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Get your ONO at ONO is portable, multimaterial and works via app. Easy for new users, and a must for pros!.
Get your ONO at ONO is portable, multimaterial and works via app. Easy for new users, and a must for pros!.
16,180 backers pledged $2,321,811 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      lev stravchinsky on

      kickstarter is the scammer.... i will never again use kickstarter.....

    2. Missing avatar

      lev stravchinsky on

      its been over a year!

      when will i receive my printer that i have pedged for?

      seems like OLO is a con!

    3. Missing avatar

      Markus Johnsen on

      So i'm guessing we will get our printers around july 2018? why even put them i showcasing in oct when they were supposed to be sent over half a year ago?

    4. Missing avatar

      jonas on

      Dear ONO Team,
      unfortunately I have never received a printer!
      When can I expect to receive my unit?

    5. Missing avatar

      Florian Kolb on

      Do you reply to questions in these comments? Because I also did not receive my printer. Did you send all of them? Will you send them and when. I gave you my money for your project, but I didn't receive a result.

    6. Missing avatar

      lev stravchinsky on

      I never received my printer!!! When are you planning to send it?

    7. Missing avatar

      Bandar Alshihri on

      I'm not interested anymore !!!
      Refund me the amount
      Otherwise you just STOLE people's TIME & MONEY

    8. Missing avatar

      Roger on

      I'm an project engineer and understand that to get the best product you sometimes run into issues that backup the project timeline. I also know that the people that are backing the project want progress reports on a weekly basis at least. I'm concerned about the lack of information! They may be the one's that are involved in the day to day issues, but we as backers should be at least getting weekly updates so we know what is happening and when product will be shipped.

      I know my credit card has been charged for the initial printer and resin as well as the additional resin I ordered prior to the completion. Since then I have not heard squat from the creators or seen any product other than letting us know about the show.

      I'm assuming everyone else has been charged for what they ordered, but have not heard anything or received what they ordered. It is like at the beginning we heard quite a few updates, but when they were ready to go forward all communication stopped or came at a snail's pace.

      Starting to get real concerned! !!

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    10. Missing avatar

      Rick Brasche on

      LOL to be honest rather than travel to LA to see a printer, I'd like to see my own arriving in a couple weeks :)

    11. 임현수 on

      @Don Carter What do you mean, it's not our privilege? Kickstarter clearly states in their rules section that "Projects must be honest and clearly presented. Our community is built on trust and communication. Projects can’t mislead people or misrepresent facts, and creators should be candid about what they plan to accomplish."

      This is a capitalist world. You pay for what you buy. What did people pay for? Their ideas, their products, and their dreams. If they're not honest and communicative enough, that's against the rules of Kickstarter.

      See all those comments posted on this page! Why do you think people are angry?

      They're angry not because their project failed, not because their product is being delayed, but because they do not say a word about their project which people paid for.

      The money (or the product) people paid is called a pledge. A pledge means trust, honesty, and transparency.

    12. Michel on

      hola buen día agradecería me informaran cuando enviaran mi recompensa y si tienen mis datos actualizados

    13. Emilio Rubio on

      So watching the video that was posted a few comments down the guy says it will take like a month (so, November) to start shipping, I would like an official confirmation about that. Also, a time lapse video of the product actually printing.
      Not to be demanding but I think this is just basic info that needs to be provided.
      thanks in advance!!

    14. Mike Kabala

      @Don Carter, it didn't seem to be a "combative" tone to me, just a legitimate request for a more current shipping timeline. I agree that we all deserve more current information than we have gotten so far.

    15. Missing avatar

      Juancho Salao on

      So when will it debut in my house? That is the news that I am waiting for, not some Conference in NYC. As many here pointed out, shipping should have started last month.

    16. Missing avatar

      Rick Brasche on

      so it looks like on the Maker Faire photos on their actual website that they've got physical hardware next to displays of test prints. So at least there's solid mockups. Did anyone handle one to verify if those were functional hardware?

    17. Missing avatar

      Don Carter on

      @임현수 While it may be our desire - and it may be a well-founded desire, which I believe would be best for their business - we do not necessarily have a "privilege" of knowing ONO's business processes.

      I think it would be good for them to provide such a plan, and would appreciate them doing so. Adopting a combative tone to badger them into it does not seem to me to be helpful.

    18. Missing avatar

      Brendan Moylan

      @S. Did you order additional resin or other components? They recently used backerkit to collect those pledges. About four updates ago quoted around end of October for shipping.

    19. 임현수 on

      As far as I remember, you guys said that you're going to start shipping in September or the beginning of October.

      We want your plan for shipping. (This is our privilege)

    20. Missing avatar

      Dani Amoros on

      Here is another video:…

      And again... I don't see ONO printing, just plastic boxes, as @Yotraxx says.

      If creators have a fully functional product, it's incomprehensible why they are not sharing a lot of videos.

    21. Yotraxx on

      @Miroslav: THANK YOU FOR SHARING :)

      I Have to say a few things by the way:
      - WHY this kind of videos aren't shared by the "creator" of O(L)NO and backers have to dig internet to discover it ?? A kind of teasing?
      - it's not my first kickstarter so far, and I know to be patient: but that!!! This lack of communication!! It's almost an offense to whom give ONO their money! We are financing this !!!
      - on this Video, I saw plastic boxes, nothing fonctionnal.
      - I've never seen anything truly printed with the ONO. A proof that it's working.

      Once again, I use to be really patient and never had any issue (lucky me ?) with other kickstarter's projects.
      I doubt, but wait and see...

    22. Asle Borgen on

      @Miroslav Vavrinec, thank you for the link to the video! :-)

    23. Miroslav Vavrinec on

      peoples, i have found this:… a short video from Maker Faire 2016

    24. John Arbon on

      Guys, a quote from Update #24,

      "After hearing back from suppliers and manufacturers, we have a better idea of when we will be able to start shipping Kickstarter rewards. We estimate that packages will be shipped by the end of October."

      We have a few weeks.

    25. Mike Kabala

      @Elkin, thank you. If they had posted this here as an update, they would have gotten more favorable comments than they are getting for this one.

    26. Missing avatar

      Elkin on

      Copy & pasted from oNo site, not sure why oNo didn't just do this themselves as answers a lot of questions.

      After a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $2.3 million dollars from 16,000+ pledges, ONO is finalizing production for the first wave of printers for Kickstarter backers and preparing for the next steps of launching to the public: opening up 3D printing to a broader audience.

      ONO began from the simple idea of making 3D printing accessible for everyone. Founders Filippo Moroni and Pietro Gabriele sought to develop a high quality, low cost 3D printer and create a worldwide community around it; unveiling the first prototype at the NY Maker Faire in October 2015, and launching a Kickstarter campaign in March 2016. With Kickstarter rewards in the process of being delivered, ONO is getting ready for the retail market.

      The ONO 3D printer is the first of its class, using a system that allows resin to harden under the white light of a smartphone screen. Its case was designed to filter out harmful external light to maximize the precision of the print, which can reach an incredible 42 micron resolution. High quality prints combined with ease of use makes this printer ideal for beginners and professionals alike.

      ONO also adds a social aspect to 3D printing. Through the app, users can send the first ever ONO 3D Message; through which creations can be shared and printed privately between friends. Users can choose to send messages in “surprise mode,” where the final object can only be seen once it is printed.

      Throughout the Kickstarter campaign we saw some great new features added to the printer including a USB port and a removable resin tank.

      The addition of a USB port and cable improves connection between the printer and the smartphone by completely cutting out environmental noises. The USB Y-cable also powers ONO, eliminating the need for disposable batteries, making ONO more environmentally friendly. It allows the printer to run off a USB wall adapter at home, or a power bank so users can take ONO off-grid.

      The resin tank is now completely removable from the main body of the printer. This redesign makes the build film installation simpler, leading to a tighter seal and better prints. It also makes recycling unused resin and cleaning the tank easier.

      Further improvements include an adjustable base that allows users to position any phone, regardless of its thickness, precisely against the build film. A removable aluminum build plate leads to better part adhesion and easy removal of finished parts.

      After rebranding last month, ONO also revealed a new logo and launched a new website;

      ONO will be showcasing the printer at this year’s New York Maker Faire, October 1-2.

      “We are at a pivotal moment. Thanks to the support of our Kickstarter backers, we are excited to bring the printer to a broader audience,” said Founder Filippo Moroni. “We unveiled ONO to the public at last year’s New York Maker Faire, where we received the Editor’s Choice Award. It’s only fitting that we showcase the printer at this year’s New York Maker Faire to continue to build community and push the limits of 3D printing.”

      ONO is expected to be publicly available in early November and will retail for $129 USD. ONO will be available for purchase online via and from resellers worldwide.

    27. Edgar Rodriguez on

      do you have a group on twitter or facebook to see pictures ???

    28. Lawrence Menachemson on

      You seem very quick to show us backers what your doing where and what show you will be appearing in .... but you won't tell your backers anything about actuall delivery of our products ... now I even when and orders more products from you for my olo (ono) . But you still refuse to update me on delivery of my printer or even tell me what app I need to download .. now I assume your keeping quiet because your on the run and have no intentions of even giving us backers what we backed u for

    29. Ferruzoft on

      someone received your product or not?
      For me nothing has not come home yet

    30. Carlson Ma on

      where is my product

    31. Tetta Kubota on

      Many Backers also interest is one.
      When the ONO is shipped?
      I do different?

    32. Missing avatar

      S on

      One thing about being a backer, on or off line, is that you need to have patience. No plan is foolproof, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, or at least quite a bit of it will. If you have a hard time waiting for the easter bunny, then you should probably not be a backer. That being said, I could care less if they are showing off in World Maker Faire but they really should post more information about how things are coming along. They post more on their site, but really, not much more. It's just all in one place so it looks like more. I just got notice that they charged my card, then I got a call from the credit card company about fraud... will have to see tomorrow what it's all about as it's hubby's card and they won't tell me. sigh.... I just find that whole thing a bit suspicious. First time ever we got that CC call about fraud. So, they finally charged us for the printer... now what? Will it show up in our mail, then get notice it is sent??? I only check this site when I get mail from them, so... lol they don't mail us often do they?

    33. Missing avatar

      Mugul lee on

      They never show us any real productd working. The only thing what they do is "just wait, limited information, and The only marketing issues. Even the pics they just posted are not real one. It's CG. I see HDRI maps on the surface of bottle.

    34. Missing avatar

      Brendan Moylan

      @Brandon. There was an update regarding the rebranding about a month ago.
      @Mike. Even if they can't demonstrate it printing they should be able to demonstrate the software and setup. Seeing some near finished units would also demonstrate that they are on schedule to meet their last announcement of shipping to backers by end of October.

    35. Brandon Hinson on

      Info that should be in the Kickstarter updates... but seems to be missing

      Including Rebranding and Final design

    36. Brandon Hinson on

      @Michael Scott great finds! Sad we can get more info from their public website then we do as backers :/

    37. Riley McDonald on

      What everyone else said. It's nice you're showing it, but your backers want to hear about product development.

    38. Mike Kabala

      @Slim Jim, don't expect to see an ONO actually printing anything at the Maker Faire. The environment at such faires is not conducive to a process that takes hours to complete in and needs ambient light kept to a minimum. Expect a lot of hand-waving and fast talk instead.

    39. Missing avatar

      Too Hacky on

      Hmm.. Seems more like an advertisement than a update, but I do appreciate that they're willing to get out there in public and show some near (or early) production units actually doing things.

      Photographs from those who attend will be most welcome - don't forget to share!

    40. Michael Scott on

      I think this pictures on ONO's About page give better representation of what ONO can actually due, and it gives a reference of scale.

    41. Michael Scott on

      Found this on their site as well about the delay due to having to rebrand because of a potential legal battle:

      "The rebranding process took 6 weeks, between deciding on a new name, registering it, designing the new logo, and changing the tools for manufacturing. Some of the previous work was able to be modified, while some of it had to be redone from scratch. This rebranding delay shifted the timeline significantly, but through the hard work of the entire team, the delay was limited to about a month."

    42. Michael Scott on

      Saw this on theri FAQS page:
      When can I buy ONO? ONO will go on sale as soon as the last printer from the Kickstarter campaign is shipped.

      This either means they are about ready to ship, or it's just another vague statement.

      I think everyone is so upset, because the product sounds amazing, but the communication is lacking.

    43. Michael Scott on

      @Slimjim - It would be awesome if you could give us an update of what you see at the World's Maker's Fair :)

    44. Brandon Hinson on

      The pictures show a new OLO/ ONO design and new material bottles... can you tell us more about that?

    45. Brandon Hinson on

      1. When did the name change from OLO to ONO?
      2. What everyone else already said.
      3. Thanks for the short notice

      "That's great and all...but how about updating your backers with some information on your current product development? Any manufacturing issues? How's the software coming along? How about some close up, detail pictures of the prints?
      We shouldn't have to be asking these. You should be already providing this information to those who've made your project possible..."

      "It's unbelievable: you've received far more money than what you were requesting for this project, showing the interest of backers in the OLO project and how people were trusting you.
      After that no news from you! This is not fare and totally wrong.
      Answer our questions:
      1) have test samples been produced?
      2) what tests have you performed?
      3) Where is the test report?
      4) have you requested hw changes?
      5) have you tested any new version of the hw?
      6) have you started the mass production?
      7) where are you with the development of the mobile application for Android?
      8) where are you with the development of the mobile application for iOS?
      9) when can I expect to receive my unit?"

    46. Heather K B

      @Alexander Mc Grath - what you did/said makes you the dick - don't be a bully !

    47. Missing avatar

      some asshole on

      That's great and all...but how about updating your backers with some information on your current product development? Any manufacturing issues? How's the software coming along? How about some close up, detail pictures of the prints?
      We shouldn't have to be asking these. You should be already providing this information to those who've made your project possible...

    48. Missing avatar

      Don Carter on

      I agree that ONO needs to be shown and presented.

      Having said that, the focus right now should be on setting up assembly lines, delivery schedules, etc., to meet the obligations for the roughly 16,000 printers that have already been ordered.

      Don't get me wrong. I'm not necessarily opposed to ONO being showcased in some of these venues. That's valuable for developing a long-term business model. *However*, the long-term doesn't matter if the company can't deliver in the short term.

      My guess is that what most people are upset about (though I can only speak for me) is that we receive an update talking about the travel the ONO team is doing in the complete absence of any evidence of progress on the development and shipping of these devices.

      I have also taken part in another 3D printer project that is currently awaiting delivery. They, too, are a little behind schedule - but their backers by a a wide margin still have confidence in the product and in the development team because the team shows progress in that development, including a total focus on being with and working with the manufacturing facilities to get the production line up and going - and sharing updates from that work.

      I hate to see the overwhelming response from the backers here indicate a loss of that confidence in ONO - but that's the clear indication from the comments to this update. Please provide us an update (even if it's bad news!) to help us recover some of that confidence.

    49. SlimJim on

      Immediately got tickets and will see you guys at Makerfare NYC in 2 days. I look forward to seeing fully functioning prototypes or production models printing parts live and I hope it's not a mockup and some random prints that you will be displaying.

    50. AMC on

      ONO needs to be shown and presented!