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$27,718 pledged of $66,000 goal
By OLogic
$27,718 pledged of $66,000 goal

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    1. Emota on April 25, 2012

      Regarding Skype, I wonder if you can make an app that runs in the background while the Android Skype app is running. The background app will allow for remote control of movement, etc. It would be great if you can hack it so that you can control the tilt angle of the dock (i.e. point camera up/down).

    2. OLogic Creator on April 11, 2012

      Skype has an API called SkypeKit you can use to develop applications, and they do have support for both iOS and Android, all the reading I have done on it suggests, it is violation of their license to deploy it on mobile devices. Whats funny is they say this is because they are targeting set-top boxes that run Android and iOS even though all their examples are shown on mobile devices. Maybe they will change their mind on the issue.....maybe not. I don't think there is anything other than their license that would prevent you from doing it. Technically, all the API's and infrastructure to do it is there.

    3. Ángel Hernández on April 10, 2012

      Could you guys explain how this platform would help on a Skype conversation? I spend a lot of time in Skype video conferences and I think your platform would make me very very happy!

    4. Missing avatar

      Dave Curtis on April 5, 2012

      @Arnold -- it's also mentioned in the text, but I admit that I have an advantage over you -- I've seen the prototypes in operation :) and yes, they are cool :)

    5. Arnold A Sitorus on April 5, 2012

      @Dave Curtis Thanks.
      Well, I "can't" see it, I'm not an engineer. ;)

    6. Missing avatar

      Dave Curtis on April 5, 2012

      @Arnold -- The phone stands up under server control -- you can see the servos int the CAD drawing.

    7. Arnold A Sitorus on April 3, 2012

      Thanks. I thought the phone holder is adjustable up and down by a hinge, so the phone can be put on a stand up or lay down position. Thanks again.

    8. OLogic Creator on April 3, 2012

      The way the phone is held onto the robot is via either a suction cup, or a Velcro dot, near the top, and the it rests on the plate below for stability. This depends on your phone. Some phone cases and backs just don't stick to the suction cup, so a Velcro dot is required for those. The rest plate is a molded piece of plastic, and is part of the robot body. It is designed to keep the phone from slowly sliding down off the front of the robot if the suction cup doesn't stick perfectly. You can see this in the CAD photo in the middle of the Kickstarter page.

      So...I think the answer to your question is no....the rest plate cannot be removed, or laid flat.

    9. Arnold A Sitorus on April 3, 2012

      Just notice something. Is the plate that hold the phone able to lay down completely flat on the platform? (horizontal position as a bed)

    10. richard neveau on March 31, 2012

      would love to help test line tracker but not at that price point. I had assumed it would be maybe $20 add on cost . I am hoping the schematics will be available so I can add my own accessories easily, sounds like what you are shooting for.

    11. Arnold A Sitorus on March 30, 2012

      Thank you guys. Appreciate your willingness to test first for a solid answer.
      Apologies for sounding impatient, but a 'we will give the answer in a couple of days after we test it' would be enough for me and I'll be willing to wait for the info for a week! :)
      I'm planning to combine this project with other KS project, a dock that can tilt and pan, to study for my interest in using robot as an autonom searching device using smartphones.
      Maybe it can lead to search and rescue robot for disaster situation.
      Thanks again.

    12. OLogic Creator on March 30, 2012

      We wanted to actually test the question, instead of guessing at it. Based on our tests, it can definitely support the weight, and still get up and down. We tested it with a 4oz phone, with an additional 8oz's of lead strapped to the phone, with the phone in the horizontal position. There are, however, two caveats which we discovered. (1) Battery life will be reduced, we are not sure by how much, but it works alot harder to stay standing. (2) The extra weight makes driving around more difficult, so it will only work with the tracked robot. You may need to add a couple of small pieces of lead to the rear legs to counterweight the robot so it could drive down a ramp without falling forward, or use the accelerometer in the phone to lay the robot down a bit when driving downhill going forward.

      Hopefully this answers the question. It was a tricky one to get right out of the gate. Thanks!

    13. Missing avatar

      Dave Curtis on March 30, 2012

      Really excited to add the OddWerx to the robot menagerie around here! Should be a great for ROS Java.

    14. Arnold A Sitorus on March 30, 2012

      This is ridiculous. Three days and not a comment from the project starter..
      Common guys, I need the answer for those questions.

    15. Michael Knight on March 29, 2012

      I like the treads and wheels. super excited to get mine in the mail!

    16. Ángel Hernández on March 28, 2012

      Are you guys making the OddWerx hackable? I would love to be able to create apps for it and helping you finding new ways to use it!

    17. Ryan Hickman on March 28, 2012

      You guys are awesome! I love seeing the best of the Google I/O demo, Cellbots.com, and ROS all put to use in a clever way. The new tank tread bot design is a big win and the computer vision stuff will lead to some impressive games and interactions - nice work!

    18. Arnold A Sitorus on March 28, 2012

      What is the max weight it can support? Could it support a 3,25" diameter and 7oz dock plus the phone on the dock, while in its horizontal position? And still able to move. TIA.