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VizzyMotion, Inc. is creating two fun, interactive, 3D apps for people to learn and practice Yoga and Filipino Escrima.

VizzyMotion, Inc. is creating two fun, interactive, 3D apps for people to learn and practice Yoga and Filipino Escrima. Read More
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Check out our video on using the Kinect!

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My Passion

What is VizzyMotion?

It's a unique training tool that uses motion capture and animation so that any movement can be viewed and studied. It's a fun user experience but VizzyMotion is not a game. It assists people who want to learn formal patterns of movement. It can be accessed from a computer/laptop, or other device with Internet access. It is interactive and allows users complete control of the viewing experience. And because the motion reflects the precise movements of an expert or "Master," including skeletal and muscular views, users are assured they are learning the correct way.

Skeletal View
Skeletal View

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Why VizzyMotion?

I wanted to offer my Kung Fu students a unique learning experience that would encourage them to practice outside of class. And, I wanted a way to study the best in the world so that I could progress in the art myself. When learning a sport or martial art, precise movement is not something that is easily learned by looking at a book or watching a DVD or YouTube video. So I merged my passion for animation with my passion for martial arts and created VizzyMotion. With VizzyMotion, users can go online to view and practice the exact movements of an expert or "Master" - any movement, from any angle, at any speed.

VizzyMotion Application
VizzyMotion Application

This Project

Eventually, VizzyMotion will offer a broad range of sports and martial arts - such as golf, gymnastics, karate, and physical therapy, to name a few. This project is to raise the funds needed to develop two offerings for the VizzyMotion application: Filipino Escrima and Yoga. Rest assured your pledge will be applied directly to the rewards and development costs for these offerings.  We will also solicit Kickstarter users' feedback about how we might improve VizzyMotion and what other sports, martial arts, or movements they would like to see us develop.

Grand Master Rene Latosa’s Escrima Concepts is a very open, dynamic and logical martial art fighting system. With over 40 years of experience and refined development, Latosa’s Escrima is a fully transitional system which guides students from the weapon to the real relationship of empty hands and Filipino Boxing methods.

The basic principles of the system rest within the concepts of balance, speed (timing and distance), power, focus, and transition.

It Starts With MotionCapture

Martial Arts in particular have been refined through careful study and passed down from Master to Master for thousands of years. Today, with the most advanced motion capture system in the world at our disposal, VizzyMotion can present the precise movements of the best in their fields that students around the globe can then access and study.

Escrima Grand Master Renee Latosa
Escrima Grand Master Renee Latosa

VizzyMotion Features

VizzyMotion is easy to use.  Users log in and then select from the various menu options.

Precision – Movements are recorded at a higher frequency than the body can move.

Anatomical Viewing – View the muscle and skeletal systems of the characters.

Complete Camera Control – View movements from any angle, select from pre-defined camera angles, zoom in/out.

Split Screen – View multiple angles at the same time.

Viewing Speed – Slow down, speed up, or play in reverse - which is helpful for viewing intricate motions.

Visual Analytics – Motion trails, axis lines, and a balance point show precise movements.

VizzyMotion Features
VizzyMotion Features

I haven't found a single person who doesn't agree that getting people up and moving brings both physical and mental health benefits. VizzyMotion is another way to get people interested in learning to move!  We thank you in advance for your support!

Bruce Lee Action Figure (a reward)
Bruce Lee Action Figure (a reward)

Risks and challenges

Like many other Kickstarter projects, one challenge for VizzyMotion is to get the word out to as many potential VizzyMotion supporters/users as we can. We are prepared to reach out through email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and face-to-face. We plan to garner support from family, friends, friends of friends, business associates, and other Kickstarters.

Once funding is in place, there is little to no risk that we will not fulfill our offerings. We have an agreement in place with PhaseSpace, Inc. for use of their motion capture equipment and lab, and we've already spent more than a year developing and refining prototypes so we have a high level of confidence in our projected costs and timeline.

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  • Absolutely, we have done research and development utilizing the Kinect. We've been able to transfer motion to an onscreen avatar that represents the users motion, standing along side the master avatar. Not only that, but we were able to add realtime analytics, such as weight distribution, balance point, and limb proximity to the body. We are very excited to start developing for gestural devices and we are also working with PhaseSpace in hopes to develop a higher resolution home system. These types of devices will not be in the initial Kickstarter release, but rest assured that if you pledge on Kickstarter you will get all the updates to the software at no additional charge. As we put the devices in, you will be able to access them!

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  • One of the main reasons for the Kickstarter is feedback from the community. We are going to be sending a survey at the end of the Kickstarter to see what types of content people want us to develop. From there, we will tackle as much content as we can going forward. The VizzyMotion team feels we can hit a broad range of content; sports, martial arts, dance, physical therapy, and we want the early adopters to specify their motion of choice!

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  • Out of the gate, we will be supporting Web Browsers, Windows Desktop, OSX Desktop, and Linux Desktop. The Desktop versions will still require a web connection to access the cloud data, but the Desktop versions will have higher res graphics and perform faster in general. We plan to immediately follow with development for iOS, Android, XBox, and Wii.

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    About $10 USD

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    GET MOVING FRIENDS - Access to the fun, online, interactive training tool VizzyMotion and you choose Yoga or Escrima. We'll also post your name and a url you provide on our "Friends of VizzyMotion" web site.

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    GET BOTH FRIENDS- Above reward but you get access to both Yoga and Escrima.

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    GET IT ALL FRIENDS - Above rewards plus access to all other public offerings VizzyMotion creates in the next 12 months.

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    PLUS SWAG - Above rewards plus a cool VizzyMotion t-shirt.

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    PLUS MORE SWAG - Above rewards plus a usb bracelet.

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    Pledge $100 or more
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    KICK WHEN YOU HAVE TO KICK - Above rewards plus a Bruce Lee action figure.

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    Pledge $500 or more
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    MARKET YOUR STUDIO - A banner ad marketing you or your studio on the Yoga or Escrima login screen and access for your students/potential students.

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    Pledge $5,000 or more
    About $5,000 USD

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    YOUR MOTION - YOUR APP - A half day recording your motion and we create a customized VizzyMotion app for you or your studio.

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