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Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
Omate® TrueSmart™ truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, works independently from and with all smartphones. 3G, Voice & Gestures!
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Running with Endomondo & Runtastic

Many of you running and jogging fans have been asking for whether popular sports apps like Endomondo and Runtastic works on TrueSmart and how does it look.

Here you go, the Endomondo and Runtastic screenshots on our prototypes:

Both these apps just work "as is" without customization.

Now you can enjoy your favorite running app, be reachable, make urgent calls, acknowledge your date tonight and more, all on your wrist. Try running with a smartphone in your jogging shorts :-) Now it's possible with Omate TrueSmart on your wrist. Designed and built with the ruggedness of active wear - steel-alloy casing with silicon bands, Sapphire Crystal scratch-proof. The Omate TrueSmart is not just a revolutionary technology product, it is actually a lifestyle evolution.

Not just a GPS, not just a bluetooth accessory, not just an Android on the wrist, not just a smartphone, not just a smartwatch... TrueSmart, Omate TrueSmart.

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    1. Creator John Farrell on September 7, 2013

      It has to run Strava, does it???

    2. Creator Zuber Bunglawala on September 7, 2013

      Can you confirm GPS works with Russian satellites as well ?

    3. Creator Izidor Pokrivač on September 2, 2013

      @Omate I want that you test GPS accuracy. How is it compared to Garmin Forerunner watch.

    4. Creator Omar Saeed on September 1, 2013

      @Omate Would be great if you could please provide some battery life test results for use with the GPS features for runners. The ideal usage scenario would be running with GPS tracking plus playing music via Bluetooth. Will the physical buttons be able to be mapped to start/stop/lap type features in running apps? On-screen only leaves a possibility of accidentally stopping the tracking during a race.

    5. Creator Omate on August 31, 2013

      Running/Outdoor apps that we tried and works include: Endomondo, Runtastic, Runkeeper, NikePlus, TwoNav (moutaineering), Google Maps. We highlighted Endomondo and Runtastic because these two were most asked. We'll put up screenshots of all in a screenshot gallery that we are building. Once it's done, we'll update everyone in an Update here. Let us know if you want something tried out. ps. we have not yet tried Garmin App.

    6. Creator Omate on August 31, 2013

      @Abdalah Mryati, TrueSmart can be paired with iPhone via Bluethooth.

    7. Creator Omate on August 31, 2013

      @Reto Harberli, Yes NikePlus App works too

    8. Creator Omate on August 31, 2013

      @Remco Ploeg, the heartmeter should be Bluetooth

    9. Creator Abdalah Mrayati on August 31, 2013

      Does this work with an iphone ?

    10. Creator Reto Haeberli on August 31, 2013

      Does it also work with the NikePlus App?

    11. Creator Remco Ploeg on August 31, 2013

      Great news and a great job! Are there also possibilities to connect a heartmeter to the Phone that works with endomondo?

    12. Creator MAPASHITO_BCN on August 31, 2013

      I appreciate to be able to use endomondo and similar apps, but I'm so excited to be able too to use Google maps turn by turn navigation, because I think / I hope / I wish this will be very useful when I go other cities or other countries or just on vacation enjoying long walks near the sea ;-)

    13. Creator Izidor Pokrivač on August 30, 2013

      Great! Like Tim Shelnut - This is also mine main reason: I want this watch for my running. It' more practical than carry big smartphone.

    14. Creator Omate on August 30, 2013

      @Mike DiSalvo, Standby is 100 hours, Talktime is 240min. The other usage cases, we are still doing field tests and will have more detailed info soon.

    15. Creator Omate on August 30, 2013

      @SoftXperience, Yes it will work as a music player, and will support Bluetooth headset. We're still doing field tests on battery life in various actual usage, incl. this usage. As a guideline, the battery life is similar to a smartphone

    16. Creator Omate on August 30, 2013

      @Mark Spohr, indeed it's as easy and works well just like that. Text is very legible. Hope that will dispel some skeptics :-)

    17. Creator Omate on August 30, 2013

      @Beatry L Huston Yes, precisely

    18. Creator Omate on August 30, 2013

      @Ross Munro, not too sure what you mean by "how well". It runs, it's usable, the buttons are perfectly clickable.

    19. Creator Omate on August 30, 2013

      @Tim Shelnut, Google Maps has an option where you can specify an area of the map to download so you can use it online. Not too sure whether that is then available in the embedded Google Maps within Runtastic. Will try that out next time.

    20. Creator Mike DiSalvo on August 30, 2013

      I would also like some battery stats. I read 200h standby, what about BT music? GPS Nav? Speaker Music? BT talk time? Speaker talk time ?

    21. Creator SoftXperience on August 30, 2013

      Will it work as music player with connected bluetooth headset? How long will the battery last in this mode?

    22. Creator Mark Spohr on August 30, 2013

      Amazing how well these work on a small screen.
      This will be awesome.

    23. Creator Beatry L Huston on August 30, 2013

      Since the TrueSmart is unlocked...can i just pop in my ATT micro sim card and use the network like a normal cellular device ???

    24. Creator Ross Munro on August 30, 2013

      How well does runkeeper run on it?

    25. Creator Tim Shelnut on August 30, 2013

      Only think I have not tried yet on my smartphone is to run one these apps with data turned off. Hadn't needed too but I could try to do that see how it would be if using runtastic for example on the Omate TrueSmart with no data. I'm thinking just the map wouldn't update. Cant really download them maps. Could possibly still carry the phone and set it up to hotspot and have the Omate TrueSmart connected via wifi.

    26. Creator Omate on August 30, 2013

      Glad to see everyone likes this update :-)

    27. Creator Omate on August 30, 2013

      @Watts apparently both Endomondo and Runtastic do track steps

    28. Creator Omate on August 30, 2013

      @MF Calub, put your wonderful app wish up on our newly started "TrueSmart My App Wish Contest", every 3 days we pick one to make the App Wish come True.

    29. Creator Tim Shelnut on August 30, 2013

      This is main reason I want this watch for my running. Currently been recording with phone on arm and a garmin. How well does the gps work compared to "running watches"?

    30. Creator MF Calub on August 30, 2013

      Hehehe. To the developers out there: would love a Tri app for this watch :) You know the sports watch and phone industry is headed this way :)

    31. Creator Watts on August 30, 2013

      Can this watch track your steps (pedometer) like a Fitbit?

    32. Creator MF Calub on August 30, 2013

      Swim, bike, run, then repeat :)

    33. Creator Julien Schneider on August 30, 2013

      Fantastic! no we can Run/Ride/Tri !!