. Shany on

      Now we just need a video for a proof of concept !! Because, at the time you made the pictures, you could make a video too!!!

    9. Tim Curry on

      With each update you guys do, I get more excited and hyped about the product. Keep the updates coming.

      I'm excited to see what the launcher looks like.

    10. Izidor Pokrivač on

      It looks really great!